The Best Assassin’s Creed Games in the Series

Few franchises have been as successful as Assassin’s Creed.

The games offer historical research and tricks that somehow manage to remain largely historically accurate and highly educational, despite the fact that they contain pious artifacts and secret societies trying to control them.

Assassin’s Creed has been evolving and reinventing for over 12 years to remain relevant and exciting, while pushing the limits of technical performance with each contribution.

Despite the ups and downs, the series does not seem to be heading towards the near future.

To celebrate these games (and to keep myself busy in anticipation of the next chapter), I look back over ten years of hidden magazines and leaps of faith and make a complete overview of all the games in the mass approved series.

20. The creed of the killer: Pirates (2013)


The first entry on my list is a subtle attempt to capitalise on the public appreciation and praise for the navigation and pirate elements of BTAC: Black Flag and the resources already invested in its development

The game here focuses on the naval battles of Captain Alonzo Batilla between 1716 and 1718, a pirate who encountered the Assassins and Templars during his travels. It’s a lot more fun than it looks at first sight.

Although we can hardly call it Assassin’s Creed, even with a very open mind on the show, and that is just one of the things that remind us that Ubisoft is a company that must keep the figures green.

19. The creed of the killer: Chronicles of Altair (2008)


After the resounding success of Assassin’s Creed, released last year, Ubisoft Gameloft asked Bucharest to transfer the killer’s historical experiences to Nintendo DS.

AC: Altair’s chronicles were published as a forerunner of the original, which appeared in 1190 and was followed by Altair’s heroic act of trying to bring out a magical thing called a chalice.

Although the general idea of using Parkour and Stealth for undiscovered scenarios is still valid, this portable version of the game has been greatly simplified.

The open areas of the original are replaced by side-scrolling levels, and the battle follows the usual hack and slash mechanisms.

All in all, it’s not a bad game.

But it’s not exactly what one would call right, and age hasn’t improved the situation.


18. Assassin II Creed: Opening (2009)


With air conditioning: Ubisoft has also released Assassin’s Creed II for the PSP and ACII home consoles: Discovery.

This is a board game for the Nintendo DS that takes place in 1491 and follows Ezio’s journey through Europe when he meets Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella and the Spanish Inquisition led by the Knights Templar.

With this entry into the franchise, the gameplay of previous games is completely abandoned in favor of side-scrolling platform tools in the future 2.5D.

Instead of trying in vain to imitate her parents’ game, she is very good at her own game.

The story has nothing to write for you, but it will keep you interesting enough to play the game to the end.

Later, the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles family will return to a similar game mechanic, although it has improved significantly.

17. The creed of the killer: Bloodlines (2009)


Two years after the release of the first Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines for PSP.

This film was also considered a supplement to the second part of the main series.

He follows the adventures of the Altai after the events of the first game and shows his relationship with the former Templar Maria Thorpe, with whom he eventually has a child. This is a continuation of the pedigree that would lead to Desmond Miles at the time.

It was developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with Griptonite Games with a mechanism very similar to the original.

It’s a lot of fun, even though some of the more advanced aspects of stealth, climbing and fighting have been abandoned due to the technical limitations of the easier handling of a handheld device.


Overall, the game was warmly welcomed and provided a fascinating experience for those who simply couldn’t get enough franchise.

It was a solid attempt to put some air conditioners in their own pocket. And if you have a PSP, you have to dust it off to try it.

16. The creed of the killer: Identification (2016)

Ubisoft has worked closely with Blue Byte to return to mobile gaming, this time in the style of Assassin’s Creed.


In Identification, players can create their own Assassins with different classes and other configuration items. This figure is supposed to resist the conspiracy of the Knights Templar, who wanted to pass themselves off as murderers and discredit them during the Italian Renaissance.

As a mobile version, Identity is praised for staying true to the AC gameplay and delivering a high quality experience for players of all levels.

And that’s not what you see every day with these things.

15. The creed of the killer: Rebellion (2018)


However, two years later, another attempt to enter the mobile phone games market led to even more interesting experiences.

Rebellion is a strategic role-playing game in the style of the cartoon Chibi, which was created at the time of the Spanish Inquisition.

The current gameplay focuses on building the brotherhood of the player, both the members and the basis of the action.

Among them are well-known personalities such as Ezio Auditor, his student Shao June (also featured in the AC Chronicles) and many others.

