Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes for 2020

| Published on the 28th. February 2020. 14:53 – Updated at 12. April 2020. 3h43 – Updated on the 12th. April 2020

| Published on 1. May 2020 at 20:30 – Last updated on 2 May 2020 at 22:28.

Roblox Ghost Simulator is a game developed by BloxByte. The main meaning of this game is to walk around and suck up ghosts, do different quests and open new areas. In this guide we familiarize ourselves with the latest codes for the Roblox ghost simulator of May 2020.

Robox Ghost Simulator Codes May 2020

First of all, you need to understand how to exchange the codes of this game if you don’t already know that. Open the Roblox ghost simulator and check the Twitter icon on the left side of the It’s located below the currency area. Click on it and a window will open where you can enter the codes.

Copy and paste one of the codes below or enter them manually in the field and press the SPEECH button. Then you put your station in the game until the code works and you haven’t used it yet.

  • 1 year – Birthday pet and hoverboard
  • EGGUNT – Pegasus company
  • CANCELLATION – Rate key
  • HOP-HOOP – Tariff key
  • PATTY – Happy pet
  • JOURNAL – Victory stallions
  • JOV3N – Dr. Cube Pet
  • HART – Animal laughter
  • Spiral – Tiny pet
  • BB100K – Block byte driver
  • IMPORTANT – Pets
  • JET – Three-beam levitation plate
  • Fireflies – Firefly
  • R1FT – Pet Pegasus purple
  • SPAC3 – Dave Turf

Some of the above codes reward pets, hoverboards and currency. In Roblox Ghost Simulator you earn gems and ectoplasm to upgrade your backpack so you can collect more ghosts. Your vacuum cleaner can also be improved to make it more efficient. To earn gems and ectoplasm, you can catch and sell ghosts and complete assignments.

With the animals in Roblox Ghost Simulator you can collect more ectoplasm of ghosts. This will help you to always have a pet, and you can get some of the above codes. The hoverboards make it easier to move around and move around on the map.



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