The 20 Best Arrows in Skyrim, ranked by order

With so many different types of shooters at Skyrim, it can be confusing to know the differences between them. We’ve reviewed Skyrim’s best arrows to help you go from the lowest to the highest level of damage, and yet where you can get them.

20. Arrow for training

Air Arrow

Too bad: 0Gold: 0

Training arrows that occur with 0 injuries are the weakest – and at the same time the rarest – because they can only be obtained by one person – the hands in Skyrim. You use it to practice archery at Camp Angui, where Angui gives you 10 practice arrows if you are asked to do so. If she dies, you won’t be able to get out of her except by using the control panel.

Although they do not cause any damage, the training arrows can still be used for something. You can use them to paralyze or poison the target without killing it. Even if your archery skill is high and/or the bow does a lot of damage, training arrows can be deadly.

19. Rusty arrow

Result of the image for Skyrim Rostpfeil

Too bad: 4Or: 0

Like the Training Arrow, the Rusty Arrow is weak, but also quite rare. With four lesions they are not practical, but they are a good collector’s item.

You can only get it by fighting Sigdis Galdurson at Gayrmund Hall when his clones shoot at Rusty Arrows, or by typing QASmoke through the consulate team’s smoke test cell.

18. Toe Arrow

Image result for Skyrim arrow rejected

Too bad: 7Or: 1

Arrows shoot a little more than the more conventional iron arrows with 7 wounds. You can find them by killing sworn archers in all the camps of The Reach, as well as in some of the ruins of Dwemer.

Nice fact: They have double arrowheads, as do Bound, Daedric and Forsworn.

17. Counting arrow

Image result for skeletons with arrow folders

Too bad: 7Or: 1

The arrows of Falmer are available from Falmer, which despite their blindness are interesting as experienced archers.

Like most Falmer weapons, the Falmer Arrow is covered with small green spheres.

16. Iron Tree

Image result for the Iron Sky Arrow

Too bad: 8Or: 1

Iron arrows are the most common type of shooter in Skyrim. They can be found on most enemies, especially bandits, but also in caves, coffins and dungeons. You can also buy them from arms dealers.

With Dawnguard DLC you can also cut 24 iron arrows out of wood and an iron rod.

15. Former Northern Tree

Result of the image for the old north arrow

Too bad: 10Or: 1

The old northern arrows are the favorite weapons of draugres and skeletons. They’re found in Scandinavian graves.

You can find them in the ashes of the pre-ghosts of the dragon cultivars, where you can get a package of over a hundred.

14. Tied spear

Result of the photo for the Scandinavian spears

Too bad: 10Or: 2

The Riklinga spear is used by Riklinga as a short- and long-range weapon, but can also only be used as an arrow.

But even though it does the same damage as steel arrows, you can just use steel arrows with a lower attack speed and a lower spear range.

13. Steel boom

Image result for a steel arrow in a window

Too bad: 10Or: 2

Steel shooters are the second most common type of shooter at Skyrim after iron shooters. They can be found among merchants, soldiers in raincoats, soldiers of the imperial navy and guards. They can also be made with firewood and steel blocks in the Dawnguard extension.

There are several ways to obtain endless steel dams:

  • Go to the Lusty Flagship Tank and grab the arrows that Niruin shoots.
  • Go to the courtyard of Sky Haven Temple and collect the dolphin arrows.
  • Leave Dur’s castle and grab the arrows the guard shoots.
  • Go to Draconsbrich, to the Great Verandah, and grab the arrows the training soldier shoots.

12. Killer whale arrow

Result of the image for Skyrim with orc arrows

Damage: 12 gold: 1

The arrows of the orcs project the sworn enemies and bandits. Once you reach level 6, you can also find them in many regular shops and blacksmiths.

To make them in the Dawnguard extension, you need firewood and a stick of Oriharukon.

11. Dwarf Jib

Image result for the dwarf arrow of Skyrim

Too bad. 14 gold: 4

Dwarf arrows do a lot of damage because they pass so easily. They can be found in the ruins of Dwemer, with high-ranking gangsters or shopkeepers. If you are married to hunting eels, she will be 10 to 30 years old, which she will sell every few days in her shop.

Dwarf arrows are also the fastest and most effective way to promote the forging industry, as wood is free and dwarf metal bars are easy to obtain.

10. North arrow

Image result for Nordpfeil-Skyrim

Too bad. 14 gold: 4

Scandinavian arrows do good damage, but they are expensive. In addition to looting Frea, the only way to achieve them is to make advanced armor, using firewood, fast silver bars and iron rods.

Instead, use the dwarf arrows for practical purposes.

9. Fairy Arrow

Result of the image for the Skyrim elf arrow

Too bad: Sixteen gold: 5

With 16 damage points, the Elves’ arrows are one of the most powerful in the game, but they are usually unavailable for the next levels (15+). Talk to the Yellowbor Knight of Paradise to turn them into Sun Elf Arrows, or Serana to turn them into Blood Elf Arrows.

Here are some ways to get elven arrows

  • The murder of Talmore’s soldiers, Radoran guards and dwarf centres.
  • by buying them from dealers late in the game…
  • Take him away from Niruin when he’s over 33 years old and go archery.
  • In the vault of the Thieves’ Guild.
  • Buy them at Hestla or Sorin Juard, depending on which group you belong to at Downgard.
  • Find them on the balcony of Dur Castle during or after the Bound to Death adventure.