It’s not a real air conditioner, but all in all it’s a better game than identification. And these Chibi killers are the cutest killers in the world.

14. The creed of the killer: Hoorn (2014)


The last entry in the saga of colonial America that began with ACIII. Rogue follows Shay Patrick Cormack, the murderer who leaves the Brotherhood to join the Templars, feeling betrayed and questioning their methods.

The story focuses on , strongly on , and shows how the Assassins and the Knights Templar are in a sense two sides of the same coin. Nothing good or bad, just something else.

Since Shay is not bound by the rules of the brotherhood, he becomes a slightly different fighter, one who is willing to renounce secrecy and protect civilian life while pursuing his goals.

Their arsenal contains many more destructive weapons than usual. Like a grenade launcher.

His enemies behave very differently because they are murderers. So you must always be aware of the murder and other such events.

Naval research comes back the same way as the black flag. But the Caribbean will be replaced by the Arctic, which will lead to problems and activities more related to this environment.


The Morrigan, the ship of the Neck, can also sail in shallow water, so you can explore the rivers and other shallow waters further.

Like the revelations and the bloodlines that preceded it, this game connects the end with the end of the saga and leads the story to the next.

The horn is not a bad game. In fact, it is very nice and has some interesting elements that make it unique.

However, it’s a bit like a retreat to warm up the public’s love of sailing. They’ve already done that with Freedom Cry (a game based on a great story) and a mobile air conditioner: Pirates. An unforgettable game, but she left a lot behind on the table.

13. The creed of the killer: Unit (2014)


The main cargo for the next generation of consoles is the Assassin Creed: Unity.

This happened especially in Paris during the French Revolution. The story follows the exploits of Arnaud Victor Dorian, tested by the nameless user Helix, the Abstergo game console in the universe.

The assassins will contact you and ask you to help them find the grave with the DNA of the First Civilization, playing with the memories of Arno.

Ubisoft used his resources and powerful new equipment for a good cause and created a gigantic replica of Paris, which measures many of its monuments, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, to the nearest millimetre.

In fact, the model of Notre Dame is so detailed that it serves as a reference for repairs after the cathedral was partially destroyed by fire.

The gameplay has also been updated and adapted to a role-playing progression, allowing you to hone the Arno’s skills and weapons for different play styles. The game has also added a multiplayer cooperative player that will replace the competitive focus of past defeats.


Unfortunately, the game had a lot of technical problems in the beginning. And despite the extremely detailed research of historical facts and their study, the game lacks a protagonist to inspire the player, which is the basis of such a narrative game.

The technical progress does not make the game entertaining and unforgettable, and the unity ends in failure in both areas.

12. The creed of the killer (2007)

The first game in this cult series of adventure games was released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2007.


It was designed by Ubisoft Montreal, who originally worked on the sequel to the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, hence the similarities between them.

The story contains Desmond Miles, a bartender who is kidnapped and placed in animus (a machine that allows you to relive the memories and experiences of your ancestors).

In Anima he synchronizes himself with his ancestor Altair ibn La Ahad, a capable member of the Assassins, a secret society imprisoned in centuries of conflict with the Knights Templar. They want to achieve peace by controlling mankind. That’s deep enough.

Most of the game takes place after the life of the Altai during the Third Crusade in the Holy Land around 1191. This means you can visit places like Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus, and Masiath, the fortress of the assassins.

The gameplay is largely centered on the Mobility and the Stealth, where you are asked to park in different scenarios to reach objects, gather information and eventually kill the target.

The game features one of the most emblematic paperclips in the series: a hidden knife that allows you to appear unarmed and escape detection until the time is right.

His incredible graphics, huge open sandboxes for study, his unique story of mixing historical fiction and fantasy, and his excellent orchestral score, produced by Jesper Kyd, have won the love of the players of the game and several prizes.


This does not include the sale of approximately 8 million copies worldwide and the setting of a franchise fee.

11. Chronicles of Assassin Credo (2015-2016)

While he was working on a large scale project that was AC: Originally, Ubisoft worked with Climax Studios to develop a new multi-site title.


In this game a miniseries of three side-scrolling action-adventure games are made that explore three different periods: the Ming Dynasty in China, the Sikh Empire in India and the aftermath of the October Revolution in Russia.

Each game is designed in an artistic style, inspired by the corresponding landscape.

The games follow several armed assassins, representing their place and time.

Shao Jun, a Chinese killer, has acrobatic movements and a hidden shoe-leaf.

