Sekiro Shadows The Twice – How to Remove Bell Demon Buff

Sekiro's shadows die twice, like they killed a demon.

In Sekiro Shadows The Twice there are many different object mechanics that allow you to create different subjects to heal yourself, strengthen your posture and more.

The Tinkerbell Demon is one of the many items in the game that gives you a very useful whiplash, but it also causes problems that may or may not be worthwhile. It depends on the players.

How to remove the demonic bell buffer in Sekiro Shadows The Twice

That is why you will find below a guide that tells you where Demon Bell is, what Demon Bell Sekiro does and how to turn off the bell.

Where is the bell of the demon Sekiro

The demon clock is located at the beginning of the Senpoou Temple on Mount Congo. It is located next to the first idol of the sculptor, the temple of the demon.

To reach the bell itself, one must enter the pit of the headless monkeys. Instead of fighting the headless monkey, you can just go into a small hallway.

Then find a wall with the silhouette of a man, kiss him, and you will arrive at a new area where the idol of the temple is the Demon’s Bell, and you will find the cursed bell.

What Sekiro Demon Bell does

The Demon’s Bell is a big clock you come across during the game. If you work with this bell, you have two options: You can either ring the bell or leave her alone.

When you ring the doorbell, you get a fan-shaped demon that makes enemies harder than they usually are. Even low-level enemies become more difficult.

But the good news is that killing enemies while under the control of Demon Bell gives you a high level of flight and falls that will help you move the game forward.

How to remove the Sekiro demon bell

To remove the Demon’s Bell, you must go to your inventory and scroll through the items until you find the Demon’s Bell item. The object is recognizable by the symbol of the burning eye.

Select the Bell Demon item and use it. This activates an animation that appears when the load is released. As a result, the enemies return to the normal level of difficulty and the escape and fall values also decrease.

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