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Stardew Valley Mermaid Show is a very popular night market show. You can get 1 very rare Secret Pearl per player for free in each saved game.

Stardew Valley is an old school farming sim that takes place in the fictional Stardew Valley town. You can grow crops, raise animals and even explore a nearby cave system, all while getting into relationships with the townsfolk.

There are many fun activities to entertain yourself, but one of the coolest features is the mermaid show. You can unlock this by befriending Wizard Abigail at the Wizard Tower and donating enough money to the Museum.

Once you have unlocked the Mermaid Show code, you will need to unlock the mermaid statue in town, as well as get a Mermaid Show Ticket by donating to the Museum.

Mermaid Valley Starry Heaven Show

In the Stardew Valley, between the 15th and 17th centuries, the night market festival takes place in winter. On the docks of the beach, you will find many boats and dealers. They offer to take you by boat or try to sell you different products.

EventOpening hours
Night market17.00 – 2.00
15. to 17. Part of the winter
Submarine17:00 – 11:00
Mermaid boat17.00 – 12.30 hours

The night market is open daily from 5pm to 2pm, but the underwater walk and the Starry Sky Valley mermaid boat close at 11pm and 12.30pm respectively.

Boat from Star Sky Valley Mermaid Show

The Mermaid Boat Show is open every day from 5pm to 12.30pm during the Night Market Festival.

When you enter the boat, a siren appears, followed by a closing scene. Their musical performance lasts about 1 hour and 40 minutes, but you can leave them at any time.

Stardew Valley Mermaid Show - Sirens show in the Sterntal

You can also open game menu to stop time which allows you to get plus coffee points.

After the show you can play mussel shells in the boat to play musical notes. Play the right notes in the right order to get the special secret pearl.

Stardew valley mermaid show code

Play this siren of the Valley of the Stars to show the secret note on the shells in order (from left to right) 1-5-4-2-3 to show the pearl with this siren of the Valley of the Stars code [15423].

Star Valley Siren Code

Star Valley Siren Code

You can get only a bead on a player for every saved game. But you can watch The Little Mermaid several times.

How do I get beads step by step?

  1. Admission to the Mermaid Boat Show from 17.00 to 12.30 hrs.
  2. The siren show scene is an hour and 40 minutes long, which you probably have to miss. 🙂
  3. Play the shells in the boat in this order (from left to right)1-5-4-2-3

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About the Stardew Valley Mermaid Show

The night market, a seasonal festival in the Stern Valley, takes place in winter from 15 to 17 winters.

At the night market you can meet many traders with their boats on the docks. You can buy goods from them or ask them to take you by boat.

The night market remains open from 17.00 to 14.00 hours. However, the siren hall and the submarine will close at 12.30 and 23.00 respectively.

Houses and shops that close during the other festivities do not close during the night market. Compared to other festivals, you have to feed your animals regularly during this festival. These are the two main differences between the night market and other festivals.


The map of the beach also changes during the evening market festival. Items such as crates, scratch traps placed there or hidden also temporarily disappear due to changes in the map. However, you can regularly search for dead people, fish or collect monsters.

The night market differs from other festivals in that if you talk to the villagers who visit it, your friendships with them will grow as well.

During the night market festival, all villagers tend to change their schedules to participate in the festival. If you talk to these visitors of the night market, your friendship with them will be strengthened.

Sirene boat

The siren exhibition is open from 17.00 to 12.30 hrs. When you enter the mermaid’s boat exhibition, you will be greeted by a carved scene. You can follow the performance of the siren for 1 hour and 40 minutes in the game or you can miss it and leave at any time. You can also open an inventory to stop the transit time.


When she’s finished running/cutting the scene, you can right click on the bowls in the boat to play musical notes similar to the cut scene. Play these shells in the correct order 15423 Star Valley Mermaid Show Code from left to right to get a special rare Star Mermaid Show Mermaid Pearl.


In the tourist basket you can buy many useful and unusual things. You can buy recipes like a wedding ring recipe.

In order to get the mermaid show to work, you need to have the following items: – 10 gold nuggets – 10 diamonds – 50 gold coins

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