The Best Unarmed Build of Fallout 4

If you want to improve your survival skills, an unarmed building is the best choice in Fallout 4. This building is completely unarmed, which means that there are no weapons that are not considered unarmed.

It’s a complex structure that requires a lot of knowledge about the game, so keep in mind that it’s difficult.

The statistics below show a cruciform style of scrum and unarmed play in case you decide to act in places. One thing’s for sure, no small weapon would be ideal to compile these statistics.

This is the first statistic under investigation.

IEM. — 9 P — 1 E — 7 C — 1 I — 1 A — 6 L — 1

When you arrive at the registration form on the first screen, there are possibilities to have an unarmed / meat cart type player that succeeds.

It is not recommended to go up to 10 at magnitude. I’ll explain later. It only takes nine to start with strength.

Perception:this bonus consists of detecting enemies. At the beginning of the game, when you leave the safe, you will not face the problem of searching for enemies. Don’t go over it. You can improve it over time by developing your own playing style.

Durability: It’s very important. You will suffer many physical injuries, so you must have a high level of stamina to reach your health points. Besides, you’re running everywhere, so it’s important to have great stamina. Put your stamina at 7.

Charisma: concerns dialogue. You negotiate with the others. This will not help you maximize your unarmed capabilities. Don’t go over it.

Search: This does not help to maximize the damage of an attack or protect them in any way. At least in the first game. Later in the game, however, some benefits may be useful. Of course, that depends on your playing style.

Skills: At least six. Reason 6 is mainly due to the boy’s bonus shares and moving targets. Below you will find more information.

That should give you two extra points. You can put it anywhere you want. If you want a little more charisma or a little more perception, maybe a little more happiness, it’s up to you.

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Let us explain that you want to publish your statistics, which has already been mentioned.


Strength is the most critical line for you, because as a result you get the damage that all your attacks cause.

9 is recommended, and you can bet 10. The reason not to go to 10 is that the part of 10 is armor. At the beginning of the game you have no armor. You can get the electrical shielding directly from the bat, but you don’t have many thermonuclear weapons.

It’s a waste of points, depending on your playing style. You can use one of the reserve points elsewhere to have more effect at the beginning of the game. Or you can give it strength and not worry about getting it later if you have nowhere else to go.

The compulsory premium is carrot. Stopping gives you 25% damage resistance in close combat and unarmed attacks give you 25% more damage. If you stop at the end of the day and hit someone, it’s time to maximize the damage.

Besides, if someone shoots at you again, it’s to do less damage. That’s a great feature for an unarmed character. You’ll benefit from it from the start.

You don’t want to be in close combat with people who shoot at you and do a lot of damage, because you have to shoot this enemy as soon as possible to kill him. This gives you more damage and more resistance to damage.

You’ll also see that there are the first four lines of force in which I think you’re going to live.

Iron Fists cause more damage.

Major League will do more damage with melee weapons. In case you need a man-to-man fight for some reason.

Shielded For shield reinforcement only. In close combat/unarmed combat you will certainly suffer a lot of damage, so it is very important to have the best possible armor.

Blacksmith: How to improve your melee weapons. You’ll need it because you want to maximize the return on the damage.

Other features not mentioned are superfluous as they apply to all weapons.


It is advisable to ignore the concession agreement. Perception concerns pickpocketing, arrows, awareness, resistance to damage in drums, locksmithing, destruction, etc. Most of them are features you don’t use.

The only one that can be used, probably on level 7, is the refractor. Currently 10 energy resistors are needed. Like we said,you’re gonna do some damage when you’re in the melee,so maybe you want that line.

But to get to level 7, you have to put a lot of dots on that line, so I’ll probably ignore them. Other lines have better bonuses than your melee’s perception.


This is the line function you want to configure to use level 7. The adamantium skeleton is far from being the most useful in this line.

Skeleton of Adamantium level 7, usually your skeletons are alloyed with an indestructible metal. This also applies to the glutton, which reduces limb damage by 30%.

You have to take that into account when you go to war, when someone breaks you or breaks your legs, that’s it. You won’t walk on the treadmill anymore, so you’ll be in more pain.

If someone breaks your arm while you’re hitting him, you can’t hit him. The Adamantium function is really important, and probably the only type of melee combat where this bonus is really relevant. We need as much resistance as possible.

So choose endurance level 7. Sustainability training increases the level of health. It will be important. This also reduces the number of action points lost during the sprint, which is also very important.

You want to keep and sprint as many action points as possible, so you can hit a lot of people.

The latest online bonuses: Solar Power, Ghoulishand Cannibal. These are very passive trains, not exactly useless. You’ll probably need it later in the game.

On level seven, you want to put on your glasses. It’ll definitely save your skin.

Others at the lower level, such as Stiffness, , you probably want it to increase your resistance to damage as well.

The Gift of Life improves your overall health If you do not bet your point at level 7, you can still bet points on this bonus. Just ordinary fans of your character,


It is not recommended to wear glasses during Charisma. There is literally nothing that can directly help you destroy your enemies. It’s the unarmed character.

There are many passive skills as a local leader.

In Charisma there are some bonuses that are useful, but that will be in the game later on. In the beginning there is nothing that can improve your unarmed character or at least give you a good start.


The same goes for the Secret Service. In the first game there is nothing that can directly benefit an unarmed character.

