The Guide to Anti-Leviathan

As a man who could win the underwater vehicles in less than a month, I know how to deal with Leviathans. There are six Leviathans, and three of them are going to be a big problem. This manual will help you deal with these Leviathans. I tried to write this message a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t finish it, and on the mobile version I couldn’t save it as a design (which is stupid). Anyway, let’s get started.


We all agree that the Leviathans are a terrible problem. Meeting the Grim Reaper is almost inevitable if you want to beat the game, and they can really kick your ass. The Leviathan Reaper will be the first Leviathan (except the Reefback Leviathan) you will encounter. The first step to avoid them is to know what kind of biomass they are in. Here’s a tip: Do not dance the SIRKUM in the area of the Reaper Leviathan at night because of poor visibility. It’s the Leviathan Reaper Biom:

Accident area

Mesa accident area


The mountains

Now that you know where they are, we come to the part about how you treat them.


Avoidance is a good tactic, especially if you are a beginner and not well prepared to deal with it. Dodge the Leviathan of the Grim Reaper if you just go through its territory. You can try to avoid your biomass, but this is not the smartest idea, because you can’t avoid your attacks forever. Now, escape requires time and concentration. If you know you’re in the area of the Leviathan Reaper, it’s best to turn up your volume. The Leviathan Reaper cries sometimes. You know if he’s near you or if he depends on the sound of his roaring. If the roar is heard from afar, it means the Reaper’s Leviathan is nearby. If you hear a roar in the distance, stay alert and stay alert, because if the Leviathan Reaper catches you, you’re done. When it’s there, the roar is noticeably louder and even wilder. If you hear that growling, it probably means he’s bothering you. If he attacks you, behave and be ready to run. In my opinion, the best way to prevent an attack is to turn left or right. Don’t forget that this takes time, because if you try to avoid too soon, it catches up with you, and if you avoid too late, it catches up with you again. A good idea to try to cross the Reaper Leviathan’s territory is to stay on the surface. The Leviathan Reapers are usually at the bottom of the sea, so they won’t notice you, although some of them are on the surface. If loading starts while you’re standing on the surface, tear the surface. He must miss you and crush you. It’s all I can do to avoid it.


If you plan to explore the territory of the Reaper Leviathan, or if you’re looking for something found in their territory, defense is an alternative to escape. To repel the Leviathan mower, these tools are good options:

Thermal knife or survival knife + stasis gun


Torpedo system stitching

Shrimp costume

I’m not sure if the drive cannon works, but it’s possible. Either way, you can use this weapon to repel the Leviathan Reaper in case he attacks you. If he’s attacked, he runs away, but after a while he comes back. If you’re just searching, rejection is very effective, but if you’re looking for something, it might not be the best option, because constant squabbling keeps you from concentrating and paranoia will not help you in your search. It’s all I’ve got to push him away.


Although I probably didn’t make myself very clear, or seemed to be a fan of evasion and escape, I am an expert when it comes to taking the life of a Leviathan. During the Subnautica game, I killed 15 Leviathan Reapers. You need these things to fight the Leviathan reaper properly:

Shrimp costume

Repair tools

Additional cells and batteries



I’ve heard people use a knife and a stasis gun to take down this Leviathan, but it’s more fun with a shrimp suit. To prepare your shrimp suit for battle, give it a grabbing hand as soon as possible. I also recommend an improved motorized jet module, but you should be able to do without it. Every time I followed the Reaper Leviathan, my shrimp suit was equipped with a gripper hand and an improved motorized jet module. You’re probably wondering why I would kill the Leviathan. There are many reasons for that. You have to eliminate these Leviathans because… :

1.) Actually, it’s nice to fight them.

2.) They can be a big obstacle

3.) Revenge

4.) Scan without moving.