In India, Arbaaz Mir has access to things like chakra rings. And the Russian Nikolai Orelov uses an ordinary old rifle with a bayonet.

Although it’s not a traditional CA experience, Chronicles is a highly advanced game with a lot of creativity and care to make it unforgettable. The characters are interesting, and the times they go through are the ones the fans complain about since the release of ACII.

10. The creed of the killer: Disclosures (2011)


The last chapter of Ezio’s adventures only came out a year after AC: Brotherhood, beginning of the era of the annual publications of the Creed of the Assassin.

After Desmond has had to kill one of his comrades and has fallen into a coma at the end of the previous game, he returns to Animus hoping to help him recover.

Desmond tells the story of one of Ezio’s recent adventures, in which he tries to unlock the secrets of the Altai thanks to the artifacts left behind by the Altai.

The game takes place between 1511 and 1512, mainly in Istanbul, the centre of the Ottoman Empire, and in the ancient Assassinov fortress rebuilt in Masiath.

The most important addition to the game in terms of gameplay is the Hookblade, which allows Ezio to climb to higher places using a rope slide through the rooftops of the city and other scenarios.


It acts as a kind of tower defense mini-game, controlling the Brotherhood killers to protect areas and bases from enemy attacks is also new.

Revelations do an amazing job by linking the end to the end of Ezio’s story, as Bloodlines did for Altair, albeit in more detail. All this with enough different experiences and a lot of creative assignments to distinguish it from previous payments.

While Rogue loves the title, it seems that they chose to keep the fans involved and interested while they invest in resources and attention in the next era of the franchise.

9. The creed of the killer: Freedom to act (2014)


Born as a DLC supplement for ACIV and later republished as a game, Freedom Cry takes the Black Flag formula and uses it to tell a completely different story.

He follows Adevala, a former slave girl who becomes a murderer, and begins to seek her own convictions and to resist the slave trade.

Adevale, in his constant struggle for freedom, everything that symbolizes the killer’s creed can be summed up in one person.

The game has been praised for its approach to the subject and has even been nominated for a prize by the Writers’ Guild of America. His soundtrack, composed by Olivier Dérivière and performed by the Brussels Philharmonic and the Makandal Troupe, was also highly appreciated.

In general, I think Freedom Cry is a good example of how a medium can tell deep, thought-provoking stories without sacrificing commitment and fun.

8. Murderer Credo III: Press release (2012)


In addition to Connor’s adventures on ACIII, the owners of PS Vita were able to witness the trials of Aveline de Grandpré: the first woman in the series.

The liberation took place towards the end of the Franco-Indian war and dealt with the themes of slavery and racism in primitive America, such as the Afro-French murderer Avelin experienced between 1765 and 1777.

He sees similar situations as cries for freedom, but from a new angle.

Unlike previous portable franchise games, Liber8 keeps the game formula intact thanks to Vita’s powerful hardware. This gives an incredible quality, combined with perhaps the best soundtrack currently available in the series.


Although you don’t have to have a better game or story than the previous ranking, this version is the only one that offers the best air conditioning experience on a laptop. We were finally able to enjoy it along the way and I think it deserves recognition and praise.

7. The creed of the killer: Union (2015)


After a technical disaster that led to the launch of Unity, Ubisoft found itself in a difficult situation and began the development of the next installment of the series.

Ubisoft Quebec took over and turned out to be technically simpler for Assassin’s Creed : The association, which instead focuses on creating cute characters and a fascinating story.

Representation of the twins Assassin Jacob and Evie Fry, leaders of the Ravens who fought for control of London during the Victorian period of London’s history.

The developers also reconsidered the battle and removed some elements of the role-playing game to focus more on fluidity and (especially) fun.

They also gave players access to many new weapons and tools, such as the cable tractor that allows them to climb buildings such as the Batman. There’s also a new wicker sword and even a hidden revolver.

The story is now being experienced through the eyes of the same player in the unit, Helix, who has now become an Assassin. He initiates and travels through Fry’s memories, interacting with historical figures such as Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and even Queen Victoria in the hope of obtaining more useful information for the Brotherhood.

However, after working with Unity, Ubisoft knew that the era of the classic Assassin’s Creed formula was coming to an end. Make this the last set of the series to keep an eye on things.

She’s inherited part of the bad reputation the unit has earned. But in general it is an excellent air conditioning and a fitting farewell to the classic game that has made the series famous.


