Taris: Taris

Pass of the Supreme Knight of the Old Republic

Taris is the first real place in Knights of the Old Republic you can explore. It is a large metropolis with an upper city for the rich and a lower city for the poor and the young. The Sith and the Vulcans have bases on this planet.

Upper city

You start with an apartment at Oberstadt. Chat with cards or and learn more about what’s going on. By asking him questions about himself, the way is cleared for him to come back later and talk to him.

Approach the pedestrian castle and take some objects from the castle, then go to the upper town. The Sith defeated the poor people in this compound. Remove the two droids and the Sith. What you need now is an ion blaster that works well against droids. You can switch weapons during a fight by going to the inventory screen.

Nearby is a Twilec, which has opened a small shop in this residential complex. You can buy and sell him raw materials.

Most of the doors here aren’t very safe. They can break in and talk to tenants inside or steal things from empty apartments. There are only two residents who have anything to say.

Premium slide

Talk to Dia in one of the apartments. She refused to court Holden and cut him off with a vibrator. She now has a reward for her head. If you tell him you’ll take care of it, you’ll get little bye-bye. Holden in the Haute-Cantina. Talk to him and pay him 200 credits so we can take away his reward. If you decide to kill her, you can go to Zax in the lower town and claim a reward of 300 credits.

Premiums for seniors men

When you leave the apartment building on the corner of town, you see two bounty hunters talking to an old man. If you’re interested in a meeting, they’ll tell you to go. Stay and fight with them. Bounty hunters get 50 credits for what they stole from the old man. If you want to get secondary points easily, tell him you will help him and give him 100 credits to return the Davik.

Rapid transit system

The Quick Transit system is a parallel search where you can teleport directly to your hideout. To complete your search, go to the map and click Back to start.

Pacific Rules

Visit the canteen of the upper town and talk to the boys at the patrol table. Garuk will sell you his cards and also teach you how to play the game. If you follow a short course, you will complete this research.

Officer seated

On your right as you enter, there’s a Sith agent out of service. He’s hard to talk to, but if you play your cards right, you might be invited to a Sith party. She’s even gonna put it on the map. Maybe you’d like to attend this party later, because it’s one of the ways he gets a Sith uniform.

Dueling ring

The Duel’s Ring is a place where members fight for money. If you take part in the battles, you will encounter tougher and tougher opponents. After each successful fight you will receive a share of the winnings. Talk to Ajur at the Duel Ring to start your first fight. If you continue your fighting career, you will have to fight Dead-Eyed Duncan, Gerlon Double, Ice, Marl and Twitch.

The first two battles against Duncan and Gerlon are easy enough. Use the style that suits you and blow it up or cut it into pieces. Nobody really dies in the duel ring because there are safety measures in place to make sure you don’t get seriously injured.

Ice is a tougher fight. She’s got about 50 life points and she’ll shoot you with her phasers. Use a grenade if you want to take them down.

Marl is an experienced fighter. It will attack you from the start and do a lot of damage in close combat. Trying to fight with melee weapons is probably not the smartest option, so keep your phasers at bay and start firing.

Twitch is the local champion, he gets about 100 damage points before he falls. Combine different attacks or use grenades to damage his health. Ajurr The Hut will reward you with 500 credits as soon as you beat him. Make sure you bring medicine before you get into a fierce fight.


As soon as you defeat Twitch in battle, Bendak Starkiller will appear in the Pazzak Room of the Cantina. Talk to him and agree to fight for a real death. You can’t fight him now, because the place has to be ready for a duel. Go away for a while, and when you get back, tell Ajurr about the start of a murderous duel.

Bendak uses a blaster gun, but he accumulates it in a pile and he aims very well. Cover yourself with medication and throw grenades to undermine his health. Once he is defeated, speak to Ajurr again to receive his reward. You can also visit the Zax hut in the lower town to get rewards for extra credits. They get black points for claiming his reward.

Medical Secrets

The medical facility is across the street where you saved the old man from the bounty hunters. Come in and talk to Zelka. Here you can not only buy medicines and other products, but also get a lot of information. If you’re nice to Zelka and he trusts you, he’ll show you the back room where he’s trying to heal several wounded Republican soldiers.

