The Smallest ATX 2020 Cases – Complete Review

Anyone who likes to play computer games, have a nice setup, or want to spend large sums of money to set up huge desktops and system blocks, can’t agree. If you have your eyes on your ATX motherboard and are now looking for a case that is just right for you, then you have come to the right place.

Comparison diagram for the smallest case ATX

What is an ATX case and what is an ATX?

ATX stands for Advanced Technology Extended. ATX is a motherboard specification that highlights some of the basic components of the motherboard, such as the dimensions of the motherboard, the connection ports, the input/output ports and the power connections. In general, a computer case is also called a computer case. It contains most of the components of a computer or system unit. The term ATX enclosure means that a particular enclosure is specifically designed for the ATX motherboard components.

If you are using an ATX motherboard, you must choose an ATX chassis. For gamers and computer users who need a corner for their computer, they should choose the smaller ATX boxes.

What is the size of the ATX slots?

From a technical point of view, CP cases are generally referred to as three form factors: ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX. Depending on the size and dimensions of the gadgets placed in the system unit, it is necessary to choose the ATX-box. The standard ATX package measures 12 x 9.6 inches and the Micro-ATX measures 9.6 x 9.6 inches.

The Mini-ITX is 6.7 inches high. When choosing a case for your system, you should take into account that a case for a larger motherboard will be relatively larger than an ATX case for a smaller motherboard.

Contains our popular ATXenclosures

For your convenience, we’ve shared the common features of some of the best ATX cases with someone else.


The IT market is full of some of the major PC cases. Make sure what you get is within your budget. Some of the ATX cases we mentioned are immediately available.

Toolless design

Another feature of one of our favourite ATX boxes is its non-instrumental design. When developing the technology, it is preferable to invest in an ATX enclosure that does not require a screwdriver. With a few buttons you can easily attach the case to the motherboard or mainboard.

Cable management

If you are worried about unattended cables, you need an enclosure that keeps all cables in good condition. The best way is to search for ATX boxes with cable cutouts. In some cases, a large hole has been drilled into the shell. In the meantime, some enclosures are equipped with rubber bushings that allow the user to move all unnecessary cables to another location.

Overview of the smallest ATXcases

Here we look at some of ATX’s best and highest quality cases. Check their basic characteristics and their pros and cons to make the final decision on the case of your system device.

Chiller Master HAF XB EVO - High Performance -...


  • Supplied with X-Dock slots on the front side
  • Equipped with two super fast USB 3.0 ports
  • The housing can easily be converted into a test bench.
  • Easily supports CPU cooling towers up to 180 mm high.
  • The motherboard can be easily removed for mounting and dismounting parts.


  • embarrassing
  • Maybe more expensive than other devices

What the last buyers say

Most recent buyers are satisfied with this deal. One of his customers said that this case has a unique design, it looks like another cube and the pins help to move it. Another customer is satisfied with two removable disk places.

Why does this remain for us

It is characterized by the fact that it is designed to increase airflow. Here the fans are strategically conditioned to drive any hardware component that needs perfect cooling for perfect operation. Its unique and refined design distinguishes it from others.

Who will use them most

If your computer is used more than average, be sure to get your hands on it because it has an excellent air cooling system to prevent your computer from overheating. Computer enthusiasts looking for a stylish design should use this motherboard.

Bottom row

Finally, this component has an optimal plank length and cooling height and comes with two durable XtraFlo fans for high airflow and is also very easy to install. Well, what are you waiting for? If you think your computer needs an update, take this as a sign and attack this system.

The Corsair CC-9011030-WW Carbide Air Series is...


  • Equipped with a frontal dust filter
  • Equipped with a full-size panel window
  • Rubber bushings for the transit of cables
  • Remote design provides loading volume
  • Has a maximum length of about twelve centimetres.


  • Filter can vibrate due to vibration

What the last buyers say

A large number of recent buyers are very satisfied with the construction of the building. One customer expressed his satisfaction with the cable control, the windows, the ventilation filters, the optimal design, the quickly detachable HD racks and many other functions. Another customer said that this product fits perfectly on his motherboard and he is happy that he chose this product.

Why does this remain for us

This product is characterized by the fact that it is ideal for advanced air and water cooling. You can easily install six to five fans and a cooler on the front panel. In addition, the innovative cable management system offers more possibilities to get rid of all pipes and everything else. In general, this product meets the requirements of the users.

Who will use them most

If you are looking for a fast, clean and satisfying construction, you need your hands for this specific subject. And if you want to hide your cables perfectly, that’s exactly what you need to do. So, if you think you can benefit from the above advantages, you can.

Bottom row

It provides tool-free PCI-E and memory settings so that the user is satisfied with the integrated device. Show all your efforts through a window the size of a recess. If you want something like that, start saving. This case could be yours in no time.

MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 MasterBox Cooler MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 MasterBox...


  • Has a transparent side wall
  • Supports up to three fans easily
  • It also has a water cooling system.
  • Easily accessible for most users
  • Cable routing is possible behind the motherboard.

What the last buyers say

A customer recently appreciated the fact that the side panel is dimmed, which means you can’t see what’s happening inside, especially if you have an LED. Another customer is very satisfied with the airflow of the system, because it keeps the system reasonably cool and airy.

Why does this remain for us

One of the many reasons why this case stands out is that it doesn’t come at a high price. It is easier to buy than other models. The simple fact that it is equipped with a BEP dust filter is worth mentioning. In general, it has all the important features that make it a good choice.

Who will use them most

For those looking for a great, efficient and high quality deal, this may be just what you need. Even if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a case for your motherboard or system unit, you should consider this model as your option.