6. The creed of the killer: Origin (2017)

After two years working on the project after the release of the union, Ubisoft has finally released Assassin’s Creed: Origin.


This game is a complete revision of the series in terms of gameplay, focusing on research and in general making Ptolemy Egypt the protagonist and focus of the game.

The story investigates the origins of the Brotherhood of Murderers and their age-old conflict through Bayek and Aya, the first assassins. They are currently being studied by Leila Hassan, an Abstergo researcher who later became an Assassin collaborator.

The main purpose of the story is to walk through the vast open world of Egypt and its monuments and introduce them to historical figures such as Cleopatra and Caesar.

It seems that the developers have recently adopted the guidelines of many successful games.

The battle has been completely rebuilt to function as the Dark Souls or the last God of War, while the open world is reminiscent of Witch III.

One of the most interesting aspects of Origins that really shows the changes that Ubisoft has made is the expansion of Discovery Tour, which essentially transforms the game into a cognitive tour of Ptolemaic Egypt with lots of information about different places, people and events.

While many gamers felt disappointed and even loyal to Ubisoft because of these dramatic changes, the truth is that the franchise needed a big change to breathe new life into it and keep it fresh.


Yeah, the air conditioning shouldn’t be clean. But the series tends to shine when they dive in and break with their traditional conventions, as they did with ACIV and ACIII.

Origin was a step in the right direction for a series that after a decade of new launches was hard to find its way.

5. Faith Killers II (2009)

After the first match Desmond returns to Animus to familiarise himself with the life of Ezio Auditor da Firenze: The Italian playboy killer is extraordinary.


The game takes place during the Italian Renaissance between 1476 and 1499 and follows Ezio’s journey, discovering his legacy as a murderer and seeking revenge from the Knights Templar for hanging his parents and brother.

The gameplay remains broadly the same as the original air conditioner, but with a much closer fight and a smoother parking technique, but also with other improvements such as greater versatility.

You can move around freely in big places like Florence, Tuscany, Venice and Forli. In addition, you can perform basic tasks to promote the story as well as a variety of secondary tasks and activities, such as B. collecting collectibles, buying and improving shops, shopping and taking part in street battles.

Progress is a very important element in the game.

You can upgrade Ezio’s equipment during the game and the hidden knife gradually turns into a Swiss army knife thanks to the contribution of dear Leonardo da Vinci.

In addition, Ezio acquires a family villa in Monteriggioni, which can also grow and earn a regular income, as well as the opportunity to reveal its secrets.

Assassin’s Creed II is a game where, for most people, the franchise was at stake.

It all comes from beautifully designed cities, a charismatic protagonist and Jesper Kyd’s amazing score that really sets the tone for the game.


If asked, many fans will instinctively say that it is also the best game in the franchise. But this is probably a nostalgic estimate or at least one that is somewhat influenced by it.

It may be a great game, but the show didn’t die after it came out.

4. The creed of the killer: Brotherhood (2010)


One year after the release of ACII, Ubisoft launched Assassin’s Creed : The Brotherhood.

This header is displayed directly where the previous message ended. The main story follows Ezio during his conflict with the Borgia family between 1499 and 1507, which mainly took place in and around Rome.

Desmond does this experiment in the hope of finding a way to stop the apocalyptic event that will take place in 2012 using First Civilization’s technology.

The game follows the same formula as its predecessor, with a modified schedule and a more aggressive combat system.

As the name suggests, the game also focuses on developing Assassins as an organisation that you can actively support by recruiting new members and sending them on missions. In exchange, they can support Ezio in the fight.

In addition to exploring Rome on foot or on horseback, the player can also ask Desmond to leave Animus to explore Monteriggioni and reveal his secrets during these days.

It is also the first Assassin’s Creed game with in multiplayer mode, where players collide with each other using Assassin’s tools and techniques and a few other tricks.


The Brotherhood took everything that made CNA quality and improved it, and offered what could be the quintessence of classical CNA.

3. Murderer Credo III (2012)

After recovering from his comatose state in the Apocalypse, Desmond returned to Animus for the last time to learn the location of the vault of the First Civilization, to which he must gain access to protect the world from destruction by an incoming solar flare.


To do so, he must synchronize with the memories of Connor, also known as Ratonhacket: the half-hawk who was forced to leave his homeland during the events of the American Revolutionary War and become an assassin to protect his tribe and learn the truth about his ancestors.

