The Monkey Island Curse The curse of Monkey Island is the third in the series and follows the events of Monkey Island 2 : Revenge of Leakage. It was developed by LucasArts and released in 1997. This is the last game using the SCUMM engine. It has a graphic style closer to cartoon and is the first game in the series that has a voice.

The story focuses again on the heroic deeds of Guybrush Tripwood, who tries to break the curse that hangs over his beloved Elaine Marley. His former rival LeCac has returned with a French pirate, a gang of smugglers and mysterious pirates.

Control systems

The movie Monkey Island Cursor uses a coin called Verba which appears when you hold the left mouse button above an object. When you move the cursor over an item with which you can communicate, the color changes to red. While holding the LMB, choose which eyes you examine, which hand you use or take, and which mouth you talk to. If you right-click on a location other than the interactive element, an inventory will open. When you click on the interactive RMB element, the most obvious actions are performed, such as opening a door or talking to someone. You can also use the buttons below.

E – Study
T – Speaking
U – Use (including height)
I – Inventory

F1 – Options
F5 – Save/Download

Part 1: Death of zombie piracy LeChack

After your meeting, you’ll be on the ship, below deck. Talk to Pirate’s nosebleed. Actually, it’s Wally’s card maker from the last game. After telling him he is a loser like a pirate , he starts crying and gives you the book by throwing his plastic bait. Hook and ramrod on the back wall. Open your inventory and combine the hook with the piledriver to create Huff.

Use the cannon to shoot skeleton crews from the boats below. Use the gaff to grip the skeleton arm while holding the cutlass. Talk to Murray, the talking skull, and then use Huff to knock him off a floating tree. Cut the deterrent gun cord with the Cutlass and then shoot.

It’s time to leave the sinking ship, so pick up the nickel bag to the left of LeChack’s portrait. This opens the diamond ring hidden behind the bag. Take it and make a hole in the window with the diamond ring so you can escape.

Part 2: The curse is getting worse

Once Elaine has turned into a golden statue, take the Shining Amber on the floor to the right. Follow the path on the right, along the voodoo mark to the swamp. This will lead you to a map of the island. Pushing a ship stuck in a swamp. Murray the talking skull has come a little bit here. Talk to him, then go to the shipwreck.

Look at the voodoo dolls on the floor and get a voodoo needle and noodles. Use a nickel on your gum machine to get a pack of gum. Finally, stick out your crocodile tongue and Lady Voodoo of the last two games will appear and tell you what’s going on. To break the curse, we have to give Elaine a diamond ring. There is one on Bloody Island, but to get there you need a map, a crew and a boat.

When you’ve finished your conversation with Lady Voodoo, you’ll leave the shipwreck. For fun, give Murray some of your gum to make it bubble. Go back to the map and enter the city.


When you pass the Lemon stand, you can talk to the salesman in a large building in the centre of town. It’s a theater. The front door of the theatre is closed, so you have to go in through the side door. Take the wand of vanity and put it on a magic hat. There will be a book. Take the book and look at it to see that it’s the book of ventriloquism. Look at your coat and you’ll see the bag. Search your pocket for the glove. Take the glove and remove the scales from the shoulder of the coat. It’s not really dandruff, it’s lice!

Go to the stage on the right and talk to actor Sluppy Cromwell. He knows a cop who knows how to get to Bloody Island, but he can’t tell you. When you’re done with him, you leave the theatre.

Barbaric loads

On the coast of Barbados, by the sea, there is a hairdressing salon. Come in and talk to the barbers. Looks like they make a good team. Three pirates named Edward, Bill and Haggis. They’re all gonna want something from you before they join your team.

The captain who cut your hair won’t let you talk to the haggis, so you have to go. Notice how Haggis constantly lowers his comb to look at his book. When he puts the ridge on the table, quickly use the lice on the ridge. The captain will be kicked out.

Talk to the barber and find out his name is Haggis McMutton. Ask him to cut your hair and sit down. If the haggis looks away, use the handle on the side of the chair to lift the chair a little. Use the hand symbol on the clipboard. Gabrash uses his leg to fold it up and put it in his pocket. If the haggis goes for a different kind of paperweight, use the handle three times until you climb high enough to remove the scissors from the ceiling.

Use the hand symbol to tap Bill on the back. When he starts choking on her back again and spits a pine cone out of her mouth. Remove the cheek brush from the floor.


Edward will only follow a captain who can beat him in a duel. Grab your glove and give him a beating. He’ll lead you to a duel. He wants you to choose a weapon, but if you choose one, he always wins. Instead, close the middle hull cover and select Banjo behind it.