The Knights of the ancient Republic of Taris - Axis also tells you about Rakhula’s disease in the suburbs. He tells us the Sith have Rakhul’s serum and want it as a cure. You can’t get it till you’ve been to Under City.

On his way out, Gurney will offer to bring Rakgul’s serum to Zax, because he can offer a much greater reward.

Droid Panic

You’ll come back here later to buy a real Droid, but if you buy the only Droid currently on sale, the T3-H8, it will collapse when you leave the store. You can go back to Twi’lek and get your money back or convince them to get 25 extra credits and points from the dark side.

Knights of the ancient Taris Republic – Sith Armor Droid Shop

You have to wear a Sith uniform to get into Lower Town, and there are two ways to get one. If you could befriend a Sith officer in the Cantina, you’d be invited to a party. Go to the North Apartments and find the right space for a lively party. When everyone has left the Taris Ale, look for the Sith armor in one of the backpacks.

If you’re not invited to the party, don’t worry, you can always find Sith armor in another apartment where a man is being interrogated by Sith soldiers. Intervene and destroy the three Sith. One of them will have a Sith armor that will rob you. The man you saved will tell you he stole the uniform to give to Gadon in downtown. Gadon is the leader of the Hidden Becks.

Premium freight

Largo is also in the northern apartments, although I think it’s on the north side. He got a price for his head, and he’ll ask 200 credits to pay Davic back. In exchange, you get more light-sided points.

Lower city

Put on your Sith armor and head to the north side of town. To the northwest is the entrance to the Sikh base, and in front of it is an elevator that descends to the lower town. If you’re wearing your Sith armor, the Sith guarding the elevator will let you through.

Knight of the Ancient Republic of Taris - Lower Town Elevator As soon as you enter the Lower Town, you are immediately confronted with a battle between the Vulcans and the Hidden Becks. Volcanoes are easy to win, and you have to take them out yourself.

There are three groups you need to know: The Hidden Becks, who are kind enough, the Vulcans trying to seize power, and the Davik crime syndicate. Becks and Vulcans are gangs.

Bottom canteen

Go west and visit the lower town of Cantina. On the way you’ll pass a few other apartments. Come in quietly and study all the rooms. They still have a few fights ahead of them, as well as some good flights.

When you enter the Cantina, you will see the Pazac table as in the upper town. If you want to play Pazaac, talk to Uriya and buy some of her rare cards.

As soon as you enter, you will see a shortcut to the infamous Kalo Nord. Talk to him, but make sure you end the conversation with him before he counts to three, or he will kill you.

In the canteen a couple of Rodians talk to a dancer named Twi’leka Missionary. Luckily, she has a great Wookie friend, Zaalbar, to help her with this task. She seems friendly and will join your party later.

Zax the Hutty’s premium office is located in one of the rooms in the Cantina. You can learn all about generosity and be rewarded by Zax. If you’ve already killed Bendak in a duel, you can get your 300 credits reward here. Sachs will also tell you that the Rakgul serum for Dawik costs 1000 credits.

In the corner, a dancer named Twi’lek is auditioning. She can’t do it herself, and she needs your help. If you help him, you get a few experience points.

Hidden Beck Base

Further down the hall you will find the entrance to the Becks base. Talk to the guard and convince him that you’re friendly and that he should let you in. Talk to Gadon at the table and he’ll tell you about the Bastille and how it was taken by the volcanoes. The Bastille will be offered as a prize to the winner of the next race on the Mastaba.

Knights of the ancient Republic of Taris - Gadon Tech You can take part in a flyover race, but before you can do that, you must restore the throttle that the Vulcans stole from the Becks. To get to Vulcan base, we need to find an entrance hidden in the Podgorod sewers. Gadon will give you security papers so you can get there in exchange for your Sith armor.

Premiums sold

Selven is located in one of the apartments. She’s wanted for the murder of many people. Grab a lock and refuse if she tells you to leave. It doesn’t have to be too big to handle it alone. Go back to Zacs for 300 credits.

Gratitude Matrix

The matrix is also located in a residential complex. Clearly Matrik doesn’t deserve a head bonus. You can agree to fake his death by going to the hardware store in the upper town and buy a permaculate detonator for 50 credits. Put this back in the matrix to simulate his death. Then you can go back to Zax to get a reward of 300 credits.

