The complete list of pokemon cats

By 2019, there will be 809 unique Pokémon from eight generations, each with its own unique features and capabilities.

Many of them are inspired by our favorite lifelike cat friends. If you’re wondering what Pokemon cats are, it’s a good idea to first think about what makes a cat.

Among the characteristics of cats are the following:

  • They’re carnivorous mammals.
  • They have sharp teeth and retractable claws.
  • You have a moustache.
  • They have big eyes and big ears.
  • His forefoot has five toes and his hind foot four.
  • His nose sticks out just above the lower jaw.

With these characteristics in mind, here’s a complete list of Pokémon in the cat world.


Let’s start our list of Pokémon’s most famous cat: Meowf (right!) We all know Myaut as a member of the Team Rocket trio with Jesse and James. He’s the only one of his kind who can speak English.

Myaut has many characteristics that cats normally have: four whiskers, large eyes and ears, retractable legs and claws. He can walk on two or four legs. Just like normal cats, he is playful and intelligent.


Persian is a developed form of Myaut and seems even more feline. It has a smoother and more elegant shape and is appreciated by the rich as a symbol of luxury. Just like real cats, Persians have a fickle personality and are known to scratch and tear things apart for no reason.

Alolan Miaut

Regional versions of myaut and Persian can also be found in Alole.

Alain Meyout was originally a rare, selfish and proud man who grew up in royal families. After the fall of the monarchy they settled in the desert and became very common. They have a light blue/grey coat with half-closed eyes.


Alolan’s body resembles that of the Persians, but with dark blue/grey fur. His face is quite round and broad, with a blue forehead instead of red. He’s as smart as a Persian, but he can evaluate himself even more.


Evie is a mixture of different animals: Foxes, dogs, cats and rabbits.

Of all these developments, Espeon is the most feline. She has big eyes and big ears, four legs, small feet, she is covered with lilac fur. His moustache sticks out and is sensitive enough to feel changes in the wind.


Raikou is, together with Entey and Suichun, one of the three legendary animals represented in the second generation. Of the three, Raikou looks most like a cat and is probably inspired by a sabre-toothed cat.

Just like the sabre tooth, Rikow has two large fans pointing to his jaw. His face is covered with a thick white coat and a black protective mask. His moons look like purple clouds that can ignite lightning. He doesn’t trust people either, like cats.


Skitty is a third-generation Pokémon cat. Generation with a unique pink colour. His head is out of proportion to the rest of his body. His legs are as short and soft as those of a rubber cat. In battle it usually uses its heavy tail to threaten or attack its enemies.

Like many cats, Bunny likes to hunt anything that moves, including her own tail. Despite his distrust of people, he is loved by everyone because of his good looks and behavior.


The Delcatty is an advanced form of Skitty when displaying moonstone. As the name suggests, Delcatty is a cat with many feline characters. He likes to enjoy life at his own pace at night and likes to sleep in different places. It is characterized by a pointed moustache and chain, a purple tail and ears.

Song east

Zangoost is another third generation Pokémon on our list. Although he is not a purebred cat, he is still considered a mix of mongoose and cat.

He has a white coat with apparently red scars on his body, pink eyes, long pointed ears and a red nose. He’s always fighting Sweeper.


Because we recorded Zangoost, we decided it made sense to include Sneysal as well. Snowball is a mixture of cat and petting, known as an evil predator. He saw the fox eggs stolen from their nests when they were unguarded.


Absol is recognizable by its braid and sickle-shaped horn. This horn is used to detect imminent danger, and Absol tries to warn if a disaster approaches.

She has a female cat head with red eyes, which are decorated with a black and blue oval on the head. His legs have three claws and his elbows have sharp horns.

When the Absolute uses a manual Absolute element, it transforms itself into a Mega-Absolute. In this form it has a longer coat, which stands at the end almost like a wing and gives it the shape of an angel.


Shinx is a Generation IV Pokémon that looks like a lion or a lynx. Like Raikou, Xinjiang and his development are electric. Sinx’s fur shines in the eyes of blind predators when he feels threatened.

Just like a puppy or kitten, the Xinjiang has a cute appearance and makes a playful impression. The front of the body is light blue and the back is black. The inside of the ears, eyes and tail are yellow, and the small nose is red.


On level 15, Xinjiang changes into a sequel. While retaining his blue-black body, he has a longer coat, a larger mane and more serious behaviour. Luxio likes to live in small groups, where they can communicate with each other by means of electrical impulses.


