Surviving Mars Cheat Provides Infinite Cargo Capacity, Funds And More

In batches of RS 19/03/2018

Surviving Mars

Recently, the developer and publisher of Haemimont Games, Paradox Interactive, released his new game called Surviving Mars. This is a simulator and strategy in which players try to build a habitat on Mars.

Their task is to build the first functional human colonies on Mars. You have to collect and manage resources to build an effective colony. Build domes, mining facilities, a research centre and settlers that will make up most of your city.

Throughout the campaign you will face many different challenges, such as lack of resources, natural disasters such as dust storms, meteorites, cold waves and many more.

The first cheat is a training file, available at CheatHappens. It offers 4 different deceptive options to exchange cargo and money. The file has been scanned and does not contain any advertising or malware.

Below is a list of cheats he can activate.

  • Current maximum initial capital
  • Current launcher Maximum payload
  • Structure of seed capital
  • Installation Launch of the Max rocket. Payload

Surviving Mars is currently available on a PC with steam for more information about the game, which you can visit on the official website or the steam shop page.



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