The Best Games Like The Spire Slay

Slay the Spire is one of the most entertaining games so far. For those who haven’t tried it yet (you really should try it), Slay the Spire is a unique cheat-style card game where you have to defeat monsters and build a Deck.

Each time you defeat the monster, you have a choice of three cards to choose from, and it’s up to you to decide which card to choose in order to give you the best chance to move on and eventually defeat the Boss.

You can also select and choose the route you want to follow and the numbers you can enter during your journey. You enter rooms where random events take place and where elites throw relics that have different powers.

This is great fun for anyone who loves strategy based card games. After defeating Slay the Spire with the three characters from Ascension 20, I immediately looked for other similar games to fill the void that StS had just left.


After much research and testing of new games on PC, mobile phones and desktop computers, you will find the best games such as Slay the Spire.

PC games similar to Spike

Keep dark

a dark dungeon is a game similar to killing a church tower.

Darkest Dungeon is neither a card game nor an action game, but a turn-based role-playing game that requires tactics, micro-management and risk management. Fans of the strategic character of StS will enjoy learning all the nuances of the game, and will be well equipped to deal with the losses that often occur when learning the game.

Darkest Dungeon invites you to take a group of heroes from your city to the dungeon to explore this room by room. You want the treasures you find to improve your city while preventing your heroes from dying, because death is permanent.

The strategy of the game is to evaluate the risks, to know when to limit losses and when to try your luck and lead your team in the right way. The artwork is neat, the story is incredible and the soundtrack is fascinating. There’s a great pickup truck everywhere.

Steam Quest

Steam World Quest is a game that looks like killing an arrow.

Imagine your SteamWorld Quest as an RPG version of Slay the Spire, but with three players in your game and many more robots. You can go back and fight the monsters you defeated to sharpen more coins, items and exhibits, you can make cards, and so on.

As with the card deck, each of the three members of your group starts with a stack of 8 cards. During the fight, all cards are shuffled and if you play 3 times in each round, you take 6 cards. A unique aspect of the game is that the cards are collected or used by Steam, allowing you to play more powerful cards.

SteamWorld Quest immerses you in a medieval story with beautiful illustrations, great background music and a well-written script. Over the course of history, the members of your party will gain more experience and improve their skills. On the way you’ll find the loot and buy the equipment. If you like the combination of RPG stories and strategic terrace building, give this game a chance.

Card application

card chase is a game similar to shooting an arrow.

Card Quest differs from Slay the Spire in that it doesn’t focus on building the game, but on the highly tactical use of your character’s standard gameplay. You cannot add individual cards to the deck, but you do buy materials that belong to the card games, which are then shuffled into a communal deck.

There are four different classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses: Wanderers, wizards, fighters and hunters. Each has its own subclasses, which means you can specialize in your wanderer by turning him into an adventurer, murderer or demon; the fighter into a dwarf or holy warrior; the sorcerer into a storm master, fox or wizard; and the hunter into a crossbowman, changeling or amazon.

This results in a ton of repeat values in the game. The game itself is pretty complicated, so it really puts your strategic thinking to the test. Don’t turn off your outdated graphics – Card Quest is a great game for fans of card games, puzzles and dungeons.

Dream Search

The Dream Quest is a game that looks like killing an arrow.

It is impossible to make a list of games similar to Slay the Spire without Dream Quest somewhere. These are OG games in the style of deck construction for villains, and that is what has essentially inspired the genre to this day.

A lot of people love this game, and some even think it’s better than Slay the Spire, but I’m not sure. Although the pictures are terrible, I can live with them. The gameplay itself leaves a lot to be desired.

Unlike Slay the Spire, there is no limit to the number of cards you can play per turn. You can’t see what your opponent will do either. So, in the end, you play every card in your hand with every move and hope for good luck.

Some monsters and bosses are complete defense forces, while others appear to be invincible (Cough, Witch). You’ll have to work hard to unlock other classes and cards, which isn’t always fun.

In addition, a number of those involved in RNG may make all previous decisions superfluous. In some races you’re doomed to fail, and even if you play perfectly, you can’t do anything based on the monsters you encounter.

