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The TFT sheet contains all possible combinations of elements that can be created in an easy-to-read image. Objects are crucial in team fighting tactics, and it can be difficult to remember them all. This list will help you on your trip to the TFT.

How to get elements into the TFT

Items can be purchased in different ways. In the Crawling Rounds you will find most articles. The carousels where you choose a hero are different, because each hero on the carousel has an item in his inventory.

It is important to note that once the object is placed on the hero, it cannot be moved. You can sell the hero and the thing is given up, but that’s the only way to get the hero’s thing. One strategy could be to give the heroes items you can get rid of later.

Don’t forget to take a look at our TFT element designer, where you can select an element and see the possible combinations.

TFT Cheater

The TFT sheet above shows all possible combinations of elements. Click on the option in the left column and search for recipes for that option in the row. Look in the top line to see which item matches yours to create a new one.

Below you will find a more complete cheat sheet that contains all the heroes and a description of their synergy.

BF-gravity combinations

  • BF sword + BF sword = Infinite edge: Critical strikes cause +150% damage.
  • Sword BF + more than large pole: The Hextek cannon blade heals 33% of all damage.
  • BF sword + chain jacket = Guardian angel: Carrier restores the health of 800 people after a delay of 2 seconds.
  • BF sword + goddess’s tear = Shojin’s spear: After the draw you will receive 15% of the maximum number of mana for an attack.
  • BF Sword + Recurve Bow = Divine Sword: Every second you have a 7% chance of a 100% critical strike.
  • BF Sword + spatula = Yumuu phantom blade: Wearing it is also a killer.
  • BF sword + negatron mantle = bloody: Attacks heal with 50% damage.
  • BF sword + giant belt = Zeke Herald: At the beginning of the battle, the Allies took second place left and right. Place to get +15% attack speed.

Chain jacket combinations

  • Chain vest + large unwanted rod = Iron solarium bottom: At the beginning of the battle, the Allies receive a shield of 250 by 4 seconds in two places, left and right.
  • Chain vest + sword BF = Guardian angel: The carrier comes to life with 800 healthy people.
  • Chain jacket + chain jacket = Pendant: Consider the damage reduced by the attacks to 100% as magical damage.
  • Chain coat + bow = Ghost dancer: The forwarder avoids critical influence.
  • Chain vest + Godin’s tear = Frozen heart: Neighboring enemies lose 25% of their attack speed.
  • Chain vest + Negatron coat = Swordsman: Attacks have a 25% chance of being defused.
  • Chain vest + giant belt = Red buffer: The attacks burn for 13% of the maximum HP above 5s and impede healing.
  • Chain vest + spatula = Oath: The bearer is also a knight.

Giant belt combinations

  • Giant Belt + Sword B.F. = ZiksMessenger : At the beginning of the battle, the Allies receive 2. Place left and right +15% attack speed.
  • Giant belt + rotating bow = Titanic Hydra: Â The attack exchanges 10% of the maximum HP owner for a peak.
  • Giant belt + unnecessarily large handle = Morellonomicon: Spells add 20% of the maximum power to your opponent in 5 seconds and prevent healing.
  • Giant Belt + Goddess Tear = Penance: Â With 25% health to take care of allies in the neighborhood for 1000 HP
  • Giant Belt + chain vest = Red Buff:Â Attack Light for up to 13% HP over 5s and turns off healing.
  • Giant belt + negatron coat = Zephyr: Â At the beginning of the battle to repel the enemy for 5 seconds.
  • Giant belt + Giant belt = Warmoga Armor: The owner recovers 6% of his missing health per second.
  • Giant belt + chip = Frozen hammer:- Also carries ice.

Large insignificant rod combinations

  • Large optional rod + rebow = Guinsoo Rageblade:Â Attacks result in an attack rate of 5%. It’s worth infinitely more.
  • Large Insignificant Wand + Large Insignificant Wand = Rabadon’s Death Cap:Â The damage to the wearer’s ability has increased by 50%.
  • Large Meaningless Stick + Sword B.F = Weapon at hex:Â Healing for 33% of total damage.
  • Large bar + insignificant spatula = Yuumi: The doorman is also a wizard.
  • Reed of insignificant size + giant belt = Morellonomicon: Spells share your opponent 20% of their maximum power damage for 5 seconds and prevent them from healing.
  • Large insignificant rod + Negatron sheath = Ion spark: Every time an enemy casts a spell, he causes 150 real damage.
  • Chain vest + big stick without meaning = Iron SolariumBasic : At the beginning of the battle the Allies are given a shield of 250 pieces with two spaces left and right in 4 seconds.
  • Big insignificant stick + goddess of tears = Echo Luden: Distribute 200 splash damage.