Connor’s Iroquois legacy is clear in the way he fights.

Which in this game is much more aggressive and rougher than the game we have seen in previous games. The same goes for the weapons and equipment he uses, including a tomahawk axe, poisoned arrows and a very useful bow that allows him to kill over long distances.

This game has greatly improved the graphics and other interesting aesthetic additions, such as changing seasons and dynamic weather.

The Ubisoft Montreal team has put a lot of effort into creating the American desert here, which has paid off in the many breathtaking views the player will find as he explores the boundaries where he will spend most of his time.

All this is accompanied by a great score, written by Lorne Balf, who previously worked for AC: Revelations.

Assassin’s Creed III is also the first game in the series that includes naval battles.

Since then, they have become a popular focal point of the series, found in most major franchise shots.


AC3 also showed one of the craziest CSDs in this series: The tyranny of King Washington.

This Connor DLC shows an alternative calendar where Washington acquires a piece of paradise and uses it to control America and conspire to subdue its former British masters.

The game ends with Desmond sacrificing himself and in fact roasting his brain to activate a mechanism that could protect humanity from imminent death.

This marks the end of an era and a change in the way the game deals with and progresses with modern elements.

In ACIII, Ubisoft took the risky decision to reconsider the most important aspects of the series for the first time. And although the game was controversial among fans at the time of its release, few can deny afterwards the quality and refinement of the finished game, and how much fun it can be.

2. Faith Killer IV: Black flag (2013)


The radical changes in attitude continued with the following frankness, which puts you in a large Caribbean office to explore if a pirate becomes a murderer:

Edward Kenway during the golden age of piracy, between 1715 and 1722.

You spend most of your time at the helm of Edward’s flexible Jackdaw when he and his crew go on treasure hunts, board merchant ships, sing sea cabins… …and sometimes dealing with a murder case. Sometimes.

Besides the high seas, the main cities of the game are Havana, Kingston and Nassau. Everything is beautifully thought out and decorated.

From a narrative point of view, some of the most interesting changes are related to today’s events.

With Desmond’s absence, the prospect of an Abstergo Entertainment employee working on the company’s newest game, Assassin’s Creed, has been postponed: Black flag.


The main opponent of the game are the Templars of the Magi: A personality who reincarnates with the DNA of the First Civilization, with which we find ourselves both in Edward’s memories and in the present.

The combat systems and camouflage in the game remain essentially the same as in ACIII, since the developers have invested most of their attention and resources in creating what is essentially Pirate Simulator 2013.

Despite being a somewhat controversial initiative on their part, the game eventually became very popular and left a long-term impact on the franchise, with a well-developed naval warfare and exploration.

1. The creed of the killer: Odyssey (2018)


Usually the most impressive event in this series is also my first choice from a technical point of view.

The Odyssey takes place during the Peloponnesian War in Greek history and allows the player to explore and participate in the evolution of the Greek world by interacting with historical characters who shaped our society, such as Democritus, Socrates and Pythagoras.

Today’s history begins where its origins lie.

It all starts when the killer’s employee, Lila Hassan, explores Hermes headquarters, a piece of paradise of enormous power.

To find him, she investigates the memories of Alexei or Cassandra, two Spartan mercenaries who are the grandchildren of King Leonidas himself.

In addition to developing the mechanics of Origin’s action RPG game and focusing on exploration, Odyssey is the first game in the series that includes dialogue and quests that can influence the story. This means that each choice can lead to one of many possible outcomes.


We can even go so far as to choose with whom the main character has a love affair, regardless of gender.

The game ends with Leila Hassan in Atlantis, the city of the first civilization, where she is surprised to find you alive and well after more than two thousand years. And all this thanks to the magic wand of Hermes, which you pass on to Leila and tell her that it is the key to save humanity from self-destruction.

The rest of the story continues from there, and it’s stupid.

The ultimate goal of the games is for you to enjoy them. Many people criticize Odyssey because it is as far away as possible from the real game Assassin’s Creed. But it is well known that rejection of change is the right path to creative bankruptcy and, ultimately, to extinction.

Assassin’s Creed is not only special because of its gameplay. But also because of the environment and the way one is immersed in the heart of history to experience it in a new and exciting way.

We’re talking about new perspectives on old stories.

As long as Ubisoft adheres to this concept, the franchise will continue to attract fans and entertain millions of people with every contribution.



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