5.) To test your skills

Whatever reason you have to kill the Reaper Leviathan, you just need to know they won’t go down without a fight. Once you start a fight with them, there’s no turning back, it’s a fight to the death. So if you intend to capture the Leviathan of the Grim Reaper, do it with the intention of putting it to sleep forever. Killing a Leviathan reaper requires a lot of strategy. Before you fight the Leviathan reaper, make sure you have a plan. Don’t you dare challenge Reaper Leviathan at night. He’ll have a head start on you. I suggest we go to the Reaper Leviathan at dawn. Now that you’ve begun your fight against the reaper Leviathan, here’s a good strategy against him. Use your hand grab to catch it and as soon as you get near it, you’ll hit the fish that’s too big. When I attach a grab, my grab hand unlocks the hooks as soon as I deliver a blow. Now that he’s walking when he does damage, chase the Leviathan reaperone. Don’t worry about going anywhere, because the game is programmed to go to the center of the map. Since you use a shrimp suit, it is durable. That way, if the Leviathan Reaper catches you, your shrimp suit will survive and you can always attack it as long as you have it in your hands. Now you’re telling me your shrimp suit has low integrity. That is why you have a repair tool at your disposal. Try to find a hiding place or a place where the Leviathan Reaper can’t have your shrimp suit repaired. The grab hand is also useful in escaping attacks by the Leviathan, the Grim Reaper. The shrimp suit is a slow vehicle and not the smartest one. With a catchy hand you are more mobile, because you can move around quickly. Once he’s safe, you’ll have a head start on him. Consider this your last fight with him. Now you may have an advantage over the Grim Reaper Leviathan, so don’t be reckless, because if you take the Grim Reaper Leviathan on your cheek and underestimate it, it will take you and your shrimp suit off in no time. If he’s in a safe place, he’s less mobile. Don’t forget to keep an eye on him during the fight. If you managed to kill Reaper Leviathan, congratulations. If you haven’t scanned him, here’s your chance. If it was an obstacle, it wouldn’t be an obstacle anymore. Now you can take a picture of the Leviathan Reaper you killed, put it on the internet and brag about it.


You know the Reaper Leviathan, now this is the Ghost Leviathan. It may have been a few months since I played Subnautica after my victory, but I remember my first meeting with those bastards as if it was yesterday. I wanted to explore and discover all the secrets of subnavigation. I’ve decided to see what’s on the other side of Aurora. Clearly this is about crossing Reaper Leviathan territory. I took my shimote and went to the other side of the dawn. I had to avoid the Leviathan reapers on the way here. When I passed the Leviathan Reapers, I kept going. Then my PDA warned me: Access to the ecological dead zone. Adding a report to the database. I kept going to make sure I wasn’t in Leviathan Reaper territory. After a few seconds I decided to look down and see what this new biomechanism is. As soon as I looked down, I saw three Goliath samorphs coming at me from below. I don’t even know how I escaped alive with my shimot. By a miracle of God I survived (although my shimot was badly damaged). These spiritual Leviathans have traumatized me since I met them. But when I killed my first Leviathan ghost, I lost my fear of them. Now that I’ve told you about my experiences with Ghost Leviathan, let’s move on to conductors. These are the biomes that contain the spirits of the Leviathans:


Crater rim

Great Reef

Lost River

-bone field

-The ghost forest

-Storage space

Northern Blood Laminaria

Just so you know: There is absolutely nothing in the crater, so don’t bother to travel, it’s a waste of time and the risks are too great. I almost forgot to mention that there are two kinds of spiritual Leviathan. There are young Leviathans and adult Leviathans. I don’t know if it’s me, but I think adults are more aggressive than teenagers.


It’s a little easier to avoid the spirit of the Leviathan than the spirit of the Grim Reaper. The reason is that if they attack, even if they miss, they will lose interest (although if you stay within their radius, they will try to attack you again). Because they lose interest in you when they attack, you have time to leave before they try to strike again. That of the lost river (where I only met miners) can easily be overtaken by the sea. Adults, however, are not overtaken as easily as teenagers. If you’re in an empty room and these spirit collectors appear, return IMMEDIATELY to where you came from. To reduce your chances of being completely defeated, stay on the surface as you would with the Reaper Leviathan. It will be harder for them to beat you and they will lose interest in you for a few seconds and give you a break. With Cyclops, I don’t know how to spend the Ghost Leviathan with that hippopotamus. I remember someone telling me how to sneak past, but I don’t remember. It’s all I have to avoid the Leviathan spirit.


Chasing away the ghost Leviathan is like chasing away the reaperone Leviathan, only with the young ghost Leviathan he has less room to run. I suggest we use a method to repel the Ghost Leviathan if they come to attack your Cyclops.