Leave the apartment and go down the hall to the elevator that keeps you with Sith. On the way, you’ll meet Kanderos talking to Vulcans. He’ll be your ally later in the game.

under the city

Small village

To get to Under City, talk to The Guardian and show him the papers Gadon gave you. Take the elevator to Pod City. Some small children need 5 credits to use the elevator. If you give them 20 credits, you get a small extra point.

A woman named Shalina is going to get in. You can ask them questions about different people and places in Under City.

Come to the small village and talk to the gendarme and Rouquille. The gendarme is the head of this small tribe and tells that the mission and his friend often walk on the sewers. The arm lost in the sewers of a student trying to gather information about the Promised Land.

In the middle of the area is a man called Igear who has a small shop in case you need extra supplies.

Go to the door and see Rakhul’s boy run away. Convince the man to open the door and tell him you’re going to fight them. Kill Rakhul, then come back and talk to the gendarme.

Get out the door, and you’re on the mission. Your friend Wooki, Hall Bar, has been captured. She’s willing to accompany you to Vulcan base if you help her find her friend.

Here’s Kanderos and his men. Help them find the Rakul and they’ll leave. Here in the northwest is a corpse with a diary in the Promised Land. Take this to Rukiel, who’ll tell you to keep looking.

Infected parttizans and serum of Rakhula

In the southeast corner, next to the entrance of the closed sewer, is a body with Rakhula serum. You have to take this to Zelka to make more serum, but we’ll go back to the upper city later. In the meantime, take the serum to the village and use it on the infected outcasts. You can save some of them, and others will turn into Rakgul.


In the northwest you’ll find a sewer entrance. Come down and look around. This is where you meet the Gomorrer and the Rakhulas. Use the mission to defuse the mines you encounter. She’s not qualified to win them back yet.

Explore each path until you find a closed door with Zaalbar in it. Zaalbar will impose a lifelong duty on you and an oath to follow you at every turn. Talk to him in a friendly way, because there’s no way to change his mind.

Somewhere on the east side of the sewer is a force field. The mission will say she knows how to open it. Go through the door leading to the top of the sewer.

Here is the round room where Rakgul attacks a Gamorrer. Wait and see who wins, or just join the fight and kill them all.

Follow the paths that go down into the other round room, then the southeast path to the severed arm. Look at him and get the synthesized scent. Open the door to the room with Rankor.

Victory at Grade

There are many ways to defeat Rancor, although he will kill each of your characters in one fell swoop. The easiest way is to look at a pile of bones. Click on the Go to Gift Item button and place a pomegranate with a synthesized scent.

Knight of the ancient Republic of Taris – RangRang will eat it up and explode. You can also try to fight Rancor with grenades, but it’s pretty risky. Use the elevator behind Rankor to find the hidden entrance to Black Wolkar’s base.

Volcano base black

There will be fierce fighting on this base, so I think it’s best for Zaalbar to take the initiative so he can take most of the fire. Have Zaalbar use one of the tuning forks. He’s so strong he can easily cut through most of his enemies.

South of the entrance is a recreation room. Most enemies are pretty easy to deal with here. Talk to the waitress, and she’ll be you so you don’t hurt her.

Knight of the former Republic of Taris - Waitress On the corner of the holiday centre there are several Vulkar guards guarding the door. Use the mission to open the door and find grenades, armor, upgrades and other items.

Look at the computer nearby and press the computer. You can look at all the security cameras to get an idea where the Vulcara base is. If you look into the camera, the room is added to the map.

There are 8 enemies in the barracks. You might want to overload it with a necklace that kills seven. The mission can do it in four phases.

Now go to the system control and open all safety doors for two more peaks. You need to get some extra xp for this and have a good idea of the basic layout.

Now that all the doors are open, you go to the control room. This guy gives up without a fight. Ask him about the accelerator and he will tell you that it is stored in the underground garage accessible from the safety lift. To get past the security lasers, you need an ID card.

Knights of the Ancient Taris Republic - Send Vulcara We’re headed further west to the barracks. If you use the overload command, most Vulcans should be dead, except one. Kill him and search the bodies for the map and some high-tech drugs.

