Rhino Build 2020 Warframe Guide


The Rhino is a support and fender named after its ability to withstand attacks and terrain attacks that cause destruction.

It is widely known and used for its power and ability to not only cause damage, but also to increase allied damage while maintaining the crowd control it can provide.

Where did you get a rhino?



Place of the player-prime minister

You can get rhino pieces as a reward after defeating the Jackal on the Fossa Mission on Venus.

The subscription can be purchased on the market for games of chance in orbit for 35,000 credits.

Rhinos are also for sale at the Orbital Hall Market for 375 platinum.

Rhinoceros Prime


Rhino prime, the main version of Rhino, has more armor and a higher sprint speed.

Relics containing the Prime Rhino:

Drawing: Consolidated: Neo R1, Axi R1 Available No.

Neuropathy: Violent: Bed B1, Bed B4 is available: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Chassis: Violent: Meso M1, Meso N6 Available No.



The Rhinoceros has the ability to furiously attack and easily overthrow the enemy in battle, increasing his own armor at will, causing more damage to his allies and trampling them with such force that he defies gravity.

His passive ability to perform a heavy landing will cause a shock wave that will disappear as soon as he lands at high altitude or at high speed.

Line charge


The rhino attacks at high speed, damaging enemies and shooting them.

Launching the Rhino’s charge in a short period of time will increase damage and reduce energy costs.

This possibility is useful for jumping into battle or leaving a dangerous situation.

(Rhino using a rhinoceros charge to repel an enemy)



Upgrade : The Iron Cover Charge forces the Rhinoceros to increase their armor by 50% for each enemy hit.

Iron leather


The rhino creates an armor that protects by absorbing damage through a number of points that touch the armor.

The shielding prevents damage to the rhinoceros and is reduced when this is the case.

This is one of the rhino’s important skills that enables him to withstand major damage, making him an excellent tank.

(The rhinoceros suffers from damage caused by activated iron skin)



Upgrade : With iron shards, the rhino can blow up his ferrite armor and cause 100% damage to his enemies.



The rhino mocks himself and his allies beside him and inflicts additional damage that affects his weapons and abilities.

This is a great skill because it caresses everyone, and having a lot of damage can greatly increase the skill of a warrior.

(Rhino kills his enemies when he roars)



Upgrade : A piercing whistle gives enemies in the rhino area a pungent effect that reduces their damage.

Rhinoceros axis


Rhinos trample with great force, causing damage to the enemy and leaving him hanging in the air for a while.

Forming a rhino charge on floating enemies will harm them twice as much.

This feature is ideal for crowd control as it can be used to eliminate most enemies, giving you and your team the ability to attack, retreat or completely eliminate the target.

(enemies floating in the air in a rhino storm)



Upgrade : Due to the increased ignition, the Ironskin can be complemented with 80 units for every enemy axe hit by a Rhinoceros Axe.

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Proposed buildings

Power housing


The structural power is aimed at increasing the power of the rhino, especially his ability to resound, which will greatly increase the damage he and his troops can inflict on enemies.

This building will cause great damage to Rhino Charge and Rhino Stop, and because of its great strength.

The iron skin provides the rhino with enormous protection, allowing it to survive serious damage.

This ship is perfect for crushing the crew and sunbathing for a lot of damage, but it has slightly higher energy costs because its main function is to roar.

(rhino injures enemies as he and his team hum)


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Crowd control structures


The construction of a crowd control system focuses on the ability to use the barrel of the rhino to eliminate a large number of enemies over a large radius, while the rhino can take advantage of its other capabilities.

The main focus of this construction will be to deactivate Rhino Stop, but the ability to grunt and make others grunt will remain useful throughout the missions.

With this setup, the rhino can take out a large number of enemies when a situation forces him to control a crowd, or when some enemies have to be taken out of battle to join a team.

Basically, this model should use the Rhino Stomp so that the rhino and his allies can attack or escape their enemies.

(rhino trampling rhino, eliminating multiple enemies)


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Building in balance


The balanced physique is aimed at enabling the rhino to use all his skills by means of a set of semi-balancing models that allow him to use his skills effectively.

The rhinoceros must be able to throw all their abilities often during the game or use them at the same time without having to constantly search for energy.

This building will always be a decent amateur when Roar is in use, and it will also be perfect for crowd control when the rhinos trample.

(the shadow of the dead killing the enemies)




The Rhinoceros is one of the most iconic war images in the game, as it has long been used by users, as it seems to be one of the first war tanks in the game.

His name suits him because of his fighting ability and appearance, because he is a big war buffer that can easily push enemies aside and trample them with so much force that he breaks the gravity.

This warfare framework is useful for various missions because it can withstand a large amount of damage and perform a large number of turnaround operations.

Not only can Rhino do and withstand damage, but he can also polish his team and has skills that can help him.



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