Royal Waterway

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Royal waterways

To enter the Royal Waterways, go to the bottom of the City of Tears and use the simple key on the hatch opening mechanism. Go through the hatch and you’re in the Royal Waterways. You should buy a Lumaflyflashlight before looking around here, otherwise some areas are too dark to see. The second nail update will also help in the fight against the Flukemarm boss, because you can kill the Flukefeys he produces in one fell swoop.

If you come in with your head to the left, use it to break the ground and fall on the bench.

Go back to the wall and go to the left. Put the edge back in place, break the wall on the right side and release the first well.

Jump over the wall again, then jump and throw yourself over the ledges above the water, and avoid floating enemies along the way. Keep following the edges across the water. If you fall, you have to jump again. As soon as you reach the room on the left, close the door and you must defeat all floating enemies before they open again.

Point your head to the left and press the lever to open the lower door, which will cause mould. Keep driving up and down to find Cornifer and buy a map.

Go back to the right, go down to the water and enter the mask shardthrough a secret wall on the left side.

Go back to the broken chair. Turn left this time. Use the sorry dive on the hatch to enter the area below.

Go down, to the right, down and through the passage to the left with the little worms. You can kill them to fill your brainchild. Break through the secret passage that leads to the boss’s senseless fight.

Fluck arm

Fluckmarm only has one attack. He makes flukefeys, two at a time. You each have 13 healthy nails, so if you’ve updated your nails twice, you should be able to kill them all at once.

Stand to the left or right of Fluckmarm and use the spirit of the avenger or the soul of the renewed shadow. Kill the Fluckeypheans in front of your mind, and then let him be enchanted again. This method works well if you can kill the Flukefeys in one go, otherwise they can overrun you. The Flukearm 350 is in good health, so it won’t be long before it beats the boss. As soon as he is killed, the Flukenest spell falls on the upper left edge.

Manure defenders

Go back to the broken bench, then to the right and then back to the manure defender. You’ll hear her screaming as you get closer.

The manure defender has a health condition of 700 people and three major attacks. It’s nice to fight with him, and it’s not that hard.

The first attack is the manure throw. He rolls the shit balls and throws them. They’ll jump into the arena for six seconds before they split up. If you have the charm to lengthen your nails, you can touch the defender’s manure as he rolls and throw the manure without causing any damage.

The second attack is a dive. The manure defender dives and dives over the arena. If he does, you’ll have to jump him.

The final attack is the explosion. The manure defender pulls the manure off the ground and throws it back and forth. You can beat him if he comes out of the ground and if he falls back.

At a later stage of the battle, the manure defender switches to Berserk mode for about 12 seconds, using the burst attack repeatedly. After defeating the manure defender he loses the charm of Defender – Cross .

Go to the right and press the lever. This removes part of the toxic water from the entrance of Esmas Grove, so you can reach this area. The wall on the right can be drilled and leads to a broken elevator between the City of Tears and the old swimming pool.

Isma Grove

In the meantime, go back to the way you came and walk down the right side of the Royal Waterways. When you get to the edge with the crystal formation, it is a clue to use the crystal heart and the super triangle to the right. Finally you go over the elevator shaft to get to the other side.

Proceed to the right. You see a defensive sign on the wall. When you enter the small arena and close the door, you know you’re on the right track. Defeat the Sentinels and fall upright. Make your way through the acid and take Isma Tears. It allows you to swim in the acid.

Go down left and swim right through the acid. Jump on the wall to find another Grub. Raise your head and turn left again. Go to the location of the little arrow on the map. This is the shortest way to the city of tears (to the east). Now you can take this shortcut whenever you want.

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