Saryn Build 2020 Warframe Guide


Sarin is a weapon of war that aims to spread the poison, and death with infectious powers causes viral diseases in his enemies.

It is one of the best impact zones for inflicting weapon damage because it is able to distribute the damage among its enemies while weakening them at the same time.

How did you get to Sarin?



Place of the player-prime minister

Sarin’s participation can be won by beating Kela De Taime in the Merrow mission on Sedné.

Your drawing can be bought on the market in the Orbital Room for 35,000 credits.

You can also buy Sarin at the game market for 225 platinum instead.

Sarin Prime


As Saryn Prime’s most important variant, Saryn Prime has increased the armor, energy and sprint speed.

Relics with Sarin Prime:

  • Drawing: Violent: Lith S4, Meso C3, Meso S4, Neo S1, Axi N6 Available Nr.
  • Neuropathy: Consolidated: Lith A1, Meso S5, Meso S9, Neo V4 available No.
  • Chassis: Violent: Meso S2, Neo S2, Neo S10 Available No.
  • Systems: Violent: Lith H1, Meso C1, Meso F1, Meso N4, Neo N5, Neo S10, Axi G1, Axi T1 Available Nr.



Sarin has the ability to spread spores that can attack the enemy’s armor, overthrow the outer layer, leave the bait behind, impregnate the weapon with toxic damage and create a huge area that can degenerate into a disease.

Potential is the name of the passive capacity, which causes a status effect that makes it last 25% longer.



Saryn throws spores at her enemies, which cause caustic damage over time and spread when the infected enemy is defeated or killed.

This is a good method to destroy various enemies, because not only do they spread to the enemy, but they also have a good chance to cause state effects, in this case the effects of the state of corrosion reduce the armor of the enemy, so that it is easy to kill.

Conflicts last for a long time, especially when they spread and retreat from time to time and are able to kill hundreds of enemies in a matter of minutes.

(The picture below shows how sarin transfers toxic disputes to other enemies after it has been thrown to an opponent).



Upgrade : The dose of poison will enable the Sarin to present arguments to the allies, which will cause them additional damage through corrosion.



Sarin leaves the bait behind and gains speed for a short period of time.

The lure attracts enemy fire and explodes when time or health runs out.

Mauser can be used effectively when you are trying to avoid a difficult situation by attracting enemies or simply gain speed by going to a certain area.

(The picture below shows a saryne-shape leaving a lure)



Upgrade : The regenerative solution in the soil forces the sarin to heal for a certain time.

Toxic eyelashes


This ability gives the Sarin weapon the kind of toxin damage that doubles in the fight against melee.

Enemies infected with spores spread them easily no matter where they are beaten.

The amount of damage you block also increases, which means you are better protected against intruders in melee battles.

(The image below shows that sarin has been associated with several cases of toxin damage with active toxic pain)



Upgrade : The cloud of contagion forces the enemies killed by Saryn to release a poisonous cloud that damages her enemies.



Sarin infects enemies over a large radius and causes viral damage that increases 4-fold when the spores are infected.

Infected enemies are affected by the effect of the virus’ status, reducing their health by as much as 50% and causing damage over time.

If this method is used after the spores have spread, several enemies are eliminated within seconds due to the severity of the skills.

(The image below shows a Sarin throwing Miass at enemies)


Structure also reads as follows: Nidus

Proposed buildings

Construction of sports fields


This building allows Saryn to extend the conflict indefinitely while continuing to kill and spread enemies.

With this build, most missions, regardless of the size of the map, will be filled with infected enemies due to the huge range of skills, as this build greatly increases the range.

The technique of this meeting consists of spreading the spores by throwing them at the enemies and killing some of them to spread them on the map, and then destroying them all with Miasma, very simple!

(The image below shows a sarin spray, which kills enemies over a large radius with spores and miasmas).


Structure also reads as follows: Necrosis

Building in balance


This meeting is similar to the previous one, with the difference that most of its statistics do not focus on the field, but on balance and fashion for a good percentage.

With this construction, all its capacities will benefit from considerable damage, duration and span.

(In the image below you can see the Sarin using multiple possibilities to defend against enemies)




Saryn is an excellent war environment when it comes to killing enemies in large or small areas.

His skills are mainly used to infect enemies with various status effects and cause a lot of damage over time. So she can kill on the spot, because she doesn’t have to stay and wait for her enemies to die.

Saryn is considered one of the best war managers to eliminate the enemy and can easily carry out defence missions and even individual interceptions.

This disease, which spreads Warframe, is something you have to have if you want to send multiple enemies easily and tactfully.

This is very advantageous for many missions, both alone and with a troop.



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