The Edge of the Kingdom

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Kingdom of Rand

You can reach the kingdom by tram from the old pond or through the City of Tears. There are no deer stations in the area, which makes travelling more difficult.

From the tram turn right and enter the cave. Go to the Royal Waterways. Super-scratch on the left side and stop about halfway. Above that is a passage leading to Grub.

After saving Grub’s head, he returned to the farthest corners of the kingdom. Go to the right and directly in front of the crack wall, which you can destroy to reveal the secret. It’s really part of the hive. Walk through the acid water to the small part of the beehive. After cleaning the bees you will find Grub on the left bar.

Go back to the other side of the kingdom and cross the rupture wall to the right. Jump over the edges and to the right to find the Cornifer hidden in one of the tubes. He’ll sell the card for 112 geos.

Go back to the water downstairs and go straight ahead at the right side until you reach a small house with a bench outside. Meet Aro’s nail master and learn more about the new art of nailing – Dash Slash.

Exit the house and turn right. Continue to the right until you reach the Soul Totem, then go back a little bit and go down to the cave below. Go through the cave until you enter the room with the peaks and a nice bunker. It’s hard to face this enemy in such a small space.

Behind the peaks on the right you can save another Grub. There’s a crack in the wall just below Grubby you can get into. Make the dive several times and use it until you find the huge deposit of 420 geo.

Go back to where you fought the Great Hopper and turn left. Keep walking on the ledges, dead or avoid troublesome primitive asparagus along the way. On the right, about halfway, there is a door leading to a room with the charm of Quick Slash . Get out of here and get to the top.

Drill through the wall at the top, go a little to the left and take the exit at the top. The path on the right leads to Dream Warrior Markot , but you’ll need the Shadow Cloak (which you’ll find in the Abyss) to get through the Shadow Gate before you can take it. Turn left and follow the next exit up.

Go to the right, cross the wall to the right and go up the stairs to save Grub. Go back up the street, go up the street, turn right and then up, and break the roof down until you reach the outside bench where you’ll find the Wandererwood. Cast a spell on your boss. Go down the stairs, go to the right and follow the path of the Hornet.


The Hornet has much more health for this fight (700 hp) and an extra attack. In addition to clapping, nailing and jumping, it will also produce stars if it suffers enough damage. You can beat them to get rid of them and clear the battlefield.

The strategy is largely the same as that of the first battle. I found it useful to use Quick Slash to get some results every time it stops. When she twists her wire or is on the other side of the arena, you should have time to heal. Every time she knows she’ll stop breathing as soon as she’s too damaged. If you can concentrate quickly, you can heal three times before it attacks again.

Once the Hornet is defeated, go further to the right and down to the gaping mouth. Inside you will find a royal stamp with which you can enter the abyss.

The royal idol lies directly below the Coliseum. You can have it now, or you can go straight to the edge.

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