Negatron layer combinations

  • Negatron with Sword + B.F. with Sword = Bloodthirsty:Â Attacks healed with 50% damage
  • Negatron Coat + Large Unwanted Coat = Ion Sparks:Each time an enemy casts a spell, he takes 200 real damage.
  • Coat of the Negatron + Tear of the Goddess = Psst: Attacks have a 50% chance of being silent for 3 seconds.
  • Negatron Camouflage + Recurve Bow = Cursed Blade: Attacks have a 20% chance of being reduced (by reducing the enemy star level by 1)
  • Negatron coating + Spatula = Runane Hurricane: The attacks have hit another enemy. This extra move causes 75% damage and is used in case of defeat.
  • Negatron Coat + Giant Belt = Zephyr:Â Starts the battle to repel the enemy for 5 seconds.
  • Negatron Coat + Negatron Coat = Dragon Claws: 83% resistance to magical damage.
  • Negatron coat + Chain jacket = Swordsman : Attacks have a 25% chance of being disarmed.

Recursive lamp combinations

  • Return Arch + Goddess Crack = Static Shiv:Â Every 3 years the attack makes 90 magical splashes on 3 additional targets.
  • Recurve Bow + unnecessarily wide pole = Guinsoo Rageblade:Â Attacks provide an attack speed of 5%. It’s worth infinitely more.
  • Recurve Bow + Sword B.F. = Divine Sword: Every 1s has a 7% chance of getting a 100% critical strike.
  • Curved arc + Negatron camouflage = Cursed blade: Attacks have a 20% chance to reduce (by lowering the level of the enemy star by 1).
  • Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow = Fast Firearm: Attacks cannot be avoided. The number of attacks has doubled.
  • Recurve bow + chain jacket = Ghost Dance: The wearer avoids all critical shots.
  • Get the bow + giant belt = Titanic Hydra:Â The attack exchanges 10% of the maximum HP owner for a point.
  • Onion + spatula = Kingsheet destroyed: The newcomer is also a master of blood.

Trowel combinations

  • Putty + spatula = Power of Nature:Â Get + team size.
  • Spatula + rotating arc = Kingsblade destroyed: The carrier is also a Blademaster.
  • spatula + sword B.F. = Ghost Blade Yumuu:Â The bearer is also the killer.
  • spatula + large insignificant trunk = Nyammi:- The carrier is also a wizard.
  • spatula + tear of the goddess = Dark: carrier also demon.
  • Trowel + chain jacket = Knight vow: The beginner is also a knight.
  • Spatula + negatron mantle = Runane Hurricane: The attacks have hit another enemy. This extra move causes 75% damage and is used in case of defeat.
  • Spatula + giant belt = Freezer:- Also carries ice.

Goddess combination tears

  • Goddess Tear + Get Onion = Stattische Shiv: Â All three of them. The attack does 90 magical spatter damage to 3 additional targets.
  • Tear of the Goddess + foolish stick = Echo Luden: Distribute 200 splash damage.
  • Tears of the Goddess + Tears of the Goddess = Seraphim’s Embrace: Every time you cast a spell, you get 20 mana in return.
  • Goddess of Tears + Sword B.F = Shojin Spear: After the throw you get 15% of the maximum mana for the attack.
  • Goddess of tears + coat chain = Frozen heart: Â Neighboring enemies lose 25% of their attack speed.
  • Tear of the Goddess + Negatron Mask = Hush:Â Attacks have a 50% chance of being silent for 3 seconds.
  • Tear of the Goddess + Giant Belt = Redemption : When you reach 25% health, treat all your closest allies per 1000 health.
  • Tear of the goddess + spatula = Dark: the bearer is also a demon.

| Published on the 6th. February 2020 at 8:42 p.m.

Today, Riot Games announced that the popular game Autobautter will be released on mobile devices in March this year. They also have a beta phase, which a few lucky ones can enter.

Teamfights mobile tacticsarrives in March

The mobile version of Teamfight Tactics will be slightly different from the desktop version. The changes in the menu are obvious, because the League of Legends is not designed for mobile devices. Riot has adapted the whole layout to be much more mobile in the new version.

You will see a new space for storage and merchandise management, and the warehouse will appear elsewhere. In addition to the changes in the user interface, the game will be similar to the usual Teamfight tactics.

The beta version for TFT mobile phones will be distributed in several selected countries and expanded from there. In March, the uprising opens its doors to the first wave of people and they will announce the date of its release. Players who want to participate in the beta can register in the Google Play Shop and on the iOS registration page.



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