When the banjo-duel starts, you have to copy the last note of each of the sequences. Every time they’re random. After the third round Edward will play too well. Take the gun of your choice and shoot his banjo. He will be impressed by your dirty game and will agree with your team.


Bill won’t join your team until you find him a treasure. Go back to the lemonade stand and use the flower scissors at the end of the aisle to get an Ipex flower. Geibrush will cut through the vines until he clears the path. You’re on a hill overlooking Danger Cove. Look at the sign of the snake… Oh, he’s got you!

You can’t pick up anything on the outside of the snake, but use the hand symbol on the things in the snake’s belly. You get the Fabergé egg, the vacuum accessories and more. Open your inventory to see a lot of interesting things. Use the ipecca flower with pancake syrup to make ipecca syrup. Use this syrup with the hose head and it will spit you out in quicksand.

Take the thorn from the thorny plant and Reid. Gather them as peasants. Use a paperweight with the ball. Hit him with a mouth symbol and he’ll move away from you. At some point he will float over the vine. Use the Pea Shooter to hit the ball so that the clipboard falls and releases the vine. Geibrush will take cover.

Blonde Chicken

Turn right to Puerto Pollo and stand on the right side of the kiosk for a blond chicken lemonade. Use the reservation form to gain access. Take the biscuit from the barrel on the right and eat it. Ew, maggots! Take a cookie cutter and a cake server off the shelf.

Talk to the man at the table and Geibursh, push him. He’s dead! Take the serrated knife in his back. Put the larvae on the chicken, and they’ll eat it. Take a participant’s card from leftover chicken.

Talk to Blondie, and he’ll tell you about his chickens. Give him the hacksaw. It will weaken his golden tooth. Now give him a piece of gum, he’ll start bubbling. Use a pin on the bladder and then remove the gold tooth from the ground. He won’t let you leave until he’s in your inventory, so chew your gum and then put the Golden Tooth in your gum. Use a helium ball to inhale helium and then quickly (with the symbol in your mouth) hit a tooth in a stick of gum. The geibrush will blow it up until it forms a bubble and it will fly out the window.

Leave the restaurant and use the cake tin in a mudpool to find the golden tooth. Go back to the Barbary Coast and show Bill the Golden Tooth. He’ll be so impressed, he’ll agree to join your team.

Cable ejection

The last member of the crew is Haggis McMutton, but you have to beat him in a showdown, Caber Toss, before he agrees to follow you. You can try challenging him if you want, but you’ll lose a lot.

Go to the Place du Duel, through an arch on the right side of the theatre. Use the logger on the right tree to get a rubber fork. Go to Grassie Noll and put the serrated knife on a sawn horse. A barrel of rum rolls up a rubber tree and leaves a trail of rum behind. Use the burning amber in the rum tracks. He’s gonna blow up a rubber tree and send it to a bunch of convertibles. Put the haggis to the test and this time you win the contest. Haggis will join you as the newest member of your team. All you need now is a map and a boat.


Visit the Brimstone Beach Club and show your membership card, which you received from Blondebeard’s Chicken in Cabana Boy. Take three towels and dip them in an ice bucket to get them wet. Use wet towels to click on the Cabana Boy It will run away so you can cook the butter.

Go to the beach. The sand is very hot, so you won’t get far. Drop three wet towels to build a sand bridge and talk to the sun worshipper, Palido Domingo. He’s got a map of Bloody Island tattooed on his back, but he can’t tell you. Just take the cup and walk out the door.

Walk to the lemonade stand and use a beach cup with a bottomless cup on the table and exchange it for others. Order lemonade from salesman Kenny, and he’ll walk away. Take the jug and use it with the paint tray on the right. Go back to the beach and give Palido Domingo a bottomless cup. Use the jar you filled with red paint on the cup. The Palido will turn around and open the card on his back. Use cooking oil on the back, and as soon as it burns, you can remove it from the card.


Go to the danger zone. Apply the paste to the rubber stopper and use it to fill the hole in the rowing boat. Use a rowing boat to navigate a pirate ship. Use the serrated knife to cut the board over your head and climb on the boat. That’s when you meet Mr. Fossey and you’re covered in resin and feathers.

Go back to the city and go to Blondie’s kitchen. Remember when he was looking for the big chicken? He’ll kidnap you and take you back to the pirate ship. Use the ventriloquist book with Captain Leshimps. As soon as Mr. Fossey escapes, Geibrush automatically takes the treasure map. Open the back window and go back to the city.

