The 15 Best Snowboarding Games of All Time (Ranked & Revised)

Snowboarding is one of the most important sports competitions since the release of Heavy Shreddin’, a favorite game of many people, at the NES in 1990.

This is a unique type of sports game, because while players who like Madden NFL or MLB games are interested in their real analogue, snowboarding with its sense of speed and immersion in the game seems to attract all 1B classes8 .

I think it’s a genre that has certainly brought a lot of people to snowboarding. But it’s really about the fun!

Whether you’re an old fan or just interested in the genre, I hope my snowboard kits for these 15 games will help you find what you’re looking for. Or just think about the good old days when you played these games yourself.

15. Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics (2009)

Now, I know this isn’t a serious snowboard game. But listen to me!

The snowboarding activities in this game are fun and quick and easy for beginners to learn.

Every multiplayer session is an explosion of if you’re the competitive type, and soon you’re asking your friends for revenge as if a million dollars is at stake.

If you want to get together with some friends and have fun playing random games, this is a great way to take a look. He deserves at least a place on that list!

14. Refrigerated sheets 2 (1997)

Then we have a game that has really paved the way for this genre to become what it is today.

Cool Boarders 2 is the sequel to the 1996 hit game Cool Boarders and has been improved in every respect by the .

The system developers at UEP have really put a lot of effort into this area. Mainly motivated by their previous triumphs, and although it is difficult to say who is the best, I think it is clear that the CB2 is really going home.

It has racing and trick modes, and you can customize your board, which was really cool and innovative at the time.

Bonus points for the most classic game of the ’90s on the list.

13. Snowboard for professionals Sean Palmer (2001)

Did you like professional skater Tony Hawk on PS1? Then this game will definitely make you smile.

He takes everything that made THPS a success, such as tricks and an incredible soundtrack, and then he basically makes snow.

The Dearsoft development team chose this formula and focused on tips and tricks and other unique game modes for this PS2 gem, rather than just making another racing game.

It’s easy to get in, but it’s hard to learn. And maybe that’s reason enough to dust off a wired DualShock and pray that the analog sticks are still in good condition.

12. The Adventure of Antiquity (2015)

With the introduction of mobile games we now have Alto’s Adventure, an endless rider (snowboarder without end?), developed by Snowman.

His beautiful and minimalist style provoked a storm of criticism. And after a few minutes of playing, it should be easy to understand why.

The atmosphere is fascinating and reminiscent of games like Journey or Abzu, which combine perfectly with simple gameplay (based on tapping the screen to jump and rewind).

The sequel, Odyssey Alto, is definitely another great game. But it’s in the desert, and it’s not snowboarding anymore.

11. Children Snowboarding (1997)

With their cartoon-like graphics and strangely intriguing gameplay, the Snowboard Kids will be remembered by many who played it at the time.

In this game, players compete to cover the distance faster than others by making clever use of the bonuses earned during the race.

Especially Mario Kart in the snow… Only it doesn’t always snow.

In this game there is a wide range of slopes on the snowboard and a cast of cute, cute skiers to choose from.

It’s a fun game against friends and an absolute gem on N64 and the original PlayStation.

It was designed by Rakdym, who also made the Kids Snowboard Sequel 2 (1999) after the success of the first one.

The second game has more characters, a plot mode and updated images. And all this while keeping the core game safe and healthy.

Even if the sequel wasn’t as iconic as Snowboard Kids, it’s also a great game to try if you have a chance.

10. Tray: Large air conditioning system (2009)

If what you’re looking for is a little more realistic (and newer), you can try Stoked; ideally the improved Big Air edition.

It focuses on a slightly more intimate freestyle snowboard, as opposed to the big competitions that other popular snowboard games (such as the SSX series) experience.

It has different tracks from all over the world and with the possibility to choose your own drop point, which makes it possible to manage the tracks in different ways.

Originally developed by Bongfish GmbH for the Xbox 360, it was re-released for Windows in 2011, so there is no excuse not to try this great game.

9. SSX (2012)

Successful relaunch of the popular EA SSX franchise with both major additions and questionable changes.

SSX, formerly known as SSX : Deadly Descents, follows a group of snowboarders in their battle against nine deadly descents around the world, including places like the Himalayas and even Antarctica.

This aspect of globbetting has given the solo round-the-world mode an epic and fascinating character.

It also has the Explore mode, which allows you to glide along any path from different angles. Cool!

In that sense, it was also the first game in the franchise that did not support split-screen multiplayer, which was a great loss for many. And in the end, it doesn’t allow him to take a more important place on the list.

8. SSX 3 (2003)

After the absolute success of SSX, the expert consultant had to take on a major challenge: The complex expectations of the suite are incredibly high.

But somehow they broke through and released SSX 3, which was celebrated by critics.

Stunning visual effects have pushed the PS2 and Gamecube hardware to the limit, making the set vibrate and creating a feeling of unprecedented size and verticality.

The gameplay is similar to that of the original Tricky, but has been improved in several ways, for example by further expanding the stunt system. It includes both the racing and freestyle modes and various challenging courses that the player can try to pass.

