The Gardens of Queen

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Queen gardens

The royal gardens are on the west side of Halloween and are filled with praying mantis and woodpeckers. You will find half of the royal court of the White Lady, 3 grubas in very difficult places and the key to the love of the city of tears.

If you go through the head of the misty throat to the left, down and then to the right. Start searching for Map Maker , which gives you a map of this area. There’s also a bank nearby.

To access the key to love, you must open the portal below where you were looking for Cornifer. To reach the lever, you have to make a few delicate jumps around the peaks. As soon as the door is open, you can go downstairs and directly to the key to love.

Go from the Key of Love to the end at the left side to the next bank. You have to avoid many of the Praying Mantis traitors by jumping from platform to platform over a cave with thorns. The road at the bank leads to the Deep Nest.

When leaving the bank, turn right and walk to the next exit. Directly above it is Grub , but to find it you first have to go left, then up and then cross the secret to the right.

A little higher at Deer Station, but it’s closed on this side. You have to go upstairs and cross to the left. When you are on the west side, break the roof and jump between the peaks of the second pit. Come down and meet the dream boss.


Marmu is a very strange creature, and he only has one attack. He’ll jump all over you, but you can catch him. Keep hitting him like a ball until he’s beaten. Talk to him again to be rewarded by 150 entities.

On the right side is the corridor leading to Hirsch station in this area. If this is Stag’s last station, talk to Stag and he will offer to take you to Stag Nest where you can find a piece of ship.

The last well can be found by jumping to the top of the queen’s garden. This well is probably the hardest game to achieve. You should use the super brush several times, avoiding the ends of the lower edge. Use the vengeful spirit to kill the moss whistles that stand in your way.

Lord traitor

The Lord of the Traitors is in the top left corner of the map. You need the Shadow Mantle before you can reach it. After the last update this pattern was polished to the extreme, which made it much more difficult for him.

The treacherous Lord has 800 hit points, 2 melee attacks and 2 long-range attacks. In close combat you have to meet each other and jump diagonally in your direction. The attack area is the dancing Gliva, where two orange blades zigzag towards you, and the glowing wave, where the shock waves rise and move quickly towards you. The only way to avoid them is to cast a shadow through them.

Attacks by traitors and physical contact cause 2 points of damage, making this fight much more difficult. His attacks are also so fast that your shroud has no time to charge before he pushes you around again. Your best chance is to hit it once and jump over it.

Once he’s beaten, you’ll have access to the white y. After you talk to her, she’ll give you half of Kingsoul. This half and the other half of the White Palace are needed to get to the place of birth.

Delivery of delicate flowers

If you want the extra shard of the mask to go back to the resting place, talk to the grey person crying. She offers you a flower to take to your grave in the Royal Garden. If you are damaged and lose a flower, don’t worry, you can always come back to buy a new one. Use the Dream Gate at the house of Gray Sorrow to quickly teleport. As soon as the flower is delivered, go back to the Grey Mourner for the reward.

Return: Coliseous suite: Watchtower Arrow and Love Tower

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