The 10 Best PC Mods For SWAT 4

Anybody remember SWAT 4? Don’t you?

If that’s true, I don’t blame you: At a time when every apparent main player was only playing military marksmen, he probably stood in the shadows.

He had neither the recognition of the name Rainbow Six, nor the smooth polish of contemporaries like Black (that’s why nobody talks about Black, by the way). That was a classy game, man ๐Ÿ™‚

Regardless of what the previous era of the game has taught us, it is that younger generations of players are able to elevate the name to cult status. Hell, look what happened to Tarkov’s escape, who would have thought a game like Fornit a year ago would be as relevant as Fornit?

The fact is that SWAT 4 is an old-fashioned game that has its own charm if you give it a chance. And since it’s 2020, it’s time to deal with nostalgia, don’t you think?

So, to get you back in the game quickly, here are the coolest mods we’ve tested for SWAT 4.


10. Sniper Wolf Radio


Highlight this mode.

Here’s a small caveat before we start listing things here: compared to other old games, the choice of mode for SWAT 4… well, modestly, to be taken lightly.

So if you’re wondering why things like the fashion mentioned above are on this list, it’s because almost everything is quite simple. Almost, thank goodness.

So yes, this mod only changes the radio teams that you as a player will publish in the game.

But believe us when we tell you that the fashion you will meet will be better from now on!


9. Sheriff’s Special Forces Realism


Highlight this mode.

It would be ridiculous to think the county sheriff would hand over a deadly weapon to the police.

What’s the worst that can happen in a town where the sheriff needs a small army to keep the peace?

But fifteen years later, and this fashion seems a little too adapted for today!

In any case, this fashion takes the concept of realism very seriously: The weapon shows accurate mortality rates, and even the physics engine takes advantage of some elegant improvements.

But we need to provide the means for accurate death animation; NPCs shot in a game of cramps and cramps get when their nerves go into hyperdrive when they feel the sweet embrace of death.

Mud, who made this film, clearly loved his gangster movies.

8. Farm


Highlight this mode.

Say something about SWAT 4, but it performs these classic missions very skillfully to penetrate the lair of the villains.

This card in particular remains one of the best options in the game.

On the other hand, it makes you think about how SWAT 4 would be perceived today if it attracted mud in the same way as other games.


Fortunately, there is a tool that makes these cards easier for beginners.

7. Job description

Highlight this mode.

The RPG manufacturer, that’s not true.

But this should at least give you an idea of what you need to create layers for SWAT 4!


The toolbox may be rudimentary for some, but I think all beginners will generally appreciate how easy it is to get there.

6. Police Station


Highlight this mode.

But of course there will be an extra police station for Special Forces 4!

Where else would you be if you didn’t get receipts from idiots?

I need more coffee and doughnuts.

5. Canadian Armed Forces: Direct action 4.1


Highlight this mode.

It’s probably the nicest surprise we’ve ever come across while investigating this list. Cause, come on, Canadian troops?

And all this time we thought our northern cousins should be peaceful!

As for the mode packs, they contain all the work: new missions, weapons, multiplayer modes and even a customized VoIP system make them a worthy addition.

Among other things, it was a training tool that was once used by actual federal law enforcement agencies.

Since then and so far, the Kanax have been really cool people, right?

4. SWAT 4 List of servers


Highlight this mode.

For a semi-discreet ’00 game, it’s really amazing to know that there are still servers to play!

The countries included in the servers are Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Canada and of course we are here in the beautiful USA A.


See the game that now has real fans?

3. 11-99 Revaluation


Highlight this mode.

One of the biggest advantages of cousin computer games is that players don’t have to wait for the development team to make corrections to the game; if they have sufficient technical knowledge and imagination, they can make changes themselves.

Especially the 11-99 Enhancement Modem is a good example of how this do-it-yourself mentality even improves the basic gaming experience in a game like SWAT 4!

Not only have fixes been added, such as a harder AI and more customizable weapons.

But the modding team behind all this even included several servers for a dedicated online game, which is simply unbelievable.

2. EDITION 4: Graphic Enhancement Module


Highlight this mode.

Anyone who’s ever told you that Gameplay > Graphics is lying.

As with all important things in life, presentation has the same meaning as content.


And fortunately, some modders have finally converted the obvious and improved graphics of SWAT 4 into more HD-friendly graphics!

Absolutely fashionable to believe in.

1. Elite SWAT Force Mod.

Highlight this mode.


The elite SWAT force mode is at the top of this list. If not for severity, then for ambition.

According to incomprehensible witchcraft, the team behind the fashion even included things that had been cut out of the original game.

This improves all aspects of Vanilla SWAT 4, from single-player modes to more customizable multi-player modes, and even some quality of life improvements such as filtered cards and easy status registration.

Forget the mode, there’s basically a SWAT 4 output here. You have to try it on.



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