Bottom row

Nice design, lots of space, nice construction and not so expensive, it is one of the economical cases on our list. If you are satisfied with the pros and cons of this model and need to upgrade your desktop, we think you should consider this as an option.

Thermal beam power 20 W tempered glass...


  • Radiator installation is easy to use
  • Multiple ports for USB connection
  • Allows easy access to components
  • Cooling with tempered glass is more efficient.
  • Allows you to change the configuration as desired.


  • The front panel can be detached

What the last buyers say

We know from some customer reports that they chose this model because it was easy to fold and install, and they were very satisfied with the assembly of this box. Another buyer said he was happy to have found this deal at such an affordable price. In general, people say positive things about this product.

Why does this remain for us

The most striking thing about this device is that it is equipped with different connections. It supports up to one ATX motherboard and can easily connect multiple ports to the system. In addition, two different cameras are included: one for the motherboards and PCIe components and the lower camera for the power supply and drives.

Who will use them most

For those who want to control two cameras, this is the best option. Computer enthusiasts who like to design without tools can also benefit from this computer. It offers its users great flexibility. If you are looking for these features, this is the perfect deal for you.

Bottom row

In short, this product is your safest choice if you want to take advantage of the double chamber design, tool-free drive section, transfer speed, improved ventilation, more features and a smaller footprint. So start saving money and put this product in your hands. Bring some organization to your computer system.

Smallest complete ATX enclosure:

The compact central tower CORSAIR CARBIDE 400C...


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Supplied with two AF fans
  • Suitable for cooling liquids
  • very robust and reliable
  • stylish and refined


  • May make noise if not placed correctly.

What the last buyers say

Buyers of this product said they were looking for a design that didn’t quite shine with LEDs and were happy to find this model. Another customer said that wiring this model is a piece of cake. Most of its buyers recommend this case to other computer users.

Why does this remain for us

With a simple push of a button you can easily access your components, thanks to the window panel that folds down and clicks into place, and when the window is closed you can easily see what’s inside. A beautiful and elegant design is the reason why it distinguishes itself from our context. Moreover, this axe is very easy to build.

Who will use them most

If you want your computer to be clean and tidy, this is the perfect choice for you. You can simply place the dust filters at the top and bottom and you don’t have to sift them for more than a minute to prevent Getty from rusting your system. If you are looking for a housing that can cool a liquid, choose this product.

Bottom row

All in all, this case has everything you need. It has everything from elegant design to remarkable operational efficiency. So, if you are satisfied with the pros and cons and the basic functions, you will need this suitcase in your room. Make a wise decision based on each factor.

What do I need to know before I buy?

You can’t buy a case of ATX without taking a few factors into account. You need to take into account your budget, the size of your PC and many other factors. To help you make this choice, we’ve compiled a list of important factors to consider before buying a business.


Investigate the manufacturer of your file and check its validity and validity. View the user evaluations and select the one with the best results. As this product cannot be replaced on a daily basis, you should consider its quality.


Make sure it serves its purpose. It is ideal for your computer and is the right portal for cables. If your folder does not fit perfectly on the computer, it will not achieve its purpose. These cases have different dimensions, can be measured on the computer and selected accordingly.


There are several cases available on the market, so choose the one that’s right for you. But don’t forget, don’t compromise on quality. The fact that you get an expensive motherboard case does not mean it is of high quality. Consider all these factors and choose a product that is economical, high quality, easy to repair and reliable.


You are currently looking at some of the best cases of ATX. Think carefully about the most important features, advantages and disadvantages and choose the one that complements your motherboard and data processing unit. Bring a little talent to your play corner by investing in a fashionable, high-quality computer case.

People also ask

Even if you have a clear idea of where you want to buy, you may still have questions about choosing the best ATX option or, at best, questions about the property. We have made a short list with some frequently asked questions.

Can an ATX motherboard fit in a Micro ATX case?

The Micro-ATX motherboard is simply inserted into the Micro-ATX enclosure. The only drawback is that your motherboard case is too loose or too tight. So it’s best to have an idea of how to customize your case and the size of your motherboard.

What is the difference between an ATX and a Micro ATX?

The main difference between ATX and micro ATX is the form factor. Simply put, his size. In general the ATX has a rectangular plate of 305 mm. The Micro-ATX, on the other hand, has a rather square shape with a size of up to 244 mm. You must choose according to your needs.

Is the Micro ATX box suitable?

If you only take care of the installation, it is easy to install. But if you are one of those people who want everything to be perfect right up to the last minute, then you may be ashamed of the fact that the shell is a little out of place. Pay attention to the dimensions and sizes and you will find the perfect match.

Is an ATX microphone better than an ATX microphone?

To answer your question concisely and honestly: The Micro ATX is the best choice for possibilities. If you are looking for a compact PC, only then and only then do you want to upgrade to the mini version. If you are looking for more PCIe slots on the other hand, it is best to choose the ATX version. It all depends on your needs and requirements.

Does the Micro ATX motherboard fit in a housing that meets what minimum standard?

We believe that one of the most important requirements is that you can ensure that the connections on the chassis you buy are also synchronized with all the cables and wires that are important for the connection to the motherboard and the motherboard. Once this is settled, the rest will be fine.

What is the size of the ATX?

If you ask for the most common and widely used ATX, a normal ATX motherboard is twelve inches wide and about nine inches deep. To a certain extent, however, you can also notice differences in size. It is advisable to carry out an in-depth investigation before proceeding with a file or even a motherboard.

What is a small Micro ATX or Mini ITX?

The Mini-ITX is small in height and length compared to the Micro ATX. You can choose the one that best suits your size. Most small and medium-sized cases fit on normal and small motherboards without any problems. This is also one of the advantages of these cases.



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