Season 19 Whirlwind Barbarian New Player Guide

It is a guide for Diablo III beginners or barbarian players, it is not perfect, but it should give advice to players struggling with the number of items. This is my first season in recent years, so any suggestions or corrections are welcome. This guide is essentially a list of 19 Vortex barbarians to be purchased and prioritized. We took this into account by examining some of the highest quality guides and barbaric equipment at the top of the stairs, to which there are links at the end of the stairs. There are 56 items that a player must buy, excluding the usual gems and the Ramaladni gift. With these objects, you can play most of the variations of the Whirlwind set, for example, to push large slopes and to work at high speed. If you are playing Barbarian in season 19, you should only be able to use the assemblies and whirlpools listed here for the whole season.

Since this is a guide for new players, I decided not to use abbreviations except GR, which means Big Hills, and Speed, which means management speed, as in Neflaim Hills of Bounty. You will find one or both in brackets after each item, indicating for which type of mounting this item is useful. There are many overlaps between assemblies and statistical priorities, and you can simply use the same elements for GR and Speed assemblies. Most of these items are normal drops, which means that most Diablo’s can deposit those drops for you. Where this is not the case, I have pointed out that if an item is obtained by creating or paying bonuses in {karats}, you must search Google for specific information on how to buy it.

In the Dental Equipment section, the items you wish to purchase and equip are arranged by niche. At the location of the lock you can see the priority status of the materials in the lock, which is stored as a list separated by commas. They are listed as most important and least important, starting with the left side. Only basic statistics are given. When secondary statistics become available, please note that you know enough not to need this manual. Each of these lists has a pause, to the left of that pause there’s a perfect combination of stats you need to pursue, and you can get all those stats in one place. If you receive an object with all indicators before the interruption, you should scroll the statistics to the far left to the maximum possible value, unless the cooling reduction has been specified, in which case you should cool the reduction as much as possible. If you don’t have all the indicators before the pause, you have to scroll through the statistics that are not in the list, or scroll to the right for those you don’t have, or to the left for those you don’t have.

In the Cubes section you’ll find all the objects from which you need to get the legendary power. If one of these items is also in the gear list, you have to wait until you have two and remove the weakest one.

In the gemstones section you will find the normal and legendary gems you need. For ordinary gems, you need to combine them at the highest possible level, while having enough gems to have a shell that is at most one level below your highest combination. For example, it is better to have 3 imperial rubies than one perfect imperial ruby and 2 canopy rubies. It takes 81 Marquesas or 27 Imperial gems to make a high quality gem, so don’t worry if it takes a long time to get there. Legendary gems are just drops of a broken support in big mistakes, you’re sure to get one, not every time you have everything. Try to raise them all to 25 before trying to maximize one.

The Successor section provides meeting statistics, items and priorities that best suit your successor. Their trailer is especially useful for pushing the GR-Soli, they cause only minimal damage regardless of the gearbox, instead they are there for crushing and deburring. That is why we look for objects that have useful effects and let them and their possibilities run free as often as possible. The status priorities are the same for all slots, the reduction of cooling is in fact the only thing that counts. But don’t try to find the best material for them, but maximize the coils, bases, spells, gems and ectotere. It is the least documented and most opinion based section, I hardly know what I knew before the seasons, because when it really comes down to it, you know enough not to need my advice. Suggestions for improvement are welcome here.


Head Nest, critical stroke replacement, strength, viability ;+ hurricane damage>)

  • Hard hat (GR/speed)

Shoulders Stable, reduced cold, + damaged edge, any resistance ;vitality, soil damage>).

  • Barrels without load (GR/speed)

Body 3 Litters, strength, viability, + Elite damage ;-).

