Tap Titans 2 Guide to the Tournament

tourist guide

It’s time to take the next step.

The free mobile phone role-playing game Tap Titans 2 has brought with it a huge and growing community of fans. Probably the most exciting aspect of the game is the tournament.

Every Wednesday and Sunday, Tap Titans organizes 2 tournaments between players. The size and prizes of each tournament are determined by the maximum potential level of each participant. If you want to resume your game with these exciting brackets, please read the information below.

  • Note the bonus for the next tournament. Tournament bonuses will be changed chronologically. So you can plan bonuses for the next tournament by checking what was awarded in the previous tournament. See below for the tournament award procedure.
Tournament prizes
Heavenly Strike, Midas Hand, and Shadow Clone skills will be equally strong on any x3.
x10 gold from the Chestersons.
You have a 100% chance of winning fairy tale prizes.
Attacks, Animal Attacks and the FireBlade skill inflict x3 damage.
+20% return on all spending on active management skills.
The number of purchased relics increased by x1.5.
X10 Pattern Gold.
Heroes, the Clan ship and the Battle Call each record x3 damage.
Regeneration +5 extra mana per minute.
Bonuses such as probability calculation are increased by x1.2.
  • No more pliers for the stage. Where in the past tournaments were based on stages, players are now placed in stage-based tournaments with maximum potential.
  • The secret algorithm determines your maximum possible level for tournaments At the same time it is suggested to rank your character as high as possible to reach higher levels in tournaments. The higher the level of participation, the more impressive the prices.
  • Do not use your reputation. If you want to grow relics, upgrades and artifacts during all your tournaments, it is advisable to avoid participating in prestige tournaments up to 600.
  • Optimize artifact level. This can make a big difference to your maximum possible level for tournaments. Check out the Artifact Optimizer here to support your on-stage advertising, delivered by tap-titans-2.fandom.com.
  • Remember that you can always touch with a few fingers. If you want to increase the number of DPS, spamming the screen with your fingertips is a quick way to eliminate enemies.
  • Connect your Facebook page if you want free diamonds You can connect your Facebook page to your Tap Titans 2 account to get a total of 100 free diamonds.
  • Complete the performance for even more free diamonds In the Performance menu you will find a number of tasks that can be performed for more diamonds.


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