Shadowrun Return

Shadowrun Returns Walkthrough Shadowrun Returns is a tactical role-playing game set in the fantastic world of cyberpunk. In this rich environment, where magic has returned to the world of technology, you will find all kinds of creatures, including elves, orcs, dwarves and trolls. Select your race first, and during the game you can explore all the paths you choose thanks to the unique system of open levels.

Shadowrun Returns is located in Seattle’s subway complex, where you play the role of the Shadowrunner and go in search of the notorious killer. The quest takes you through many beautiful hand-drawn scenes, from hideous slums to the mighty corporations that run the city.

The game is mainly linear, with only small amounts of exploration available in each area. From time to time you will have the opportunity to hire other Shadowrunners to help you complete certain missions. The full transition to the Shadowrun Returns system is outlined below.


The docks – three years ago.

Organ breaker

The wasteland of Redmond

S Tailors’ Union

Pike market

Royal apartments

Safe House Union of Swamis

South Seattle Docks


Coyote Crusade

Spiritual Conversation

The digital world

Misericordia Psychiatric Hospital

Family debts

General Brotherhood

Extraction of minerals for business

Equestrian industry


The hunt begins.

Shadowrun Return was developed by Jordan Weisman, the inventor of the Shadowrun board game. He wanted to give this game an authentic tone and make it faithful to the original role play.

Weissman for publishing the idea to play as a launch campaign. The $400,000 funding target was reached in just 28 hours. In total, Shadowrun Returns received nearly $2 million. When Shadowrun Returns was released in July 2013, it received positive reviews and still has a very positive rating for Steam, with 90% of players giving it a boost.

In 2014 an extension for Shadowrun Returns was published with the name Shadowrun: The fall of the dragon. It is now available as a stand-alone version. Next game in the series, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, was published in 2015 by Hairbrained Schemes using an updated version of the engine used for shadow tracking.



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