Skyrim: Best Magic Gear & Equipment in the Game

Being a wizard in the desert areas of Skyrim can be harder than you think. So, get the best equipment to make your job easier, maybe the first thing you want to do when your adventure begins.

Hang on. Indeed, some of these items are not easy to obtain, and most of them are impossible to obtain immediately after the start of the game.

The good news is there’s no rush. Most of these items will be useful for the birth dragon for most of the game, so there is no need to get them when you finally wake up.

Controlling magical powers and protecting yourself from harm will be the two most important tasks of a wizard if you want to become the most powerful wizard in the land. And these points will help you in both cases!

By the way, some items on this list require the Dawnguad or Dragonborn DLC. I think you’ll have them when you play Skyrim in 2020, but don’t forget that as soon as your head is back on its feet. Either way, if you really insist on getting these articles, you’re either a patient player or you don’t read them anymore. Let’s get on the list!

13. Robot Taron Dreta

Where’d you get it? Defeat Taron and steal his body.

As far as I’m concerned, Taron Dret is actually a sociopath.

He attacks you as soon as you tell him you know about his friend, then he thinks you know too much and immediately blames you. Kill the madman and elegantly decorate his clothes off the corpse if you like.


The cape Taron Dret wears increases your magical regeneration by 75% and also allows you to cast spells of destruction that have 15% less magic than normal.

It is a fantastic object that war magicians take into battle, although its defensive capabilities are chaotic. Make sure the bad guys don’t get too close without extra protection, otherwise you’re as good as dead!

12. Ring of ahzid necromancy


Where’d you get it? If you want to follow this course, you must be in the second phase of the search for unearthed objects. Visit Kolbjorn and find the room where two dead miners are lying. Once you’ve found it, find a secret pen that leads to the secret room. Are you there yet? Here’s the ring!

I listed this ring because I’m totally excited about its effect.

This is a great ring for those who want to become powerful magicians, and not just necromancers like Akhzidal did when he made this ring.

Every creature you launch will explode in the ice and cause damage to your enemies if they are killed. Awesome!

11. Amulet of Savosa Aarena


Where’d you get it? You will receive the Ring of the Mighty Savos Earths after completing the Containment in Winterhold College quests.

To get this amulet, it’s actually quite simple.

And it’s one of the best amulets you can find in all of Skyrim.

Savos Aaren’s Amulet of Savos Aaren gives you 50 extra magic points per bar, allowing you to cast more powerful spells and use more magical potential.

It has no other amateurs, but because it can be combined with other magical fortifications, it is a fantastic object for a wizard.

10. Amulet of Galdur


Where’d you get it? When you have completed the Forbidden Legend quest, you will be rewarded with the Amulet of Galdur.

Although this beautiful accessory is not only reserved for magicians, it is mandatory because it gives 30 points for each of the three main attributes. If you can get it.


You get 30 extra magic points and 30 points for health and stamina. This makes it a great amulet to hang around your neck if you want to travel in the area with quality all around.

9. Night weaver group

Where’d you get it? You must end the search for the recipe for the Dark Brotherhood disaster.

Here’s a ring that seems to be meant for people who like to sneak between people and use the magic of destruction to kill.


With Nightweaver’s Band you get a significant increase of by for your flying skills and also a 10% reduction on the cost of all the destructive spells you cast.

It’s a pretty weird combination of effects. But I know some of you crazy people like to play wizard hybrids, or whatever you call them. And with so many rings to choose from in this big damn intersection.

Personally, it’s not my style, but if it’s yours, try this ring.

8. Azidale Arcana Ring


Where’d you get it? You can get a ring similar to the one mentioned in this list, but you have to go in the third part of the search for that bad boy you dug up.

Oddly enough, this ring doesn’t give you any bonuses or amateurs to your usual skills.

It does something else that distinguishes it from the rings you find on Skyrim, because it even gives you the chance that no enchanted ring can give you . The tension is terrible.

With the Ring of Arcane, you can cast the spells Ignite and Gel, two spells that do fantastic damage simply by equipping them. Any magician would love that.

7. Bloody Pink


Where’d you get it? End the night to commemorate Lord Senguin and serve him.

The fact that you can’t fight with the sword doesn’t mean you can’t chop your enemies to pieces and beat them to the ground.

Use Rose Sanguinica and you’ll summon the mighty warrior Dremora to fight at your side for 60 seconds, which should be more than enough time to scare your enemies to death, not to punch them in the eye.


There are not many other applications, so use it wisely.

6. Main robot

Where’d you get it? You can buy them at Winterhold College once you reach level 32.


Master Roba gives a fantastic 150% magical regeneration range, as well as the reduction of speech costs depending on the school of magic to which the mantle belongs.

For example: In addition to this gentle lover of 150% magical regeneration, you’ll find Master Roba Change, which reduces the cost of change spells by 20%. And there are different kinds of clothing, especially for all schools of magic.

Find the clothes that match your magical style and enjoy. Just adjust the actual level of your player (, not the specific level of a school). So, reaching level 32 guarantees that somehow you will get those beautiful dresses.

5. Miraaca Headquarters

Where’d you get it? You can take Miraak’s stick after you beat him, then you can steal his body.

With this wand you can conjure up a pair of scary tentacles on the ground. You harm your enemies and poison them over time.

It’s a strange thing, of course, but still very powerful. If you want to add new magical powers to your arsenal, the Miraak Wall is definitely one of the best options you have.

Remember, you have to beat Miraak to get them. So be prepared to fight a real battle if you want to add this staff to your magical collection.

4. Miraaca rake

Where’d you get it? Just like his stick, you can get Miraak’s robe by looting his corpse after you beat him in battle.

So you really want to take a dead wizard’s clothes, you sick son of a bitch? Don’t worry, neither do I.


And they’re absolutely worth ruining your morale.

With these clothes you can not only spawn if they are damaged, but they also absorb the damage of dragons like crazy. They are fantastic and really unique and so powerful that you definitely have to steal this body.

3. Claim your charm and make your own

Image source

Image source

Where’d you get it? Practice charm elements to create your own custom made magician.


There’s no better way to get exactly what you want to enchant a game item than to enchant it yourself.

Just improve some of these skills and build, forge and enchant whatever you want.

There’s no such thing as old school if you want a custom wizard, is there?

2. Scholar’s Ring


Where’d you get it? If you become a Vampire Lord during the Dawnguard Period, you can get this item by searching for the Blood Wizard Ring.

This absurdly strong ring is the best you can get as a Skyrim Wizard.

It increases the total amount of magic by +100 points and allows you to regenerate the magic faster.

It’s the best ring in the game for a wizard, but it takes a lot of work to get it.

Oh, and you’ll have to sell your identity to the Dark Lords. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Bring the flame of oblivion.

1. Arhmagey bathrobes


Where’d you get it? When you have completed the quest of Magnus Eye, you will receive these dresses as a reward…

The combination of these dresses with Erudite’s ring really puts you in the mood for the world of boundless magic.

They give you 15% off the cost of spells for all schools of magic. Yeah, all schools!

Plus 50 magic points and 100 extra magical rains, this means that every serious magician will want to put these robes above all else.



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