The Definitive Best Starter Pokemon on Pokemon Sword and Shield

Now that the Pokémon Sword and Shield have been unavailable for some time and people have had time to experiment, there’s a definite answer to the question of which of the original Pokémon is the best. It’s a subject that’s been occupying players since Pokemon’s first game, where they had to make the difficult choice between Squirrel, Bourbazaur and Charmander (personally, I’ve always been Team Squirrel).

In the film Sword and Shield the answer seems to be yes, there is a better start. Scorbunny seems to be the strongest and most useful so far. We’re going to take a closer look at each of the three starters – Sorrow, Grookie and Sobble – to see why this is the case.


First, we have Sobble, a water type starter. It will be Drizzile at level 16 and Intelleon at level 35, while still remaining pure water.

Intleon’s characteristic movement is the snipe, which does 80 damage and ignores any enemy movement or skill drawn into the movement. He can avoid skills such as the Storm Drain, but without any side effects this characteristic movement remains uncomfortable compared to the others.

Intleon’s hidden power is a sniper that does 1.5 times more damage than a normal critical attack. Or in other words: Critical hits cause 2.25x damage instead of 1.5x. Given that Intleon does not specialise in critical hits, this step is rather mediocre.

With 125 special attack damages and 120 speeds Inteleon has at least the best basic statistics of the three evolutionary starters. However, this isn’t enough to compensate for his relatively small signature moves and hidden abilities, so Sobble can be considered the weakest of the novice Pokémon.


Next up is Grucky, Grass Pokemon. This inspiring Pokémon transforms into Level 16 Thwackey and Level 35 Rillaboom.

The physical movement of Rillaboom consists of hitting the drum, which is a grassy physical attack with 80 basic forces and also reduces the speed of the target by 100%. It’s not a bad move, because you can call it a stronger bulldozer move.

Rillabum’s hidden ability is the Grassy Surge, which creates meadows on the spot. Grassy Terrain has a number of effects, including curing 1/16th of the maximum Pokémon HP per movement and increasing the power of Grassy moves by 50%. This move is quite strong and can help you turn the tide in enemy battles.

In all circumstances, Grookie is generally a good Pokémon beginner. Stronger than Rydak, but not as strong as Skorbach, as we’ll see later.


Scorbunny is a Pokémon who shoots with a sword and shield. As the name suggests, it resembles a rabbit and can be recognized by the characteristic bandage above his nose. Scorbunny changes to Raboot on level 16, which then changes to Cinderace on level 35.

The main reason why Scorbunny is the best starter in the trio is the distinctive movement of Sinders, Piro Ball. This fire-type power has a basic strength of 120 and an accuracy of 90 percent, making it one of the strongest shots in the game. Although a shot can only be used five times (5 pp), this is usually sufficient, and can also ensure that an opponent retains Burn status. Compared to trains of other trio brands, the Sinders’ stroke with 80 basic engines is 1.5 times stronger.

Another reason why Cinderace (and thus Scorbunny) is so good, is his hidden ability: Libero. This changes the type of Pokemon to the type of motion it will use. This gives him a bonus for attacking the same man every turn. In fact, this is the ability of Proteus, and we have seen how strong, if not broken, this phase was.

The Cinderace also has two signatures instead of one. In Libero the other one is called the Terrain Change, which changes the effects on both sides of the field. It’s similar to the Magic Bounce, but it can also steal screens and push all dangers to the other side. The hidden abilities have not yet been unlocked, but once created, Cinderella will be even more powerful in battle.

One of these two reasons would be enough to say that suffering is the strongest trigger, but there is one more thing.

Skorbnyak finds it easier to negotiate with your main rival, Hop. Hop chooses Grookie, who’s weak on fire. He’s got Vulu, who has Fluffy’s ability, which makes him weak to shoot. And he catches a rookie who eventually turns into a weak man of steel in the fire. Looks like there’s a pattern repeating itself.

The first game also seems to have less Pokémon as Fire to catch, making Scorbunny a valuable addition to your list. And in the final game, Sword and Shield, it turns out that Ice and Iron dominate Pokémon, both weak in shooting.


Now that we’ve analysed each of the three Pokemon starters, it seems clear which one has been given preferential treatment. Scorbunny has the best signature, the best hidden skills, the easiest opponent and the easiest gameplay at the beginning and end of the game, making him the best Pokemon starter.

However, this should not prevent you from choosing one of the other starters. Sobbing and Grookey are viable options in your Sword and Shield trip, and finally it’s all about having fun at the end of the day, not about how much absolute damage one Pokemon dish can do to another. And if you like a challenge, you might not want to choose Scorbani after all.

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