Head north towards the pool. There’s a droid that needs to be reactivated. If you go into the pool yourself, you will be damaged by the gas and you will be poisoned. Program the droid to slip into the pool and destroy itself. The gas is then switched off, so that you can enter the footwell at the rear.

Knight of the Ancient Republic of Taris – Volcanic Basin Within the Nagel Cabinet are a few weapon upgrades, including a hair trigger and three plasma shells.

With the western part with its head full to the east and then to the north. This will take you to the elevator that will take you to the basement. Use the safety field and insert the card to turn off the safety lasers. Take the elevator down to the basement.

Vulcara cellar

There are some junkie droids you can reactivate, and I think they should patrol the area for you. Follow the corridor to the right, which leads to the west, and eliminate the Vulcara guards. In one of the rooms there will be a Garage Head table with daddy store cards, upgrades and the Garage Headkey card. Grab all your stuff. There is also a security panel where all cameras can be viewed.

You’ll find the lowering gas in the engine lab. Before you go, head east to Landsing Bay. Kill the Droid there and unlock the case for a reward of 2000 credits!

Head south and east to fight Vulcar’s final battle with Kandon and his guards. He’s giving you the choice to go with him and the Vulcans. If you refuse, you will be sent into battle.

Knight of the Former Republic of Taris - Candon This will be a tough fight, because Candon is more than equal to Saalbar in close combat. The way I beat him was to focus all my firepower on Kandon by throwing grenades at the other guards. Candon has a lot of prey, including a further improvement of the hair trigger.

Go around the corner, cut the tree and find the gas engine for the descent. Fireuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Leave the base in the lower town. Go back to Gadon and let him know you’ve got an accelerant.

Reverse flights

You’ll spend the night at the Hidden Becks base and start the raid race in the morning. They still have four or five races to go to win the race. Don’t go too fast in the first race, because it doesn’t matter when you get someone’s victory. Drive fast enough to make the best time. Use the accelerator pedal on the ground to accelerate your engine. Talk to the race commentator to start your first race.

Knights of the ancient Republic of Taris - Race on the Mastaba Whatever time you have, Redros will beat it. You have to go to another race and try to win your time. If you win this time, you get the first prize!

Bastille Rescue

Brezhik, the leader of the Black Vulcans, will perform for the prize. He’ll claim you cheated with an accelerant. The Bastille will come out of his cage and a fight will break out.

Concentrate on keeping Brejik busy. The Bastille will only take care of all the other guards. Then you can meet at Bradjik. Bradjik has equipment that can withstand the damage caused by melee battles. It’s best to use phasers against him. If you kill him, you’ll automatically loot his body and take his equipment for yourself.

After you are rescued by the Bastille, you will be taken back to your hiding place.


It’s time to finish the remaining quests you want to get rid of. When you leave the hideout, Rodian comes to you with the message that Kanderus Ordos wants to meet you in the canteen in the upper city.

Medical Secrets

There’s no hurry. Take care of everything you want to handle, for example, take Rakghoul Serum to Zelka to complete the Medical Secrets Quest. You’ll get two medications and a few extra points. They’ll have positive points, too.


As soon as you’re ready to go to the cafeteria and talk to Kanderos. He will tell you that he has a plan to get off the planet, but he needs the Sith launch codes to get off the planet without being blown up by the Sith. You need to break into a Sith military base and find the codes. The only way to access the base is by using Astromech Droids, which can penetrate the security systems.

Buy a Droid

Luckily, Davik Janice Noll had a droid built. You have to go to a Droid store and buy a Droid for 2000 credits. Tell him it’s a deal.

Go to the droid store and talk to Janice. Tell him you want to buy a T3-M4 droid. You can buy it for 2000 credits or convince him to sell it to you for half the price. The T3-M4 Droid will now join your team, and you will be able to choose it when you leave.

Upgrade the T3-M4 Droid and make sure you equip it with all the weapons and Droid upgrades you find along the way. The stun bar and flame retardant are really powerful weapons that can be used in battle, but their use is limited. The droid led him and another member to the entrance to the Sith’s military base.

Seat surface

The Sith base door cannot be opened with normal safety knowledge. You need a T3-M4 to hack into the security system and open the door. You go straight to the waiting room. Talk to her and let her go. You will find a terminal at the reception. Cut it out so you can see all the cameras.

