The 10 Best Heroes to Carry With The Storm Heroes (HoTS)

How do you carry the Heroes of the Storm (HTS) inside you? Can I bring?

This is one of the first questions each player asks themselves at the beginning of the game, and one of the questions that always pops up.

Some people think that there is no such thing as clothing for HoTS and that nothing that matters to you individually matters. Indeed, unlike League of Legends or DoTA, there is no individual gold or individual EXP. All the experience gained will be taken into account and shared with your teammates.

Others also believe that all heroes have the ability to carry with them. It’s not the quality of the hero that counts, it’s the quality of the player.

What’s fair? The truth lies somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum.

Let’s talk about how you really carry the heroes inside you.

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How to dress for the heroes of the storm

It’s true that with LoL or DoTA you can’t wear as much HoTS as you can, but what you do as an individual certainly has a big influence on the outcome of the game.

Think about it: Of course, if you had played against your opponent’s tower ten times in a row at the beginning of the game, you would have increased the chances of your team losing (and the chances of being spotted).

And while it is true that the performance of a certain hero depends on his performance, some heroes are simply better equipped with skills and talents that allow them to have more influence.

The reason why we wear HoTS is so hard to see because it’s not so obvious. Most people have the idea that to lead your team to victory, you have to kill people as a lone fighter in all matches or set up a fight spot in team battles.

If you wear it in HoTS, it’s much thinner, so most new players won’t even notice it.

Here’s what you do:

Soaking EXP

Gaining experience is one of the most important but little studied factors in this game. Under ideal conditions, your team should strive not to miss a single lacon in the absorption. People spend too much time on pointless battles that lead nowhere, just to miss out on waves of absorption they might otherwise get. If they did, they’d increase their lead considerably.

The reason this happens is that weeks is boring. No mercy killing, no denial. You don’t even have to beat the followers, you just have to give them experience.

It’s not pretentious either. You don’t see a pop-up on the screen and you don’t hear the ringtone, and neither do your teammates. Of course it will appear when you press the Tab key and check the results, but most people still ignore the importance and focus too much on the damage to the race line.

And because the experience is shared between the teams, it is difficult to really judge how impressive someone has been on that front. In other games, when a person is at a low level, you can say that they have lost track, so people do their best to get a result. Not in HoTS.

Experience gives your team a level advantage that not only increases the basic attributes of your characters such as health, mana, damage and armour, but also brings you closer to discovering new talents at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16 and 20.

Do not underestimate the strength of the talent level advantage over your opponents. How many times have you been part of a team dealing with levels 9 to 10 when the opponent has all their ultimatums and you don’t have them? It’s a disgrace, isn’t it? And it’s not usually a victorious battle for your side.

In fact, it is the same as activating level 6 vs. 7 or level 15 vs. 16. Every time you fight the talent level, your team is at a disadvantage – it’s the 5 talents of the opponent that your team doesn’t have.

That’s why the soaking experience is so important. You want to bring as many EXPs as possible to your team so that they are a step ahead in terms of level and talent. All it takes is a team fight to win and from there, a snowball.

Some heroes are intrinsically better able to penetrate themselves than others. As you can see from the list below, the best carrier heroes are big in the gang and quickly get rid of followers.

Defensive homicide

Many people refer to injury statistics as proof that they played well or badly. Althoughcan be a good indicator, does not give a complete picture.

What you also want to look for is the number of murders someone commits.

Damage statistics can be inflated in different ways. Maybe that person just harassed somebody on the road or ended up in long fights in the middle lane that ended up leading nowhere.

This ultimately leads to victorious team battles and kills the opponents as a result of the game. If you can organize a kill or kill someone in a team fight to do it 5 to 4, you’ve done most of your team transport.

That’s why heroes like Garrosz and Maya are on the list. They are monsters that move the opponent and help your team to hit the ball easily.

Strips crutches

Pushing the spores does a lot in Heroes of the Storm: It gives you control over the map, allows your opponents to turn or skip experiments, and contributes to your team’s experience by destroying buildings.