8. Bloody Elven Arrow

Result of the image for the bloody arrow of Skyrim

Too bad: Sixteen gold: 6

Bloodthirsty pixie arrows are made of ordinary pixie arrows. When a picture of a halo tilts into the sun, it blocks the sun for the whole day. It’s easier to sneak away because your enemies can’t see you without your night vision device.

7. Elba Solar Arrow

Result of the image in front of the sky with an arrow enclosed in the sun

Too bad: Sixteen gold: 16

The Solar Elven Arrows are another version of the Elven Arrows supplied by Knight Paladin Gelbor. They can also be made of wood and refined moonstone with the added bonus of an elven forge.

When an Aurielboog is shot at the undead enemy, these arrows cause sun damage and Attack and Defense Equipment (AoE) damage to nearby enemies. If you shoot a sun elf’s arrow into the sun, the sun’s rays will rain down and cause damage to everyone in the neighborhood, just like in Storm Call.

6. Glass arrow

Image result for the Skyrim glass arrow

Too bad: Eighteen gold: 6

Glass arrows are probably the coolest arrows in Skyrim and have damage to the cargo. Like other weapons and glass armor, they are made of malachite and have a green tint.

These arrows usually don’t appear until they enter the game, usually at 25-30 or higher. At these levels they are found in small quantities from the following sources:

  • Centuries of dead dwarves
  • Forges like Eruland Gray-Maine’s or Warmaiden’s.
  • high-level gangster
  • Refined wood and malachite finishing with Dawnguard extension.

5. Centurion Dwarf Arrow Gun

Image result for the dwarf arrow of Skyrim

Too bad. 20 gold: 0

The Centurion’s dwarf arrows are not really available, except through the console controls, and are purely for decorative purposes. You can see them in a showcase of the Dwemer Museum in Marcat. Unfortunately, because they are beautiful with arrows.

4. Ebony arrow

Result of the image for the Skyrim Ebony Arrow

Too bad. 20 gold: 7

Ebony arrows are a good choice for the middle of the game because you can buy them from blacksmiths at level 40. Fletcher in insulation can carry ebony arrows even after more than 10 steps.

You can also obtain ebony arrows by killing Draugrus mortals in the ruins of the Lost Valkyrngas, stealing them from the Orc Fortress of Narzulbur, killing dwarf centurions, killing ravenous thieves, or making them from ebony and wooden rods.

3. Stalhrim Arrow

The result of the image for the Skyrim arrow is Stalachrim.

Too bad. 20 gold: 7

Regardless of the extent of the damage, Stalhrim’s arrows are fairly easy to obtain, especially when compared to dead stones or dragons. You can complete the New Stalhrim Source quest at any time and then forge Stalhrim arrows with 80 level 80 ebony forges, 1x ebony forge and 1x Stalhrim bonus.

You can also get 16 at a time from blacksmith Glover Mallory.

2. Derrick’s arrow

Result of the image for the Skyrim arrowhead

Damage: 24 gold: 8

Dedric Arrows is the most powerful arrow in the basic game of Skyrim with 24 damages. However, they are very rare and require you to have at least level 25.

You can buy them in the shops of Dwarf Centurions, Nightingales, Thief Hoops, bandits of higher level, sometimes the Dremor Merchant, but also in the archery shops of level 30+.

1. Dragon arrow

The result of the image for the dragonfly arrow.

Too bad. 25 gold: 9

With 25 damages, the Dragon Bone Dart is Skyrim’s strongest boom with the Dawnguard extension. However, it is almost impossible to get them.

You can get them from one of the three Guardians or Cairns of the Soul if you are level 45+, or from a level 100 Firewood Dragon and Blacksmith.

Frequently asked questions about the arrows of Skyrim

Why do you use weaker instead of stronger arrows in Skyrim?

  • With a high level of archery and a strong bow, weak arrows are often enough to cause lethal damage.
  • You can hold stronger arrows for secret shots at strong opponents.
  • You can’t sell Iron, Dodger or Arrows if you don’t have 100 layers of language, so you might as well use them.
  • Aesthetic! Some of the arrows look really cool.

Can you amplify the arrows on Skyrim?

  • You can improve the damage of onions in the Skyrim by hardening them with millstones. Arrows cannot be improved in the same way, but they can be poisoned.

What are the unique possibilities to get more shooters?

  • If you equip your pendant with a rare type of arrow, it will never run out of ammunition. Every time you miss an enemy, you can pick up a missed arrow to slowly collect more.
  • It also works if you give the arrow to one of the soldiers who practice archery in seclusion in Dur Castle. Just keep them off the target while he shoots.

How do you calculate bow and arrow damage?

  • Add the damage caused by the bow and arrows to get the total damage you’re causing. Lighter arches shoot faster, target less damage and shoot less. Heavy bows shoot slower, do more damage and keep shooting.
  • Zephyr and Auriel arches are the fastest arches with the highest DPS value, while Dragonbone and Daedric arches cause the most damage per shot.


Here are Skyrim’s 20 best arrows, ranked from worst to best. The strongest arrow is the Dragon Bone Arrow, which does 25 damage per arrow, while the weakest training arrow is the weakest.



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