Social Club v1.1.7.8 Download GTA 5 – Full Setup (64-bit)


Social Club v1.1.7.8 Download for GTA 5 – Full Features

The Rockstar Social Club is obliged to use the licensed version of the Gta 5. Social Club is a program that allows you to manage the latest Rockstar games for multiple players. On the 27th the program and service of the Rockstar Game Social Club was presented. March 2008 was launched. The Social Club Rockstar Games was significantly updated in 2012, even before the release of Max Payne 3. Subsequently, the Social Club has been given many interesting and useful features, such as community, gangs, which make it possible to hold group meetings and integrate performance. The Social Club offers a number of different features depending on the type of game. But make sure you have the latest version of RGSC (Rockstar Games Social Club) installed or not. Download the latest link from the Installer Social Club below:

Rockstar Social Club v1.1.7.8 Features:

Continued status: It’s always more fun to talk about the garbage with your friends if you’re armed with numbers to prove it. Whether you’re single or multiplayer, we have the tools you need to keep track of every aspect of your gaming experience and see how you make friends in the community.

Community: You’re only as good as the company you have, and it’s never been easier to find like-minded players and get in touch with them. Thanks to integration with social networks and gaming accounts, your friends are just a few clicks away, and personal profile pages and activity feeds keep you updated on their latest and greatest achievements.

Exclusive content: Members are only entitled to exclusive in-game content with bonuses for Social Club tasks, participation in official events or membership of Crews, a group of players who have gathered in-game and online to earn XP and additional rewards, upon registration.

Game Manuals: You can’t rest until you’ve explored every nook and cranny and straightened out the game? You’ll be surprised by our progress tracking tools and custom checklists, which will keep you 100% up-to-date with your research and give you some useful tips.


Download Social Club v Setup .exe and start playing GTA 5.

The full video and details can be found on YouTube – Video link:

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