Nerd Rage is really cool and super on, but as it is, there’s no point in taking intelligence level 10.


It’s really an important trait for your young and unarmed character. So there are two ways to play your character in unarmed close combat.

You can play the barbarian style just by going into battle. They just throw themselves into a fight spurt and beat people mercilessly. In this case, agility is not so important to you.

With this style you want to focus more on endurance and strength. However, there are things in the competences that need to be taken into account.

You may ignore Gunner, you may ignore Command, if you are a melee attacking player, you may ignore Lurker and Sandman.

You can’t ignore Action Boy . Your action points regenerate 25% faster. An unarmed/nomadic character has such a need for action points for everyone, because you let a sprinter run and then collect them in a race.

For example, a sniper sneaks in with the maximum number of action points and then opens the sniper’s fire when the action points are exhausted. You can still snipe because you know you can just aim and shoot on sight.

While you are unarmed, though you walk, and so when you go through your reaction points they decrease. They want them to regenerate as soon as possible, because once you have shot the enemy, you have to run to the next one. It is very important to have a maximum of reaction points at all times, so the Action Boy agility at level 5 will be really good.

It is recommended to raise level 6 from the beginning. moving target; they cannot do damage where they cannot do 25, i.e. 25 energy distance with the sprinter. It’s getting harder and harder to kill you in battle.

It is not necessary to explain characteristics other than those mentioned for dexterity. However, another way to get you to secretly play would be to use the ninja bonus. You’re a kung fu master who sneaks into a fight and has to take a lethal slap on the finger.

If you are this type, then Ninja at level 7 is probably where you want the extra point. You’re taking four times the damage as normal. If you want to attack in secret, it’s for you. It causes useless damage, but to do so, I’m going to suggest it.

If you play the game at a much higher level, you will need a lot of points to hide because it is almost impossible to sneak into a melee. Unless you’ve got a lot of points in common.

You should think about it. They somehow unlock it when you turn into a ninja, so yes, you have to take that into account, as well as a flashindicator; find the space bar and grab it! The distance in close combat is becoming more and more difficult, which can be very useful for you.

In fact, you can use the barrels much faster than you think, but yes, this is level 9, which you probably don’t need at the moment.

I advise you to get a moving target first, and the Action Boys type gets these glasses. Maybe a ninja that could be useful, depending on your playing style.


Luck is just an ordinary fan of the game.

Fortunately, there’s nothing that directly benefits your naked playing style. I say direct benefit, I mean as a noticeable increase in productivity or resistance to damage.

At the moment of course there are things like Bloody Mess that will increase your bonus damage, but it doesn’t matter. You can supplement this with the best reviews as you wish. Insert it here as you like, because it depends on what you want to do.

You can adopt a more casual style of play or try to bet more points on that amount and skip it completely for you.

Fallout 4 has a huge arsenal of weapons for each building. But for the unarmed, it’s short. For the whole game, Fallout is classified as an unarmed weapon by about 4 units.

This is the best unarmed weapon to hold if you want to remain loyal to the building.

The power of the fist


There are many places where the Power of the Fist can be found. Mid-level dealers carry these weapons. You can buy it from traders like Arturo Rodriguez and Cricket.

If you want a legendary version of the Furious Power Fist, you can find it on the body of Swan at Swan Pond.

Later in the game is the Fist of Power on the Hubris comic tower. It should be at the top of the tower.

If you plan to become stronger, adjustments to the weapons are required.

The piercing is a mode for the Power Fist. The mod must penetrate the shield and increase the damage. This gives your character some weight, but weight shouldn’t be a problem for an unarmed posture.

Heating coil mod. Another mandatory mod, especially for the late parts.

Back to the statistics : Rooting works very well with Power Fist because you don’t move when you hit someone. You should always take the opportunity to meet your enemies standing up.

Iron Fist is another bonus that comes and does more damage to your Iron Fist. The Iron Fist gives +5 damage at the exit.

If you constantly update your statistics, you should expect much more damage if you follow the Power Fist.

Suicide glove

The Death Club is the second most common unarmed weapon in the game. The return of the damage is insane. For an unarmed structure, these weapons are required in your arsenal.

This Death Club is sold by a level 20 trader. They are mainly available in the Drumlin Store and are sold by Trud.

In search of the devil’s duty you get the glove of death if you decide to bring the egg back to the nest. The mittens must be near the nest.

Lynn Woods’ raiders also started the Death Club, but this is really rare.

Deathclaw only has one fashion update, but it’s very powerful. The optional claw provides more damage and harmlessness.

Boxing gloves and pegs are low-impact unarmed weapons. Yes, they can be updated, but you can’t compare them to the fully updated versions of Deathclaw and Powerfaust. It is not recommended to hold it for the duration of the game.

Maybe at the beginning of the game while hunting the Power Fist and the Rock of Death.

A protective shield can be used for this construction. If you want a good defense, you do it.

The only disadvantage of the armor is that you cannot use unarmedweapons.

Otherwise you should not use forced shielding and improve it as much as possible.

An unarmed building on Fallaut 4 is extremely difficult. Strategies and skills are needed to build them in the best possible way. If you want a challenge, an unarmed facility is the way to success.

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If you have other strategies or if you want to add something to this construct, leave it in the comments below.

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