You probably played the boring Murkis or Gazlovs or Azmodans, where they literally stood in the alley all the time pushing your tricks. It’s annoying because you have to rotate your players to manage them. If everything is done correctly, it means that you are too late, which will result in a slower rotation, missed experiences, delayed achievement of the objectives, etc.

The reason why none of the experts are included in this list of the best HoTS media is because they are usually absent in another area. These are usually team fights – either they’re too swampy, immobile, or they just don’t add enough to their value.

Specialists can be excellent at the beginning of the game, but their strength decreases in the middle and at the end of the game, especially if an early structure has fallen and it is too risky to penetrate deeper into enemy territory.


If you look at some of the older players at the top of the rankings, you will see that they are usually good arrows. In HoTS it’s not enough to be a qualified individual player if you want to lead your team to victory – you must also be able to lead your team.

Sometimes a phone call can make the difference between winning and losing a closed game. For example, if you’ve just won a late team fight, you’ll usually want to watch how you destroy or chase the opposing core.

All too often the camps are only guarded or nothing is done. They then lose the next game to the team and, in the end, the game. If someone had named the kernel, the result might have been different.

A good shooter also knows when to engage in team battles and when to withdraw. Try to bring these things to your team with lots of pings. Printing also works, but don’t start writing essays in the game. Only 16 people in a chat room can perform miracles. So your team knows they need this talent and will have to wait before they can start.

If you know you have to take the mercenary camp to the target, go ahead, start and ask for help. Sometimes it is useful to call someone directly and ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake if you shoot, it’s a normal part of the training process. Sometimes you make the right choice, but it will lead to a bad result, so don’t focus too much on the result in your thinking.


The composition of your team is an important aspect in winning or losing the game in Heroes of the Storm. Under the agreed conditions you can execute your team effectively by deceiving and outsmarting the enemy. There are so many strategies in the project that it justifies its own function.

But in most cases we can’t influence the outcome of our teammates’ choices. In the context of this article we therefore assume that you play individually in Sturmliga or Quick Match and that you have no say in the outcome of the selection.

Instead, you’ll need to focus on yourself and do the best possible individual work to lead your team to victory.

10 Best Heroes to wear in HoTS

Now that you know how to get around, let’s discuss which heroes are best suited to do this.

When you evaluate the heroes you have to wear, you want to find heroes with the following attributes:

  • A good wave
  • Strong presence in team battles
  • Perhaps urgent structures
  • Suitable for solo storage
  • The balance is good in the late game.

In view of these qualities, here you will find the top 10 carrier heroes in Storm Heroes from 2020.

10. Spindle

Result of the image for the Bold Patch notes

We start our list with the terrifying garroche.

You could call it a strange example, because he has a bad wake-up call, he can’t really run structures and he can’t effectively run camps on his own. Then why is he on the list?

The reason for this is that he compensates for all this with his insane power of movement. By throwing a wrecking ball at your teammates and then taunting them with Warlord’s Challenge, you can unleash incredible potential and immediately turn team battles to your advantage.

A good Garrosh player will make sure the other team plays well, keeps an eye on the bushes and always keeps an eye on his position. A step too close to garros can mean death, and in a late game, it can mean play.

Because Garrosh is the main character of the tank, you can also choose when you want to take part in the fighting, which is very important to wear.

Now that you’re playing Garrosh, you’ll have to rely a little more on your teammates. Only, he can’t kill anyone, but even the least coordinated teams come together to ridicule the enemy.

9. Dejaca

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If Absorption wins the game, then Dejaca is your man – uh, Zerg.

Thanks to Dark Swarm, Dehaka is able to clean the waves very quickly and can even double your throughput. The large HP basin and the collection of self-healing essences also give it a lot of resistance.

Just like with Dehaka, you can clear an extra wave or two just before the targets come back, because you can always bury yourself when the fight starts so you don’t have to return too soon. Again, it stimulates the development of more experience within your team and enables you to develop all the important leadership skills you need.

There is nothing to report about the damage to his structure, but the combat presence of his team is strong enough. Insulation can help you eliminate tricky mobile enemies, and a well-placed path is a great trigger for team battles.