Enter the theatre through the side entrance and up the stairs. That monkey ruins everything. Pull the switch to illuminate the pile of fabric on stage. You have to press the buttons to get the light X-shape. Look for clues on the treasure map. The keys must be pressed in this order: SE, NW, W, S, E, NE, E and SW. X will show you where Elaine is buried.

The trunk next to the side door must be open. Pour frying oil on the cannon balls to make them smooth. When the actor picks them up, he slips off the stage. Go on stage, grab a shovel and dig up Elaine’s statue.

Part 3: Three leaves in the wind

At the beginning of this chapter, Captain Rottingham will steal your map. You can choose between a light or heavy sea battle, but it won’t make much difference. The sword game is the same as the first game of Monkey Island, and to win battles, you need to learn the right insults and the right answers.

If you notice another pirate ship, come as close as you can and shoot it out of the water with your cannon. Use the right mouse button to fire and the left button to move the weapons. As soon as you win a firefight, you board a ship where the battle starts with swords and insults. Every time you lose a sword fight, you learn more insults or answers. At some point, when you get to know them well enough, you start winning battles.

Some ships are loaded with loot. Once you’ve found it, you can go back to Puerto Pollo and upgrade your guns to the heavy artillery stall where the lemonade stand used to be. Once you’ve upgraded the weapons, how can you attack Rottingham?

Captain Rottingham will use different insults than the other pirates, but the answers are the same. Just use the answers that seem most appropriate to you. Once he is defeated, you will restore the map and return to Bloody Island.

Part 4: The bartender, the thieves, her aunt and her lover.


After your crash on the island, the crew will rise up. Take the bottle and go to the hotel. Inside you will find Madame Sima, the fortune-teller. Ask her about your future and she’ll tell you what’s going on. After reading, she puts the tarot card on the table. Take it and ask if you want to read it four more times. Take all the tarot cards. You must have five.


Try talking to the bartender. Unfortunately he has too big a hangover. Look in the cookbook on the sink and browse through page 8 to find a cure for your hangover. You need an egg, some pepper and the hair of the dog that bit you. They can be found on the beach, in a windmill and in the cemetery.

Grab a pillow and leave the hotel by the front door, walk back to the cemetery and past the gravestones. Take the hammer and the chisel. Give the dog the larval biscuits and he’ll bite you. Take some of her hair and go.


Go to the mill and pick some pepper from the pepper pot at the right side of the mill.


Go to the beach and use a pillow on the rocks under a rubber tree. Use a hammer on a rubber tree and the egg in the sock falls on the pillow. Take the egg and go back to the hotel.


Give the bartender an egg, pepper and stinky dog fur and he will relieve himself and give you the rest of the hangover cure B clear. Now you can tell him about his family, the vacation spot, the business and the lost diamond. Order all his drinks. One of them has an umbrella.

Open the lid of the Head-B-Clear with a wood chisel, mix it with grog and take a glass. When you wake up, you’re in a coffin.


Use the chisel to escape and pick up the nails. Open the chest in the middle of the crypt to find Stan from the last game, who will quickly give you a laminated business card. Leave the crypt and go back to your hotel.


Go back to your hotel and talk to the bartender again. You have to prove you’re family. Go upstairs and take the first bedroom on the left. Hit the wall with a hammer. Leave the room and take a nail and a portrait. Cut a hole in your portrait with scissors and hang it on the left door. Go through the door and look out the window. Griswold will walk by and notice a portrait of you with your face in the middle.


Go back to the crypt. Stan turned it into a life insurance company. Buy Stan a life insurance policy and pay him with a gold tooth.


Go back to your hotel and use your laminated business card to enter your room on the second floor. Lower the bed and hold it in your hands with your fingernails on the bed. You need one more, so use only one nail of the portrait on the bed. Take the book and read it. It’s a family thing.

Go downstairs and talk to Griswold. Tell him: Uncle Griswold, it’s me. You don’t remember me? Now that you’ve used your face on the portrait, he’ll think you look familiar. Tell him about your family history and you’ll be included in the family. Order another drink, add a Head-B-Clean and drink it up. This time you’ll be buried in the family crypt.

Crypt soup safe for commercial families

Look for an explosion from the past in a collapsed hole. Talk to the late Aunt Griswold, Minnie Goodsup. She has a diamond engagement ring, but she won’t give it back until she’s married. Go left and pick up Lom and Murray when he falls off the roof. Look through the crack to see Mort. It won’t let you out, so use the glue on the arm of the skeleton and use it through the crack to get the Dead Flashlight. Use Murray with the lantern in your inventory. Death will frighten you and let you go.


