Revenant Build 2020 Warframe Guide

Terms of reference for the revision

Revenant is an Aidolon-based warframe that seems to have the same energy as Teralyst and its large version.

It is a unique weapon capable of causing great damage to enemies while manipulating them to control or meet their needs.




Place of the player-prime minister

The Mask of Revenge is a unique reward that you will receive after completing the Mask of Revenge adventure.

Drawings of the parts of the rebellion can be obtained by generosity of Fruit or Edolon Plains.

The already assembled version of Revenant is for sale via the orbiter for 325 platinum units.

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(reunification capacity)

Revenant has the ability to force his enemies to fight for him, to defend themselves with sensual energy, to pierce enemies, steal their powers and unleash chaos with his death dance.

Its passive capacity makes it immune to certain attacks by teralysis, dantulism and hydrolysis using Mesmer skin, as well as immune to magnetic water damage at night in the Edolon plains.

When the rebellion loses its shields, it sets off an explosion that throws the enemies to the ground.

1) Input


Return takes over the enemy, forces him to fight for him and turns against his allies.

While he charms an enemy who fights against his allies, he will pass on this charm to other enemies by having up to 7 slaves fight for you.

These slaves may be damaged by the bourgeoisie and her team, and after their death they will leave behind an energy column that will damage enemies nearby.

This ability is very useful and strategically important, because you can use the enemy to fight against each other, so you only have to deal with the one who is left behind.

This not only gives an advantage to the Allied rebellion, but he can also use them as a way to do damage by using the energy poles they leave behind to do damage.

Applying Enthrall to an enemy stunned by Mesmer’s Skin Power won’t cost you energy.

By using Reave in the storms of enthusiasm, you will receive 5 times more health and shields than the purchased ones.

When a Dancing Macabre is used and the joy kills, the smooth glass picker falls and the impact of a Dancing Macabre can cause the batteries to explode, causing damage to the area.


(Indignation defies the enemy)


(catch enemies capable of fighting and spreading their allies)

2) Mesamerican leather


The Rebellion uses intelligent energy to defend itself, repel enemy attacks and stun any enemy who tries to overcome the attack.

A power is considered to be a shield that completely blocks an attack and intoxicates the enemy; the frequency with which it is blocked is indicated by charges.

In active mode, using the maneuver on a captured enemy allows you to use a different charge.

This feature is useful for defeating multiple enemies or ignoring damage that can be deadly for the user.


(Enemy is numb through Mesmer’s skin)

3) Repeat


The outraged man sneaks between his enemies, steals their shields and health and adds them to his.

When defeated enemies are captured, the number of leeches multiplies, allowing the rebellion to fly even more.

Adds a charge to the skin of the Mesmer when the enemy is hit by the Reave, giving it another charge for its capacity until it is used.

While Dancing Macabre is active, it is possible to launch Reave, which causes a splash while Dancing Macabre is still active, with a bonus of only 50% of the energy costs.

This ability is very useful for restoring the health and shields of the Revenant, dealing with damage and moving enemies from one place to another.

As the Dance of Death is activated, resulting in a slight decrease in income, this ability can help to move and at the same time increase the damage.


(return during Reavanse capacity)


(Revenue after reception capacity)


Change Mod. The Blind Reave activates the ability to blind enemies who have been hit by the Reave.

4) Dance of death


The return begins to grind to a halt as he releases deadly jets of energy around him, damaging enemies within a radius of him.

These sensitive rays of energy adapt to the enemy and fight its weaknesses, making it a very strong force.

This is made useful by the high damage and the ability to find the weaknesses of enemies, as well as the ability to eliminate a large number of enemies in a matter of seconds.

When an enchanted enemy is killed by the rays, he drops an illuminated pick-up, and when he hits an energy pole, it explodes and causes damage to the area.

When Mesmer Skin is active, any blocked damage will be added to the Danse Macabre damage.

By using this feature, Wake Up can be a caste with 50% less energy consumption, allowing you to move quickly or combine two skills.


(Returning kills his enemies with his Dance of Death ability)

Proposed buildings

Building in balance


This physics enables the taxpayer to use all his skills effectively when needed, at a reasonable energy cost, with good statistics on duration and range, and using a large amount of skills.

This construction works well with all capacities of the resellers and can be used in different situations. It is also one of the best construction proposals for those who are going to work with Warframe.

If you have a reasonable amount of power in your abilities, it is guaranteed that you can cause powerful damage to all your abilities.

The impact will be less costly and slightly longer than normal, while the damage caused by the pylons will be larger and have a slightly larger radius.

The number of loads of Mesmerska’s skin will be increased by the strength of the capacity, while the duration of the intoxication will be slightly longer.

Its responsiveness will be broader, while its duration will be slightly longer, with more damage and lower energy costs.

The Dance of Death can be formed and steered with less force and does excellent damage within a reasonable radius.


(return with multiple skills)

Construction of zone


This compendium focuses on extending the range and duration of renewable capacities and reducing energy costs.

This structure improves most of its capabilities by adding range and duration.

Enthrall can be launched further away from the enemies, allowing Revenant to take control of enemies at a safe distance.

By adding duration to the structure, Mesmer’s skin paralyzes enemies longer.

The recoil will be wider and longer, allowing you to hit more enemies and for longer periods of time.

The Dancing Macabre can be launched and guided over long distances and has a very large radius, so it can hit multiple enemies and cover large areas.

This works with areas that need to be defended and can easily eliminate hostile waves for mission defense and survival.


(Scary death dance)

Construction of zone


This structure maximizes the damage of all possibilities of the exiles and allows him to inflict considerable damage on his enemies.

All his possibilities will do more damage and last a little longer.

Thanks to the great strength of its capacities, Mesmer Skin will have several charges that will make it very resistant and good against damage, while keeping the crowd under control.

It is a powerful system, but it can count on energy savings.



Revenant is a very powerful and unique Warframe, and thanks to its capabilities it can be good for damage, crowd control and many other tasks.

Thanks to his Dance of Death ability, he can inflict heavy damage on most of his enemies and exploit his Mesmer skin to become virtually unstoppable.

Some of his drawings enable him to cause great damage by ignoring and avoiding various sources of damage.

Its abilities have many synergies, making it very easy to use for beginners and very powerful when used by more experienced players who know how to use it well.



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