But what really sets him apart from Tricky, and gives him his own personality, is the decision to let the whole game take place in one big mountain with multiple paths.

It remains one of the best SSX games so far.

7. Sean White Snowboarding: Road transport (2008)

Although Shaun White snowboards are on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, the place on that list is definitely for Road Trip, their equivalent on Wii.

Ubisoft has brilliantly used the Wii Balance Board to create one of the most entertaining and exciting snowboard games to date. It brings the control circuits that used to belong to the arcades to the middle of your living room.

Although the graphics are not as detailed as on the more powerful consoles, they remain colorful and clear.

It may not be the number one game on my list, but it deserves recognition for the intelligence with which the developers have used the Wii console’s unique features to create an incredibly memorable game.

It can even help you get in shape for the snowboard season.

6. An endless sky with Mark McMurris (2016)

The developer HB Studios released this game in strong competition with Steep, which offers a more traditional and atmospheric approach to the analogue game.

Even if it doesn’t have the character settings we’re used to in modern games, you won’t spend much time looking at your character as you descend through the majestic landscapes this game offers.

It offers a solid career mode that you will enjoy as you become more familiar with the mechanics of the game. But the real fun starts as soon as you start creating your own paths and, even better, following the paths created by other members of the community.

Every week there’s something new waiting for you.

5. Amp 2 (2003)

When I talk about huge landscapes and large areas to explore, I have to talk about Amped 2.

The developer of Indie Built used the original hardware of the Xbox to give gamers a huge amount of space for snowboarding and research, which was a great achievement at the time.

Not only that, but in this game , the online multiplayer race , which made the community angry.

In addition to technical progress, Amped 2 is a very exciting game with an adjustable soundtrack, the ability to play with real snowboard legends such as Travis Parker, and the ability to ride instead of snowboarding. This completely changed the game and gave it more value in terms of repeatability.

4. Cool (2016)

After the success of snowboarder Shaun White, Ubisoft’s next big jump in the snowboarding genre was a steep descent.

It came out in 2016 and competed with Infinite Air. And just like his analogue, he is characterized by his vast landscapes and his many different ways of fighting the same tracks.

However, this gives players the opportunity to explore them not only on a snowboard, but also on foot, in a jump suit and even with a parachute.

This game is ideal if you just want to relax and get lost in the snowy mountains while enjoying the clear and realistic graphics during an intimate snowboarding session. And all from the comfort of your pajamas.

3. SSX: Delicate (2001)

If you are a real fan of snowboard games, they should not be missing from this list.

SSX: Tricky is EA’s second release for the SSX franchise and perhaps the most cultivated and popular to date.

She took everything that made the original SSX a good game and made it better. He’s also shifted the emphasis a little bit to the hard hitting and integration into the races, so you’re faster every time you successfully master them.

She also had a lot of personality reflected in her characters and titles, and she named the game Run DMC after the song. And it’s pretty funny that this song came in as a repetitive title. It’s complicated!

The great soundtrack, combined with the star voice, takes audio and video (especially temporary) to a new level. And in general, the incredible gameplay of this game made it a real classic that is still talked about today.

It is available for PS2, Xbox and GameCube if you still want to try it. At the time of writing, however, it appears that the game is not available in the PS4 store, and the decision to lodge this appeal is entirely at the discretion of the advisor.

2. Snowboard game (2018)

If you’re not in the mood to rummage through your garage and find your old consoles, don’t worry.

The second place on my list has only recently appeared, and that’s on Steam, where he gives very positive reviews.

The snowboard game was developed by Let It Roll AB, a company with only one type of gamer. Which is strange considering the number of pieces that were used to create this masterpiece.

The game features five cunning mountains that you can conquer through multiple campaign missions and amazing multiplayer events.

Both the visual effects and the gameplay emphasize the realism, which is perfectly expressed in this title.

The controls are quite difficult to learn, because you are even warned on the steam page.

But once you’ve got it, you’ll have access to content that’s constantly being edited and updated.

There’s something to love about modern games, I’ll say it.

1. 1080° Snowboarding (1998)

I knew from the moment I decided to do it that he had to be at the top of the list.

No other snowboard game can do as much for the genre as the Nintendo 1080° snowboard game on the N64.

And it’s not just nostalgia for the ’90s.

This game really took the genre to the next level of in terms of quality and graphics, which really made the N64 shine.

The 1080 also has a wide variety of characters to choose from in some pretty crazy designs. Not to mention a complex system of trips and long distances where you can hunt for hours with friends. Don’t forget that the N64 was one of the first consoles to allow the use of 4 controllers (it could even be the very first console with such multi-user functionality!).

1080 Snowboarding has really surpassed everything that has been seen before and has endangered video games for snowboarders for many people. Remember, this was for the Internet, so word for word was really important.

As you’d expect from Nintendo, they created a true classic that turned out to be the best snowboard game so far.

And it’s no surprise that Nintendo is still strong. In the words of a famous Xbox artist: Never count Nintendo.

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