  • Voltage loss (GR/speed)

Hands Replacement in case of critical impact, critical impact damage, resistance, reduced cooling | Vitality, AS>)

  • Glove for waste (GR/speed)

legs 2 outputs, strength, vitality, any resistance>)

  • Recovery of waste (GR/speed)
  • Mr Hexagonal trousers (speed)

legs strength, survivability, all resistors, cruising speed | shielding, + spinal damage>)

  • Saba drop (GR/speed)
  • Captain Crimson Frames (Velocity) {Command}.

Pulse Modification of critical shock, strength, viability, +physical damage ;All resistors>)

  • Mortica bracelet (GR/speed)
  • Nemesis browsers (speed)

Size Strength, viability, all resistors, + lifetime % | past rabies life, all resistors>)

  • Rolling mills (GR/speed)
  • Gold packaging (speed)
  • Captain Crimson’s side harness (Speed) {Order}

Amulets Exhaust, Critical Shock Replacement, Critical Damage, + Physical Damage | Durability>)

  • Taste of the time (GR/speed)
  • Amulet of Hellfire (GR/Speed) {create}.
  • Etlich-Auge (GR)

rings shaft, cooling reduction, critical stroke change, critical stroke damage | durability>).

  • Zodiac sign Stagnation ring (GR/speed)
  • The range may be (GR/speed).
  • Elements Treaty (GR)
  • Accident area (speed) {Performance)
  • Jordanian stone (speed)
  • Skull control (speed)
  • Royal Majesty Ring (Speed) {Performance}

Weapon Output, Strength, Cold Fall Reduction, Survival ;+ % Damage, Area Damage, Attack speed at Main Weapon>).

* See the notes below for moving the gun statistics.

  • Deflector (GR)
  • Little tramp (GR)
  • Echo wave (velocity)
  • The pride of the Ambo (Speed)
  • Blood of the bull Katos (velocity)
  • Katos bull wish (Velocity)



  • The pride of the ambo (GR)
  • Messerschmidt flow rate (speed)
  • In-Geum (speed)
  • Furnace (speed)


  • Pipe jacket (GR)
  • Aquila Kurass (GR)
  • Rolling (Speed)
  • Gold packaging (speed)
  • Chilanka chain (speed)


  • Zodiac sign Stagnation ring (GR/speed)
  • Range (GR)
  • Transformation of elements (GR)
  • Circuit (speed)
  • Accident area (speed)
  • Royal ring size (speed)
  • Skull control (speed)



  • 1 Diamond (GR/speed)

Body and legs

  • 5 Diamond (GR)
  • 5 Ruby (speed)


  • 2 Emeralds (GR/speed)


  • Taeguk (GR/speed)
  • License plate (GR/speed)
  • Impact Panel (GR)
  • Hoarder’s Bean (Speed) {Store} {Store}
  • Lightning (speed)


Lord Templar

Building : Healing, loyalty, prosecution, custody.

Government priority :

The main gun: Thunder, blessed leaf of the wind

Without a gun: Deflection stop

Relic: Service in Charming

The amulet: Food Johanna

First ring: Unit {bonus}

Second ring: Eye ring

Weapons reversible note

All weapons must be delivered with +X-Y damage to the rent, do not roll up for the other mentioned statisticians. The nature of the physical damage, the amount of lightning, etc. does not matter, you just want as wide a range as possible. This means that you can only get 3 of the 4 priority statisticians, because you want to complement your pedestal with the gift of Ramaladni. This point adds one casing to a caseless weapon, giving you 4 basic stats + casing. They’re a little scarce in the beginning, so you have to keep them if you only have two or less for a good weapon. A good weapon is preferably old-fashioned and has no basis, so you can’t get rid of it, and you have a defeat range of no more than 30% and a reduction in power or cooling.

An example is the old little vagabond who came with +1500-1900 sacred damage, +900 power, +1,700 health damage and +9% damage. You can then add a Ramaladni gift shop and extend the life of the hit with a discount of up to 10%.

Design manual

Serious malfunction

Agricultural speed

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you found something useful.

I want to thank my girlfriend at the last moment for inspiring me to create this guide and the light in my life. I love you, Hayley.​

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