The Best Battle Brothers Mod to Try

Vanilla Battle Brothers has a lot to offer, but there are many mods that can greatly increase your enjoyment of the game.

If you’re wondering which mode to try, we’ve put together our selection of the best Battle Brothers modes. The complete list of mods can be found under Nexus Mods.

To install the Battle Brothers mods, simply download the mods and place the zipped folder into the Battle Brothers data folder. For more information about the installation, please refer to this manual.

Brethren in combat Recommendation


The Legend Battle Bro-Mod is about to completely overhaul the game. It introduces many new environments, such as Vala, the Crusader, the Noblemen and Rangers and the Sisters of the Battle.

You can choose between 25 new scenarios, new weapons and armour, a camping system with quests, new bonuses and, of course, new enemies.

If you’re a little bored with the vanilla game, Legends will definitely take you. Although it’s a lot of fun, you have to keep in mind that it’s not as balanced as the original game.

Let’s see what happens. Let’s play with the Legend mode to see what we’re talking about:

Change of script

If you want to install multiple mods, you definitely need Script-Hooks-Modding. This mod ensures compatibility between the models and does not overwrite the source files.

Changes and corrections

This mod is a collection of different mods that customize certain aspects of the game, and you can choose what you need. For example, the absence of bad features in satellites, handmade arches, lack of height, war fog and many other things.


If you run out of time or just want the game to progress faster, you can use this mode to speed up battles and moves.

Additional keyboards

Small quick improvement in quality of life that adds several keys for quick recovery, rotation, protective wall, etc. with your brothers. Replacement of items in the bags is also included.

Talent samples Alternative

One of the most frustrating aspects of Battle Brothers is the randomness of recruiting new brothers, because you can’t identify their characteristics and talents until you pay to try them out. It determines this pattern by revealing the characteristics and stars of talent in the recruitment process.

Impact planning indicator

Another fast QOL mode that indicates whether your brother was in the bone plate or not, so you can adjust him accordingly.

Best stroke book

Best Battle magazine enlarges it so you can see more, and also shows the results of the moral test.

Conflict-free pause

This is a trendy game with an automatic pause when you leave the colony and see an enemy party.

ChampionExtra spawning speed

With this mod you can increase the speed of the offspring of the champion, so they can find the mentioned items much faster. Excellent addition, especially at the end of the game.

Charging without the last key.

Don’t worry about the final blow from the enemies to get your booty by installing this mod. You save time and effort by switching to daggers and trying to calculate the time of your last movements correctly.

Twickster campaign

With the Tweakster update of the campaign you can change things like the speed of XP, the daily food intake, the value of the treasure, the number of recruits and much more.

Shielding and shields

One of the things the Vanilla Battle Brothers lacked was more creative possibilities. In this mode you can create armor and shields with items and ingredients that are common to monsters.



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