Leviathan Ghosts don’t need as much planning as Leviathan Reapers, but it’s still good to have a plan and strategy that can be used against them. The ghosts of the little Leviathans are a joke, because as soon as you meet them, they literally bump into a wall like idiots and are beaten to death. It’s not even a fight. But it’s different for adults. It doesn’t matter when you fight against the adult spirit of Leviathan, because you have to be able to see him well at night because of his radiant body. They won’t catch you like the Leviathan Reaper, so you can catch him with your head. Just like the Reaper Leviathan, once you choose to fight the adult Phantom Leviathan, you fight him to the death. He’ll also run to safe places, like the Grim Reaper does. Moreover, the encounter with the spirit of Leviathan is not as difficult as it seems when one is cautious. Like the Leviathan Reaper, it screams Leviathan Ghost when it tries to attack you.


We went through the Reaper and Leviathan the Spirit, now the last Leviathan is the Sea Dragon. I don’t have anything to say about it. All I can say is that this one is very different from the other two Leviathans you’ve dealt with. These are the biomes in which they occur:

Inactive lava zone

Avalanche lakes (active avalanche zone)

This Leviathan will test your skills to discover how worthy you are to bathe in glory to defeat Subnautics.


Moving the sea dragon Leviathan into an area of inactive lava is quite easy, but can be difficult at the same time. Avoiding it is certainly easier said than done. To avoid what is in the inactive lava zone, go down because they tend to stretch out on the roof. Make sure you have the sonar module. If you notice the Leviathan Sea Dragon, turn on the Silent Run mode, turn off the lights and keep an eye on it. If you can get through, that’s fine, but be very careful when you try. When you get to the lava lake, do not enter the main building with cyclops. Park the Cyclops at the entrance of the lava and enter a shrimp costume. The Sea Dragon Leviathan is less likely if you’re wearing a shrimp suit.


Now you tell me you didn’t get past him, and now he’s attacking your Cyclops. Stay calm. Just activate the shield generator and put on your shrimp suit. The shrimp costume is very suitable to keep the shrimp away. After a small skirmish, the sea dragon must flee. That of the lava lakes can be repelled, but not banned (well, at least I never banned it). If you use a shrimp suit to get into the main building, you can’t always sneak out. Like inactive lava, if it tries to attack you, you defend yourself until it escapes. It’s all I have to repel the Leviathan Sea Dragon.


Assuming you meet the Leviathan Reaper and the Ghost, you are now fighting the Leviathan Sea Dragon. I killed them in the lava lakes. Leviathan the sea dragon will put your martial arts to the test. The Sea Dragon, unlike the Grim Reaper and the Leviathan Spirit, has different methods of attack. It can grab you by the jaw (which quickly damages your shrimp costume), it can hit you, which is a huge blow, it can fire breathing and it can fire balls. Luckily, if he catches you, it’s easy to escape. If you hit him a few times, he’ll drop you. To make matters worse, you don’t have many legs in the lava, because the shrimp suit gets damaged when you stand on the lava. Also, there is almost no shelter, so you have to repair the shrimp suit outside. Now that you have to repair a shrimp suit, try to run to one of the walls of the bios. And when the sperm dragon Leviathan hits you, it usually pulls you back. A good tactic against this is to attack it from above. Don’t forget that it’s important to avoid attacks, because if you’re in a shrimp suit, you’re dead. If you succeed in killing the Leviathan Sea Dragon, congratulations, you’re officially a dragon slayer.

We have now reached the end of this post. Don’t forget that fighting the Leviathan (especially the Leviathan Reaper) has consequences. These consequences are collateral damage. I killed 15 Leviathan Reapers at a Subnautics game. I started noticing the collateral damage when I killed my third. As a result, there are almost no jellyfish left in the mushroom forest, it has been infected by bony sharks and the jellyfish have migrated to the Grassi plateau, while the sand sharks have entered the safety pits. If you don’t care about collateral damage, you can’t destroy the reapers as much as I can. But if you don’t want the collateral damage to be serious, I suggest you only follow the Grim Reaper if it gets in your way. I suspect the endless hostility of the Reaper Leviathan is an important factor in such results. I also knew more about what to do with the Leviathan Reaper, because I fought more against him than against the other two Leviathans. In any case, leave a comment below and enjoy the publication.

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