8. Fire

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Blaze offers the same advantages as Dehaka. He knows how to swing in clear waves and has excellent stability in the tire.

Although he doesn’t have the same mobility as Dehaka, his fighting spirit in the team is a little stronger. The bunker gives the team strong defensive skills and the stunts are more reliable than Dehaqi’s language.

If you miss the rut or insulation like a dehaka, you’re largely useless, but Blaze can always slow down with his oil, and his Jet Propulsion has a short 8-second subcooling time.

If you have a quarrel between Blaze or Dehaka about which card to take, think about which card to play. Dejaca will prefer big cards with lots of bushes, like the cursed canyon, because he will be able to spend more time on the strip in front of his targets.

7. Sonia

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Sonya is another weather presenter who can certainly keep her hands on the band and has a lot to offer when it comes to seat damage and the ability to fight as a team.

Like Thrall, Blaze and Dehaka, Sonya also has wormhole capabilities. He has an advantage over most track games. Even long distance heroes are mocked as long as you can hit your old spear and follow it with a seismic + vortex helmet.

The damage it caused to structures during the siege cannot be ignored either, especially if it increases Berserker’s wrath to level 10 and its damage increases by 40%. Left alone, Sonya can do without towers and forts in an instant.

In team battles Sonya excels when the team has a main tank that can initiate and disengage with its helmets and whirlwinds. If you manage to make the most of it, you can put everyone out of action, except them.

6. Grayman

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Graiman’s potential as a carrier is due to his ability to do everything right. It has a good clean wave, can perform solo, causes a lot of damage to structures and is a powerful addition to team fighting.

One of Grayman’s greatest advantages is that it can be played as Assassin Rank for safety, and can only become Assassin Melee if it is appropriate to ensure the safety of the killer.

Go for the Throat is a great opportunity to quickly get rid of fragile heroes, especially those with low horsepower pools who may never see it coming. Take people out of your attack zone until they’re almost healthy, then jump on them with Darkflight, Razor Swipe and immediately GFTT to kill them.

Cursed Bullet is a great way to counter a line of high-profile pool heroes like Warriors, as long as you hit it accurately.

But Grayman has the disadvantage of being easily resisted. Melee heroes like Maltael or Artas can make his life a living hell, because it will be difficult for him to shoot at car attacks and move around in Vorgen’s uniform. Other heroes, such as Brightwing or Varian, who can knock him out or knock him out, also make things difficult for him.

5. Nazibo

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Next on the list is Nazibo.

Nazeebo offers a really safe style of play and can contribute on all fronts at the same time. He can stand in the distance and throw spiders and toads to push paths and cause tons of damage in team battles.

He can also easily push buildings and isolated camps by launching his zombie jet to get followers and buildings out of the attack.

Its two ultimatums are feasible and very effective. Follow the raven spirits if you think you can walk when you are standing still and have a lot of skin on your stomach. Otherwise, the gargantua is a safer choice.

Nazeebo is always very scalable in late games, so you won’t mind if the game is long, which is often the case in uncoordinated games.

4. Jane

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Jana is a great asset to any team. It creates a clear solid wave, can be cleaned, has considerable thrust and has an excellent fighting team.

Jana also works very well with the small cards in the rotary gearbox. At the Spider Queen’s tomb or in Dragonland she can move between two paths to free the accomplices and look for quick killers.

Don’t underestimate the effect of this quick awakening as it allows your opponents to overtake you and allows you to do things like take over mercenary camps or crush other tracks while they’re still wet.

The rapid combination of Q+W+E can either cause significant damage to an opponent’s health or lead to murder.

The gel ring and the water element are both very good knots. Choose the RoF if you are sure you can receive multiple people and if your team has a good stunlock or later combinations. Water Elemental is a more conservative but solid choice, especially if you have to slow down an annoying mobile hero like Genji or Tracer in another team.

3. Surplus

Image results for spectacular patches

Thrall, the next Bryuser to be added to our list of Storm Heroes – do you see the model yet?