The final development of the family will take place at the 30. level instead of when Luxio becomes Luxray. If Shinks is a baby lion, Luxray is an adult. Most of his body is now covered in black fur and forms a mane on his head. One of Luxray’s most important features is the vision, which works like X-ray vision, that it uses for hunting.


Of all cats, Glamow is the one who looks most like a modern domestic cat. It has a grey body, white ears, four ears and a spiral tail with white fur on the tip.

Like many cats the Glameo can be demanding and temperamental. We saw it when he scratched his coach’s nose when he wasn’t fed.


Glameow becomes Purugly on level 38, where it takes on a much rounder shape. He must have asked for too many treats! Purugli is quickly angry and does not hesitate to attack those who annoy him.


Flight – Lila Pokémon Generation V. Like Myauf, he can walk on two or all four hind legs. His body is covered in purple fur.

Murloin has an evil tendency to rob people and will feign his innocence if he is caught. Very similar to cats in real life, when they look at you with the eyes of a deer!


At level 20, Purrlion Liepard becomes Purrlion. Liepard loses his malice and replaces it with elegance. Because of his speed and calmness he is comparable to many wild cats such as cheetahs and leopards.


Litleo is another Pokémon from a family of lions like Xin. The main difference is that Litleo is a kind of fire, while Singh is electric.

Litleos is curious and playful by nature, and one of their funniest activities is playing with siblings at the party. It emits heat from the moons, depending on the strength of the opponent. When they are old enough to take care of themselves, the Litleos will come out and develop their own pride.


Pyroar is a developed form of Litleo on level 35. Right now the fire can breathe up to 6,000 degrees Celsius in the heat. It is easy to distinguish between men and women by their moons – male moons stand out in all directions and resemble Japanese symbols of greatness and fierceness, and female moons extend behind the body.


Espurrr is probably the first extrasensory Pokemon type cat introduced in Generation VI. Don’t be fooled by looks, this charming little creature has everything to please!

He stands on two legs and is most recognizable by his grey coat, big purple eyes and bushes of hair on his head. Behind his big ears are two organs that Espurr uses for his paranormal powers. This energy actually flows when his ears don’t cover his organs.


Meowstick is a developed form of Espurra on level 25. Depending on whether she is male or female, her appearance varies considerably. Males are characterized by a dark blue coat with turquoise eyes. The females are usually white with yellow-orange eyes. Like Espurrus, Myaustik’s ears hide their mental organs, which can destroy a 10-ton truck.


In Generation VII, we learned about suffering as a kind of fire of three Pokémon on the march.

This felt creature is marked with black fur, red stripes on the forehead and red fur on both cheeks. The bite is usually insensitive and prefers to be left alone. He has an interesting attack in which he has fur in his belly and spits it out like fireballs.


At level 17 Litten turns into Torracat. He carries a yellow bell with him, which is a flaming sack that resonates with his feelings. As his emotions rise, the temperature of the bell rises, eventually spitting fire. The Torrakat generally likes to fight and has a feeling of intense combat.


The last form of suffering is insinuation. He looks less like a cat than a professional wrestler. The lighthouse stands on two legs, has a muscular upper body and gives a flame belt that resembles that of the wrestling championship (I wasn’t joking about being a professional wrestler). Unlike many Pokémon, Insineroir is naturally tough and attacks the Trainers, ignoring the orders of its own Trainers.


Sgaleo is the legendary Pokémon of the clairvoyance/steel type that resembles a lion. Unlike most of the other Pokémon mentioned here, the previous forms of Cosmoem and Cosmo are not cats, and Sgaleo are cats.

Sgalgaleo is considered one of the strongest Pokémon because it has ties to the sun itself. He can create Ultra Wormholes to enter Ultra Space, which is home to 11 delivered creatures known as the Ultra Breast.


Zeraora is the mythical electric Pokémon. The mythical Pokemon includes Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys and Darkrai, making Zeraora one of the selected companies.

The few cases in which Zeraora has been seen show that she lives in the city of Fula and that she hates people because she set fire to the city a long time ago. It’s also one of the fastest Pokémon, moving at lightning speed.


This concludes the current list of Pokémon cats.

We will continue to update this list as new Pokémon are released. New cats should be added as soon as Pokemon Sword and Shield are released in November 2019.

Let us know who your favorite Pokemon cat is in the comments below!

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