Sample hunter

If you’ve ever played StS, I’m not sure Monster Slayers adds many more dimensions. Fighting in Slay the Spear requires more reflection because you have to react to the actions of the enemy, release energy, think about the next steps, etc. The monster players play almost alone.

Map Crusade (iOS, Android)

A very classic view of dungeon slopes combined with a bridge construction that works like a decent stopwatch on a mobile phone. Compared to a meteor shower: Travel.

Kick-off stone: Launching the dungeon

The Hearthstone single-player mode, where you choose a class and use the given card game to beat the bosses This is a great option for fans of the Hearthstone universe. But I warn you, defeating Dungeon Run is hard!

Last Hexus

Another attack on the RPG deck. However, the game allows you to overwhelm enemies for cards as they throw them to fly, which are either useless or intended for another class.

Pirate intruders

Usually looks like another Kill the Spires clone. There is also a shredding system where you have to unlock the whole set if you don’t pay about 20 dollars.

Cards with words related to spelling: Origin

A small version of Meteorpad, without the same visual effects, interesting characters and optimized gameplay possibilities.

Mobile game that can be played as Spin

Full Moon Night (iOS, Android)

Night of full moon

Full Moon Night is a great game to play on the bridge, which you can also play on the train. The developers worked with Dream Quest creator Peter Whalen to recreate the game, and they did a great job. The design of the game is amazing and every character interaction is accompanied by voice communication.

Despite some translation problems, he doesn’t look too much like the game. The biggest draw is the tactical map battle, which we all love. Although there is no direct selection of maps to build the game, you can find new maps and update them along the way.

All in all, a very solid choice to scratch the itch on your mobile phone for just $0.99 on iOS or Android.

Meteorite impact: Travel (iOS, Android)

Meteor showers

Meteorpad is another excellent mobile game for building terraces: Travel. You play in one of four classes, face a dozen different enemies and seven unique bosses, and experience new adventures every time thanks to the game’s algorithm.

The game allows you to design the card game the way you want your character to be built. They can appear as fire or ice magicians, acrobatic thieves or nasty poisoners, etc.

Instead of drawing a handful of cards and playing some of them for a turn, draw one card at a time and pass or play them. The game interface is designed so that you can play with one hand, which is ideal if you are sitting in the subway or queuing.

Board games similar to Spiral


sinister lamp

Glumhaven has always been recognized as one of the best board games. Lovers of strategy, tactics and logical games with dungeon mechanics will always be happy to come back.

The game is a cooperative campaign for 1-4 players, where players travel to 95 different dungeons to kill monsters and develop the story. Everything you do in the game is determined by the cards you play with a certain character. In practice this means that Gloomhaven is a puzzle game in which you try to control your hand as much as possible with every movement.

Fans of Slay the Spire will be happy to find the optimal combination of cards that allows you to perform your tasks without throwing away or losing important cards. There are few differences in this game – only two cards need to be shuffled in the fighting game. This game is therefore suitable for those who like to take the time to make decisions and think.



Clank! may not be as complex as Gloomhaven, but he can make up for his lack of depth by laughing and getting excited with his friends.

Your goal in Clank is to make your way through the dungeon with dragons waiting for you and collect artifacts and treasures to escape before you die. The deeper you dig, the more valuable and dangerous the objects you find. Along the way you’ll build a card game that helps you defeat or escape monsters.

If you want to try your luck in games mixed with building terraces in fantastic systems, let the clan try it. Suitable for 2 to 4 players.

Fine eon


Aeon’s End is another game about collaboration. This requires a lot of teamwork and there are many strategies that any player can apply.

The basic mechanics of the game includes a static game that is never shuffled, which means that when buying, playing and throwing cards you can work strategically to keep them in order. The basic game alone has eight different characters and four sworn enemies, making multiple repetitions possible.


This completes our list of video games, mobile games and board games similar to Slay the Spire. If you are a fan of croissants and terrace building, try some of the games above. Please let us know if you have your own suggestions in the comments below.



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