Wearing a noise-maker who is able to act solo on the Strip is usually a wise choice, as it triggers a powerful wake-up call throughout the game and can taunt opponents at the beginning of the game.

A well thought-out combination of Feral Spirit + Windfury can usually lead to a murder in an alley or in team fights. The self-healing effect also provides greater stability, so there is no need to put the stone back into the stove or dig a well. Moreover, it can easily save mercenaries only during the game.

His two ultimatums are extremely strong. Sucking is an excellent tool for interrupting, setting up great combo blocks and for forcing opponents into a bad position. An earthquake is best used when another team has a lot of melee characters and when you expect a long fight.

Thrall also swings very well at the end of the game, which is another common theme among the top 10 carriers.

2. May

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There is a reason why Mayev was and remains the first to be banned or selected in high-level competitive games: She’s very, very good.

Mayev delivers one of the fastest waves in the game with a spirit of revenge and a love of the knife, allowing him and the team to quickly pick up the pieces and go from one to the other. In fact, the devils have been seeing each other since the 22nd century. May 2019 forced him to become restless, so the damage caused by the vengeful spirit was reduced from 180 to 150, but Mayev is still a bearer of the higher ranks.

Mayev’s combative presence may be one of the strongest in the game. She can start fighting and pick up the ball quickly by launching the spirit of revenge and shooting someone with a connection to Umbria.

Most of its power comes from its potentially unlimited knife fan drops when you hit 2 or more enemy heroes. It really goes beyond the cards on which people are collected for purposes such as the Temple of Hell and the Volga foundry.

You two ultimatums can change the course of the battle. If you can catch two or more heroes in the Cage of Guards, Fan of Knives lets you reset at any time and let your teammates take care of it. The content disc is a mini prison with a mini display and puts the hero completely out of action for 4 seconds.

1. Zeratul

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Zeratul is the best hero to take among the Storm heroes. I may be a little prejudiced because he’s my most played hero so far, but it’s mainly because he’s impressed. His way of playing is also very nice and allows him to do such things.

It has excellent waking characteristics throughout the game, one of the strongest exits in the whole game, deals with downhill structures with dignity and can easily relieve the camps on its own thanks to the talent of level 13 Mending Strike.

As you can see in the video of Rich playing against Zeratul, he kills Valla alone, avoids a deluge of attacks and gives his team an objective phase advantage on his own.

When you play as Zeratul, your goal is to play a safe game at the beginning of the game and focus on reaching the game at the end. Waveclair and wet tyres at level seven. You can then learn about Wormhole’s talent, allowing you to jump safely into team battles and also detect enemies.

Then at level 16 Zeratul builds massively with Slash Void and again at level 20 with Slash Shadows. At this point Zeratul has the potential to unite only enemy groups, unless he gets a chain cube.

In the game with Zeratul the knowledge about the use of Void Prison plays an important role. You can undo the group of prisoners collected for Wombo combinations, you can make one or two enemies a VP to make them useless in a team fight, you can undo the enemies in prison to escape with your life… all the features that can massively influence the direction of the game.

Zeratulas are difficult to learn and even harder to control. In fact, a bad zeratul can be a hindrance to the team, so don’t expect to win games with him right away. But because the upper limit of Zeratula’s capabilities is so high, your transfer potential is almost unlimited.


He finishes our top 10 in Storm Heroes.

You will notice that there are no followers or healers on this list. Indeed, you usually have to rely too much on your team to take on these roles.

Can you, as a healer or supporter, exert great influence? Of course you did. The timely healing of ancestors like Rekhgar or the hidden hand like Stukow can turn the tide of battle and have a powerful effect.

In general, however, you will always be too dependent on your teammates to make the right decision to go with you as a supporter or healer. No matter what your position and knowledge of macrogaming is, if your hero doesn’t have the right skills, you can only do what you need to do. You simply can’t handle or secure mercenary camps on your own, like most partisans/traders.

In fact, you can tell the Stormtroopers to reduce your dependency on your team as much as possible. They want to find heroes who can salute neatly, kill safely, push towers, climb in late matches and have a strong presence in battle.

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