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From the old pond we go down to the gate of the abyss. If you have King’s Mark King’s Mark or Kingdom’s Edge, the door is open if you want the charm of a Heart of Life, you must stand on the bench above the abyss and use the Heart of Life Blood and Johnny’s Blessing to get 15 Hearts of Life Blood.

Go down about one third of the way and then jump over the left wall. You must go to the Gate of the Blood of Life.

Cross a cave with nails to the eaves, from where you can land left and right.

On the left you will find the Old Egg, which can be sold as Lemm for 1200 Geo. On the right you can see the charm of the Lifeblood Core , which adds 4 Lifeblood Hearts to your health. When you take the heart of life, you return to the gates of life.

Go to the bottom of the abyss. On the left is the stage where you can reach the abyss. First, you must possess the ability of the Fog Gully Warrior Ghost. Stand on stage and enchant the spirits of war to turn it into a cry from the abyss.

The lighthouse and the lake are on the right. You can’t cross the lake without first lighting the lighthouse. Go to the lighthouse and kill your brothers and sisters on the way. Insert the headlight and press the lever to turn it on. Now you can go down and cross the lake. Continue to the right and stay in the fountain to get the coat in the color.

Go back to the left and pass the empty tentacles to find the old egg. Come to the abyss and the Hornet awaits you with a message.

Now that you have the Shadow Coat, you can access certain areas that were previously inaccessible. You can go back and take on the Markot in the Royal Frontier and the charm of the Sharp Shadow in Deep Nest.

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