Testing to avoid window iframes



Since I didn’t see anyone test the ifram on the second window, I decided to test myself a bit.

Iframas about apologies in previous Monster Hunter games was:

Evasive -1: .1 second

Deviation +0: .2 seconds

Excuse +1: .33 seconds

Deviation +2: .4 seconds

Escape +3: .6 seconds

My detailed preliminary findings:

Record with the Elgato HD60S and Geforce GTX1080 at 60 frames per second from the PS4 (non-professional). I play the video with VLC Media Player 3.03 with the Time v3.0 extension. I tested the practice area with sword and screen rollers against the pressure wave of the cannon. The +4 escape window was sufficient to slip into the explosion (i.e. through, not along the edge). Looks like he’s playing at 36 frames per second. Here are my results with the images:

Alternative window +0: 9 frames (.25 seconds)

Alternative window +1: 10 frames (.278 seconds)

Alternative window +2: 12 frames (.33 seconds)

Alternative window +3: 13 frames (.361 seconds)

Alternative window +4: 15 frames (.4167 seconds)

Alternative window +5: 16 frames (.44 seconds)

Escape Coat: 20 frames (.55 seconds)

Since I was using the PS4 and it obviously didn’t work at 60 frames per second, and I was using a media player that wasn’t very suitable for accurate frame synchronization, my results may not be accurate. However, the number of images was very constant during several tests of my installation. I would really appreciate it if someone else would test this with the PS4 Pro, Xbone X or a PC that can run the game (if it comes out) at a constant speed of 60 frames per second. My projections are 60 frames per second:

Alternative window +0: 15 frames (.25 seconds)

Alternative window +1: 17 frames (.283 seconds)

Alternative window +2: 20 frames (.33 seconds)

Alternative window +3: 22 images (.366 seconds)

Alternative window +4: 25 images (.4167 seconds)

Alternative window +5: 27 frames (.45 seconds)

The escape cloak: 33 images (.55 seconds)

Initial reference

Ifram window avoidance test message for Monster Hunter World.

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