An attack robot is guarding the elevator. Perhaps you’d like to remove his shields to make the fight easier later.

Knights of the ancient Republic of Taris - Sith Base Attack Droid If you want to make life on the Sith Base easier, go to System Commands and eliminate all Sentinel Droids. From now on, you’ll only deal with the Sith, not their droids. After examination of the terminal, most rooms must be indicated on a map. The control center is located in the west and the elevator to the southeast.

In a room to the west, you’ll meet three Sith and an engineer. The northern gate leads to other areas of the base. I’m not going to examine every room in detail, as you’ll understand later.

Follow the corridor to the north to the yellow tube room. The guy’s stuck in one of them and he’s begging you to let him out. To loosen them, put all panels on the wall behind you in the red position. There are five panels. If you change one door after the other, the next door changes too. Play with him until they all turn red.

Head west to the control room. It’s very crowded here and there’s a gas mine on the doorstep. Use phasers to provoke them and deactivate the mine. It’s hard to target a mine, so you might want to turn it off first. Some Sith throw grenades, so be careful.

Knights of the Old Taris Republic - Sith Base Station There is a Sith Captain in the barracks. There’s an advanced drug in the footlocker.

In the southwest armory you will find a flamethrower for the T3-M4 and some other lootings.

On the west side of the base it is clear that it is time to go to the east elevator. Follow the corridor to the east and enter the first door to the right. Kill the Sith and remove the Sith Sith basic passport card from the case.

Go further south and meet the attack droid guarding the elevator. I hope you’ve disabled his shields or you’ll go in, all weapons are on fire and hope for the best! Once you’ve killed the head of the droid in the elevator to level two.

Governor of the Sith

When you open the door, you’ll face the governor of the Sith. He’s not a real Jedi yet, so you won’t have any trouble catching him. Use Droids with anesthetic rays to anesthetize him 9 seconds at a time while you shoot him. He shouldn’t shoot you.

If he dies, you get $100,000. Check if the body contains the launch codes Taris. Well done, well done. All you need now is a ship to get off this planet!

Leave the Sith base and return to your sanctuary to recover. Chat with any character you need to continue your quests, such as Card or Bastille.

Davica Manor

Go down to the lower town and visit the Cantina Javiare. Kanderos is waiting for you. Tell him you have Taris’ launch codes and you’ve agreed to join forces. He’s arranging for you to meet David so you can go to his estate.

Davik will show you his estate. He’s also looking for Sith launch codes to get off the planet. When they take you to your guesthouse, look at the map. Ebon Hock is located in the south, while the throne room is in the middle.

Take the door to the north and kill the guards to get to the security panel. Look at all the cameras to get a basic map of the property. There is a spice room and a guest room you might want to visit before going to the hangar.

Go to System Commands and disable Hangar Security.

Guest room

The guest room is located in the far north of the property. Someone’s being tortured here.

Knights of the Former Taris Republic - Release of Davik Home Cell Kill two torture droids, then click Release Cell to release the man. Fortunately, he knows the codes to disable the security system to protect the forest falcon. He’s going to download them into your database.

With hangar security disabled and Ebon Hawk codes in the data field, you are ready to visit the hangar. Visit the other rooms if you wish. Although many of Davic’s men get into most battles pretty easily because they are poorly armed.

Ebony falcon

As soon as you enter the hangar, the Sith will begin bombing the planet. Davic is here with his personal bodyguard Kalo North! They’ll use phasers, so make sure all your characters activate their energy shields.

At the end of the battle Davik will be killed by a Sith attack and Kalo will explode. Quickly grab Dawik’s remains and go to the Black Hawk. As long as you’re in the hangar because of the Sith bombings, you’re damaged, so get to Ebon Hawk quickly.

The Sith will completely destroy Taris. Luckily, you’ve dated all your characters.

The Sith ship is attacking, and you must withdraw your weapons.

Knight of the ancient arms republic Ebon Hawk Destroy all Sith who attack to flee Taris.

Wow, that was quite a journey. I hope you made it this far! Prepare to meet the Jedi and learn how to use violence in Part 3: Dantuan!



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