Star Control: Origins – 30 + Tricks and tips for beginners


Star check: Published by developer and publisher Stardock Entertainment, Origins is an independent action and control simulator in which players will control the first interstellar spacecraft on Earth.

In the game you can explore the vast space system, meet new alien species, upgrade your ships and weapons and fight alien invaders.

30+ Tips and tricks for star management beginners: Origin

Because this game is a simulator and a controller, it has many mechanisms and functions that can be confusing.

In this guide you will learn more about tips and tricks for navigating space, collecting resources and fighting alien forces.

Below you will find all the tips and tricks to help you conquer space and create your own space empire.

Game Tips for Star Control: Origin

When you explore hyperspace, you can at least see the uncharted space stations and the solar system, but you won’t be visible on a world map until you are docked and activated on the world map.

You can mark important places on the world map with different coloured markers and even rename them by clicking on the crosshair when selecting the solar system. Once selected or renamed, they are on the right side of the map.

When you open new space stations, the newly purchased area is unlocked and is no longer available on the space stations and at most retailers.

Visit all the traders because some sell unique pieces that are only sold by them and you will not find them anywhere.

Entering a star doesn’t hurt when you navigate a solar system. If you have a star on a handheld reader, you can just have it bounced or scanned, but if you’re on autopilot, you just go through it.

If you move in hyperspace, fuel consumption is calculated for each meter traveled. So if you have a faster spaceship, it doesn’t mean it uses less fuel, but it uses faster fuel in less time.

If you’re stationary in hyperspace, you don’t use any fuel.

When you run out of fuel in hyperspace, a friendly spaceship is called to the rescue, but this leaves you in a vulnerable position.

Resource collection and management – Star control: Origin

If a planet has cheap resources symbolized by blue, red or deep purple, don’t waste time because you don’t benefit from them. You should focus on planets that have 5 resources per unit, which will certainly bring you some profit.

You can easily check the unity of the source on the planet by moving the mouse pointer over the source in the list on the right while moving in the planet’s orbit.

Remember that the interface does not indicate the threat/threat level of the planet, so always check before landing on the planet. You can do this by placing the mouse pointer over the environmental threat bar while in orbit around the planet. If you see the danger level of 10 levels of toxicity and heat, it means it is lethally dangerous.

Highly threatened/threatened planets also possess many rare and valuable resources that are extremely cost-effective.

In most quests you have to find rare items and medium level raw materials, presented in green, gold and bright pink.

If you find a planet with unknown structures, you always land on it, because there is a chance of finding powerful modules or a lot of money.

On some planets there are two types of illumination: A big thunderstorm, with a huge AOE and fast lighting at regular intervals. A thunderstorm damages the airlock, but not the fast lighting.

Try to avoid volcanic planets because they are very random and a fireball can damage your airlock.

Beware of planets equipped with drones or safety towers, as they can damage your ship. But these planets also have good resources, so it’s worth a try.

Stroke– Star Control: Origin

Watch out for the green border in the combat zone, because it can cause damage to you and your enemy.

At the beginning of a fight, someone always dies, and no one can escape.

If you move between the two ends of the wormhole, it becomes a ray of light and is immune to all attacks. But in that state, it can’t attack.

The intrusion of enemy ships does not cause any damage.

If you fight in the game, you should avoid battles at all costs, because even if you win, you get very little money and in most cases more rewards.

Some weapons explode when you release the mouse click. If you feel it too, hold the mouse button down and release it when you want it to explode.

When a ship in the fleet is destroyed, you can simply select the next ship to continue the battle, but if your Vigilante’s main ship is destroyed during the battle, the game is over.

Creation of a fleet of ships – Star control: Origin

Avoid buying spacecraft at all costs, because they will be very expensive.

You can get free ships by asking an Allied ship or your home planet. That gives you at least 2 or 3 ships. You can also find abandoned ships on various planets, which will be added to your fleet.

When you buy a ship, you have to look for two statistics: On the one hand according to the crew, represented by green dots (HP), and on the other hand according to the damage it can cause.

Ships that cannot enter your fleet due to lack of space will be accommodated in space stations, and you can get them at any time.

Always choose a long-range weapon for your ship, because that makes it easier for you to win. Short-range weapons are good too, but they put your spaceship in a risky position.

Some spaceships of certain species can create a hostile environment when problems arise.

Installation of updates and modules

Resistance to damage to the deflector on the ship’s main batteries with resistance to damage to the fleet’s deflector. but this is not the case for other ships. You can use it to your advantage and limit the damage.

Upgrades such as thermal, toxic and physical resistance of the lander are combined, which means you will install many of these upgrades and increase the resistance of your ship.

Hyper Drive and Engine Drive updates are at your disposal because they only affect the speed of the ship. But don’t forget that a fast spaceship can give you an advantage when enemies are after you.

You must have a payload of at least 2000, it will always be there for you.



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