Go back to your hotel and go to the back room. Get a death certificate. Take the magnet out of the fridge and take a piece of cheese with the cheese chisel on the cheese wheel. Leave the room. Grab a can of tip from the bar. Mr. Goodsup will complain, but he’ll allow it.

Go up the stairs and enter the skeleton room. When you talk to Minnie Goodsup about everything, you know the skeleton is her lost love. Use a crowbar to remove the boards behind the bed. Remove all nails with a crowbar on the bed and guide the skeleton through a hole in the wall. He’ll end up in the family vault and marry Minnie.

Crypt soup safe for commercial families

After the wedding, the ring is left behind. Take the engagement party, go to Stan’s and give him a death certificate…

Strange lanterns

Go to Strange Lights, which is actually a village. Take the tofu block from the buffet. Go to the right and take the drill and the measuring cup. Talk to the cannibal to find out more about the volcano. Make a tofu mask in your inventory by combining a tofu device with a screw. Put on a mask and then go up the hill to see the ceremony.

When the ceremony is over and people have started heating marshmallows under the lava, throw a piece of nacho into the lava. The volcano will explode and the lava will flow back to the island!


Go back to the boat and talk about the haggis lotion. Ask him again. He’s willing to trade with you, but he wants something sticky in return.


Go to the hotel and use a piece of cheese with a pan to cook. Take the jar and exchange it with the haggis for lotion. Visit Elaine and apply the hand lotion. The cursed ring will slip away from him.


Go to a windmill and use an umbrella on your sails to reach the top. Use the top glass of the container to fill it with sugar water. Go to the statue of Elaine. It’s between a shipwreck and a beach.


Place a can of sugar water on the stump. Fireflies are attracted to it and fly away. Open the device and drill the holes in the can lid with a chisel. Put the lid on the box and take the box with the fireflies.


Go back to your hotel and take the mirror behind the bar. Griswold won’t let you go with him, so order another drink and pierce his B-Clean head. You’re gonna die again, but at least hold the mirror.


Go to the headlight and use the mirror above the old one and place the projector where it should be.


Go to the beach and talk to Flying Welshman. He can’t do without a compass. Use a pen with a magnet to magnetize it. Bite the cap of the shaving soap bottle to remove it and then use a needle with the cap. Use a seawater measuring cup and insert a pen into the cup to make a compass. Give the Welshman the compass and he’ll take you to Skull Island.

Skull island

Go up the hill and talk to the winch operator. He’s gonna shoot you, but too hard. As soon as you fall, open your parachute and land in Smuggler’s Bay. Come in and play poker with the smugglers. If they give you a hand, you lay down five tarot cards instead. You win with five of the best. Go back to Welshmann and return to the island.


Go back to Elaine. Use a diamond with a wedding ring to make a diamond ring. Give me Elaine’s diamond ring.

Part 5: Spider monkey Kiss

LeChuck put some kind of baby magic on you, and now you’re as small as a baby. Some kind of B-head cleaner should cure you. Ingredients: An egg, some pepper and the dog’s hair that bites.

Talk to Dingi to win the prize. Choose an anchor and place it in the cake tin. Put shaving foam on it to make a fake cake. Put the fake cake on a pile of meringue. The doctor rat will shoot the servant with a cake and knock him out with it. Stand in front of that gun and that rat will shoot you with a pie. You get meringue made out of eggs.

Push the boat dog six times until he bites you. You automatically bring a dog coat. Talk to the man about snow cones and ask him for a simple snow cone. Take a pepper mill and put the pepper on the snow cone. Add meringue and dog hair and eat a Snow Cone for a delicious snack. At least your head will be clean and you will return to your normal size.

Part 6: Geibrush kicks ass again

The roller coaster will take you to four dioramas. You’ll have to do something about each of them, but if you stay too long, LeChuck will show up and force you to leave. The first diorama is the three-headed monkey. Take the rope and go to the next one. Bring a barrel of rum on the pirate ship Diorama.

The third diorama is the Geibrash exhibition on the counter. Open the lantern. Blow out the flame and take a bottle of butter. The last diorama is the giant nose monkey. Go away and open your inventory. Use a rope with a bottle of butter and then a rope with a barrel of O’Rum. Put a bomb in the hand of a giant monkey at the top of the diorama.

Go downstairs and make a pepper mill out of your inventory. As soon as LeChak appears, use the pepper mill on it to finish the game.

Congratulations on ending the curse of Monkey Island. If you haven’t played games in the series yet, be sure to check out The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2.

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