Samorost 3:

Zamo Growth 3 Walking Zamo Growth 3 is a beautiful point and click adventure game in a strange new world. Each scene has been meticulously worked out and the result is simply breathtaking. In the self-proclaimed games there is no dialogue, instead you take control of the space dwarf that goes to new worlds and to the moon.

Zamorost 3 has a hint system that will hopefully make the game a little less frustrating if you accidentally get stuck. You can also read the following paragraph for a complete overview of the game.

They give you a whistle at the beginning of the game. This is your most useful object and it gives you the opportunity to communicate with the inhabitants of the worlds you visit. If you don’t know what to do, use the whistle of the round symbols that indicate that there is something to discuss here.

3-Pass Auto-Growth

Part 1: First planet

Part 2: Asteroid and second planet

Part 3: Grey Moon

Part 4: The third planet

Part 5: Fourth planet

Zamoroaster 3 is built on the 24th. March 2016 published by Amanita Design. It follows in the footsteps of previous games, but it is a much longer game with large works of art in high definition. Self Growth 3 is the third life-size game from Amanita design. The other two are the Mecinarium and the Botanic.

Samorost 3 seems to be much inspired by the classic Gobliiins games. It contains strange and bizarre puzzles, and along the way you’ll come across interesting characters. If you like Zamorost 3, you can play the first game in the series, Zamorost, for free. The Samostrost 2 currently has a discount and is for sale for a few dollars at GOG.



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