The Best Maplestory Class of Every Role

There are five lead roles in Maplestory: Warrior, magician, thief, archer and pirate. Within these leading roles there are extra specialisations.

If you’re wondering which are the best classes in each role, we’re right behind you. This list is based on empirical findings and statistics. Keep in mind, however, that objects and equipment have a greater impact on your character’s strength than the class itself.

Okay, let’s continue with the best maplestory lessons for each role.

Best Warrior in Class: Phase


  • Consistently high damage yield
  • Extremely mobile
  • Excellent, both the boss and the crowd.
  • Super fun to play.


  • Low survival rate compared to other warriors
  • High financial resources are needed to maximise potential
  • Mechanically intensive
  • Fewer benefits in the context of batches

Since the phasers were introduced in 2016, they have consistently surpassed the warrior rankings in terms of overall strength and damage tolerance. Warriors are generally known for their low mobility, slower attack speed and lack of sequential DPS, at least in comparison to other roles.

Phasers turn all these stereotypes against them. You’re a Speed-based Warrior who neutralizes these three weaknesses through superior mobility and constant DPS (with or without a fifth skill).

Compared to other warrior classes, Phasers are slightly less temperamental because they have no reduction in frontal damage caused by enemies. The explosive shield and the living shield are the only two defensive options they have. It’s okay, it’s just something to watch out for.

The biggest disadvantage of Blasters is that they are the hardest class to play in Maplestory. They are mechanically more demanding than Zeroes, Arches, Cades, etc. It is not for nothing that they are known as the ‘finger destroyer’ class, which makes them the least played type of warrior.

If you like to play skilled characters and do tons of damage, Blaster is the class for you.

Best Magic Class: Kinesis


  • Incredible Mafia skills
  • Very high DPS against the stationary mafia.
  • High mobility flash jump
  • the spread of the enemy


  • You just have to wait to charge the Mental Points.
  • It’s hard to deal with moving targets

Kinesis is one of the few classes of wizards who have largely avoided the botanical hammer. Other classes of magicians such as Ice/Flash, Fire/Poyson, Light, Fire Wizard, Evan are all gutted somehow. Unlike other magicians who attack very fast, the attack speed of the Kinesians is actually quite slow, but they compensate this with large rough figures.

As the name suggests, the power of kinesis comes from telekinetic power. In terms of mobility, they have no radiation power, but they do have a double jump in flash memory. The ability to switch from the double horizontal plane to the double vertical plane or a combination of both gives them universal mobility.

Kinesis is one of the best Mafia forces in the game, because all its possibilities have a large range and can practically wipe out entire cards when you stand still.

Kinesis also makes excellent party members, thanks to his skills and hostile debauchery, as well as his amazing mafia cleaning. They can also spread hostile fans.

But being strong has certain weaknesses in every respect. The most important thing is that the physical therapist is limited in his means. The mental energy is recharged for a period of time, allowing you to experience a certain simplicity. Their other major weakness is their unreliability with regard to moving targets.

Best thief of the class: Night traveller


  • serial DPS
  • Better mobility in the game
  • High damage by tearing a single target
  • Excellent attack speed with the Undo animation.


  • Large refrigerators
  • Glue wrenches are needed
  • Lack of stability in the fight against bosses

For some time now the class of Nightwalkers has been climbing the service ladder because of the little amateurs here and there, while the Lords of the Night are constantly snooping around. With the skills of the fifth job today it can be said with certainty that night owls are the strongest class of thieves.

Night Walker is similar to Night Lords, but has a more mobile and flexible playing style in exchange for more weaknesses. Character indeed has great risks and benefits.

With its superior mobility and two direct positioning options, the Night Walker outperforms the bosses. Thanks to an animation that breaks their attacks, Nightshifters have one of the best consecutive damages in the game.

Although they are known for their marshy character, they have excellent chances of survival. A passive alarm clock every 30 minutes and sometimes lifelong stability make them the best boss classes in the game.

After their recent fifth professional qualification, the Night Walkers are also one of the best gangsters in the world.

Best shooter in the best class: Hunter

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • Unsurpassed damage to a target and mafia capacity.
  • Crazy mobility
  • Constantly high base damage
  • A strong game at the beginning, the middle and the end


  • Relatively small advantage for the party
  • Exploitation of buffer stacking to maximize DPS
  • Hill without the old Astra and the obsidian barrier is active.
  • Glue wrenches are needed

Since 2019, Pathfinder is considered the best class in the game, so it’s no wonder they are on that list. While archers have always been at the top of the rankings, scouts manage to take all for and some against other classes of archers.

Most archers carry out the best possible attacks as they attack their enemies and use their distinctive hurricane force to maximise DPS. Trackers, on the other hand, cause the most damage in the short to medium term without possibilities, as in the case of a hurricane. Most of the damage comes from the combination of skills and the use of the Cardinal Force and the Ancient Force, which together provide a fun style of play.

Despite their short and medium distances, Pathfinders are actually among the best gangsters in the game thanks to their ridiculous horizontal and vertical accessibility. And while they are slightly weaker than angel hunters and phasers, their mobility and the high damage they do to a single target are more than enough for individual bosses.

The only real weakness of the scouts is their lack of power without Michael Link, which makes them rather boggy. But that’s pretty insignificant when you consider that the last bosses in the game have all tried their luck if you let them beat you.

Best Pirate Class: Angel booster

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah:

  • Highest basic damage rate
  • A large crowd and a targeted DPS.
  • No toolbar.
  • Very strong middle ground.


  • Low level of protection for close-range combat classes
  • Low start of gambling
  • Slower attack speed than other pirates.

Like most of the other strong classes mentioned here, Angelic Busters is based on a combination of skills. They also belong to the less playable classes, probably because of their mechanical complexity and acquired taste.

Due to the lack of a resource bar and instead of relying on a resource load, almost all of Angelic Buster’s capabilities are reloaded internally. These refrigerators can be reset with any skill you use, allowing for a unique style of play.

When the Angelic Busters were first launched, they were the only class that could do over a million damage. Between 2013 and 2017, the damage limit was increased to 50 million, and the AB was high, but not high.

However, after the release of Job 5, Angelic Busters reigns again at the highest level with the highest damage percentage in the game. Thanks to new skills that give him big fans, charging is also no problem, so you’re 100% ready for action. Their slow attack velocity has also been reduced.

As far as weaknesses are concerned, the pirate classes are not exactly known for their ability to hold their own. The basseterias have a strong debate with Finale Ribbon, but in festive situations they don’t offer much. It is also quite swampy and lacks self-control, so it all depends on the ability to avoid attacks and external objects. And although AB is excellent at dealing with both individual goals and the mafia, it can actually only do one or the other.



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