Supraland Spoiler Free Tips & Simple Walk

Supraland is super fun, at least in my opinion. You have a game that essentially has all the components you need – Dark Soul level battles, Metroid for NES difficulties in promotion and Zelda as a puzzle game. Maybe it’s not as hard as a game for showers, and maybe Metroid for the NES is probably much more confusing, but I was excited.

We’ll start with some general tips to help you solve 80% of the puzzles, then I’ll give you a very short free spoiler to browse through the main story. The real essence of the game is solving puzzles, but there are areas where it can be a little difficult.

Ultimately, we provide more direct answers to general game questions to help you get through some of the more difficult parts of the game.

Tips and tricks

  • Think backwards in almost every puzzle. Look at the door in the next area, see what it opens and work from there.
  • Don’t exaggerate the riddles. The solutions are always very simple and you always have what you need to move forward.
  • Each puzzle area is filled with secret zones that need to be updated and reached with new material. When you receive major in-game updates, not only will the return to the old levels be unlocked faster than the in-game workaround (and shortcuts), but you will also notice that several updates are not unlocked until a new round.
  • The force blocks can keep the doors open.
  • Like the tips above, if you ever get stuck in what each of your objects does.
  • The sponges are clearly visible at the beginning of the game, but have many applications afterwards. Don’t forget they work with energy bars.
  • Talk to any NPC. The advice is given generously by the NPC.
  • Explore the world to earn parts to buy upgrades. Without modernisation, the battle can be extremely difficult.

Single free spoiler

First steps

  • Don’t get too carried away by this mysterious hunt. Each area is filled with secret zones that require updates, which you only get if you win the game.
  • The energy cube is very heavy. The saws are working. Think about the weight of the box-units later on.
  • Press the buttons for cups and barrels.
  • The force blocks can stop the platforms.
  • Red McGuffin on top of the Red Crystal Tower. To achieve this, two levels of jumping ability are required, for which the first three barrels of gold are needed.
  • Mr. Wonderland’s followers have yellow rings on their heads. How can you let this happen to your friend?
  • The purple buttons are activated by the Power Cubes.
  • They can jump on the shields.
  • Blue McGuffin is in an object with a blue crystal.


  • This part can be difficult. When you reach an object, the front door is locked. You have puzzles to solve.
  • Remember what your tools do.
  • If you unlock the object, how do you get Superball in?
  • The yellow ring works with the Suprababal. What’s that got to do with anything?
  • Superbballs bouncing.
  • Search every corner.


  • Upgrade the operation. Heavy fight in the coming battles. It’s best to get as many battle updates as possible.
  • The battle is very simple, turn off the four generators and defeat Rattlehag.

The road to the purple McGuffin

  • From now on, every metal is important, wherever you are in the game. If it’s metal, there’s probably a reason…
  • Any metal can be moved if you’re around. That includes things in the ground.
  • The anvil has to be lifted, but not the power source.
  • In the Superball player puzzle you have to open the door.
  • Batteries can be damaged by your weapon.
  • The Power Cubes can sit on the Power Bar.
  • Beams of force can move other objects.
  • Alternating fire brings objects closer together. You don’t have to stand in front of an object to do this.

Core zone

  • You can repaint the crystals. Don’t forget that.
  • You need a bouncy castle for the race.
  • Leaves fall from trees when you hit a tree.
  • Talk to all NPCs.
  • Purple crystals alone are not enough to destroy roots.
  • Yeah, carrots hide things.
  • When you’re done with the core area, don’t forget that you can now break your sword into blocks of pixels.


  • His mother can press buttons, but how do you get him to do it?
  • Don’t forget, you can move the boxes with a bundle of energy.
  • The steel ball rolls on the bridge.
  • The coins of the power cube have been won in the area on the left.
  • The specific crystals fall into the cracks. Look at the distance.
  • Bridge to the throne room – also on this bridge the ball rolls, but not straight ahead.
  • How would the ball roll down and move sideways?
  • Remember, you can do things from a distance.


  • Remember, you can repaint the bullets.
  • What does electricity do?
  • You have to paint over it.
  • In the red crystal tower there are green moons.

Final Approach

  • A painting machine is not the way you paint yourself.
  • NPC has all the clues he needs.
  • If you need more, take a look at our boss guide. Including spoiler and spoiler rails.

I know a lot of them are very vague, but the fun of the game is discovering it for yourself. I hope if you’re stuck, it’ll help you!

Main spoiler – Notes to the consolidated financial statements

  • The red MacGuffin can be reached with a power cube and a triple jump. You use the power cube on the swing and then run to the other side.
  • Blue McGuffin at the scene. You pull the Superball in the sideways corner from the outside and take it from the inside. The key is in the other corner. They throw the Superball over the yellow ring to jump to the top. The energy block stops the elevator.
  • According to Blue MacGuffin, you’re in the part where the NPC says doors are more than just a passageway. If you open the door, you can make it float because it’s made of metal. Then the anvil has to be lifted.
  • Purple McGuffin after Rattlehag.
  • They can trample on graves. They can also bounce off when the shield is raised.
  • Draw a yellow circle and hold it over the men’s heads to bring them into the church.
  • Roots eat the purple flies. They follow the violet crystals, the violet-translating spheres and the energy rays.
  • Water carries electricity. In one level of the volcano you only have to put electricity in the water to take it to the next level.
  • The beams melt at 128 rounds. Each update doubles it. You don’t need it to finish the game.
  • Blueville’s latest puzzle takes a lot of time. Place the metal ball with the energy block on it. Break a hole in the side of the driveway so it can fall in and then draw a line for the ball to fall overboard with the energy beam. Then use the energy block of the machine to roll the ball down and close the circle.



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