The Ashes Assault Rifle Location & How to Get It

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The axle remains

Remnant From The Ashes is the latest action game that you can play alone or with friends in multiplayer mode. You can configure the server to allow other players to join the server before they play alone. If you play in public games played by players, your journey begins with your last saved checkpoints.

When you play with friends, all the collectibles, weapons and other equipment you collect will stay with your character after you leave this session and play alone. With this round you can participate in any public game, collect rare weapons and start your journey alone from the beginning.

The best weapon you can collect at the beginning of the game is an assault rifle. You can quickly shoot at the enemy’s main roots because each memory consists of 24 bullets and the maximum number of bullets you can carry is 144 extra. Fashion can be attacked by these weapons and can be purchased from the Arsenal.

If you saved the mother root from the carrots attacking her, talk to her for a few minutes. Once you have completed your interaction with the program, you can increase the power of Dragon Heart .

You can also get a sniper rifle from the basement of the church. Go down the stairs to the left after you talked to your mother to go to the basement. The sniper rifle does a lot of damage, but the only disadvantage is the small amount of ammunition it contains.

After you get your sniper rifle back, you go to Westcourt. When you arrive at Westcourt, go straight ahead and turn right as soon as you find the driveway. Go straight ahead into the alley and jump into the dungeon.

When you enter the dungeon, you keep going and you come across a hiding place where you find a corpse with a letter next to it. There’s an assault rifle on the ground. See the picture above for the exact location of the shelter.

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