The Black Egg Temple

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You can enter Temple Black Egg to meet the Hollow Knight after defeating the three Dreamers, but to find the true fulfillment, you will need to take a few more steps.

First you need the two parts of the charm Kingsoul . The first half is in the Queen’s Gardens after the victory over the Lord traitors. The second half is located in the White Palace in the old basin.

To enter the Patrons’ Area of the Royal Garden, you need a shady cloak from the abyss. To reach the abyss, you must defeat the horns of the Far Kingdom a second time. Once you’ve defeated them, you can enter the cave below the battle arena to find the royal mark.

To enter the White Palace, you must use the waking dream nail on the knight outside. It’s about collecting enough petrol to renew your dream nail at the supplier in the recreation area. To get the essence, you need to beat at least a few Dream Leaders and many Dream Warriors.

As soon as you receive two pieces of royal charm, you rest them and descend to the bottom of the abyss. The lower floor gives you access to the birthplace. Look in this area for an old egg and a big black egg. Use a dream nail on a big black egg and go into the abyss. Up to the top you will receive the amulet Empty Heart . This charm is a substitute for the royal court and cannot be revealed. Luckily, he didn’t use any of the grooves.

You can now enter the Church of the Black Egg at the Forgotten Crossroads. When the Hollow Knight is almost defeated, the Hornet will tie him up for a short time and give you the chance to hit the nail on the head in your dream. In your dreams you might meet the coolest boss in the game, the Radians.

Grand knight

Destroy the chains that keep the Empty Knight in place to start the battle. The Hollow Knight is a brutal battle of the bosses, but nowhere can it be compared to the fight for Shining. For this reason, you must equip the spell in preparation for the battle with the Radiation and just try to survive the battle with the Empty Knight as best you can.

The empty knight has 1,000 health points and goes through four stages. When faced with the Radiation Hornets, it will catch the Empty Knight at the end of phase three. If you hit the nail on the head in your dream now, you’re fighting for Radiance.

In the first phase the Hollow Knight makes three different attacks and gets more for each additional phase. The first attacks are Nail Lung, Triple Slash and Parry. It’s vulnerable to attack from above. You can come out if you don’t mind.

In the second phase the hollow knight gets the attack of the column of fire and the attack of the drops. In front of the pillar of fire the hollow knight will jump and hit the ground. The pylons will rise from the ground. Stand between them to avoid damage. In the launch vehicle, the Void Knight lets the contamination droplets go from the lowest to the highest level. As soon as the drops reach you, you go through.

In Phase 3, Hollow Knight will have several additional air strikes. One of them is the Droplet Blast, where the knight rises into the sky and winds large drops to the arena. The second attack is Smash’s. The knight will take off in the air and beat you. It may be difficult to escape this attack. The knight breaks them two or five times before he stops.

If you want to continue the fight for Shining, use the Dream Nail as the Hornet holds the empty knight. If you continue to attack the Knight, the Hornet will be thrown down and you will have to kill him.

Among the charms that help in this battle are Quick Slash, Seal of Pride of Long Neil, Sharp Shadow and Invincible Power. The charms of the Blood of Life and Johnny’s Blessing are useful if you don’t have a cure, but have to sacrifice one of your other charms.


Radiance has a health of 1700 and will fight for 5 phases if you go that far. She handles 2 damage points for each of her attacks, and all of her attacks have a random element, making them much harder to avoid.

Amulets: There are different strategies that seem to work for different people. If you find that you don’t have time to heal and quickly double the damage, try the Lifeblooc Heart, Lifeblood Core and Joni’s Blessing combo. This should give you a healthy 19, which means you survive 9 radiation attacks and get killed on the 10th.

Another possibility is to focus on the magic of the abyss of mankind. You’ll want to save your soul for the battle of The Shining. You should be able to enter two ravines with rapid fire before Radiance starts. The use of shamanic stone increases the damage caused by Spassky’s cry from 80 to 120. You can use the Soul Catcher and Grubsong mascots to increase the generation of your soul.

Phase 1: In the first phase, Radiance will teleport into the arena, while the attacks come at you from all sides. The first attack is a fireball attack, in which 3 fireballs appear randomly one after the other in the arena. They follow you for a few seconds or until they touch a solid object. The second attack is a swordplay, from both sides of the screen. In your swords, there will be a room through which you can pass. Swords can also come out of the top part of the screen and fall down. To do this, you have to lean from one side to the other. Another attack is the Wide Laser, which moves from one side of the screen to the other. Sometimes it stops in the middle and starts again on the other side. The only way to avoid that is to follow Dash.

Even among radicals, some attacks come from their bodies. She has a sword-watch, where the swords form a circle around her and then run out. Their other attack is that of the ray of light from which the rays of light originate. She does it three times in a row.

Phase 2: The attacks of the second phase are exactly the same as those of the first phase, with the addition of peaks on both sides of the platform on which you are located. You will be warned for a few seconds if the thorns light up as soon as they begin to form.

Phase 3: For phase 3, the peaks are formed at the left and right edges of the platform. The shine stays in the middle. The only attack is from the sword falling from above. It’s a good time to save your soul and take the chance to meet Radiance with Knife.

Phase 4: This phase is by far the most difficult to go through. All attacks coincide with phase 1 and 2, but you have to go from one platform to another. When you have saved the soul from the previous phase, you must have several shouts ready to come out of the abyss. Concentrate on avoiding attacks and only attack Radiance if he is in a good position.

Phase 5: There’s only one attack before the final phase. A beam of light you shoot. You’ll have to avoid it by climbing the platforms. Once you reach them, you only have to hit them with a nail once to end the game.

Strategy: Phase 1 should allow you to see all the attacks and learn how to avoid them. Save a few souls for Phase 2. You’ll want Phase 2 to end pretty quickly, because the peaks in the terrain combined with the many attacks can make life difficult. Use a few cries from the abyss to quickly move on to the next phase. Phase three is about preserving the soul. Only use your nail to shine if you avoid the sword and jump to hit it. And again, for phase four, you want it done as soon as possible. Use the People of the Abyss when Radiant appears above you. Try not to go too far to reach it when it glows. Just dodge the attacks and wait for a good opportunity. In the final phase, the laser beams are focused on the previous platform as you move on to the next one.

With a little skill and good luck you can beat the boss of the Blue Knight to reach perfection. If you made it this far, congratulations! You can also try the Ori and the Forest of the Blind.



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