Remnant: The Ashes Traits List

Survivors: These are passive capacities that can be aligned out of the shaft up to 20 times. Each of them will give your character a unique bonus that will help you navigate through more complex dungeons.

Once you’ve unlocked an attribute, it’s permanently available for that character through the in-game attribute menu (T). Property level means the total level, and it is only the sum of all property points added together.

By killing monsters and completing dungeons, you earn experience points to improve your skills. You can also find items such as a knowledge pedal that gives 1 character point each time you perform a search. For faster leveling, use items like the Philosopher Ring and the Knowledge Label for Elders to increase the amount of experience you gain.

Remainder: From the axis Characteristic

Mental alertness – Flat health +

Vigor is the default start character for all class/paths.

Endurance – Flat endurance +

Endurance is the standard starting point for all class/tracks.

Warrior – % increase in melee damage

The standard warrior goes straight for the scraper. He also has a chance to be found at random in the dungeon where you protect the Liz twins. At the end of the quest you will be rewarded with the Warrior feature.

Spirit drinks – % Moderate increase in production

Spirit is the standard starting line for ex-cultivators. You can also get it in any dungeon on Earth. Find the key to the monkey and the church door. The devil is given to you when you go in.

Shadow walker – Enemy perception – %.

The Shadow Walker is the hunter’s standard starting line. You can also find them in any dungeon on Earth. In the dungeon, the ANC patient will give you the key. Use the key to open the door of the safe house.

Teamwork – Increasing the flat surface of teamwork

To get the teamwork feature, just join the multiplayer game.

Knowledge for older people – % cost increase

The line of knowledge about the elders is in room 13. You’ll find it if you’re looking for SMG. Take a key card for floor B2 of room 13, go through the door and you’ll see the Elder of Knowledge sitting on a table in the room on the right.

Operator – Weaknesses % increase

To get the Explorer, you have to kill 150 enemies with little damage. In multiplayer mode, an error may occur if only the host enables this feature.

Maternal Blessing – % Damage control

In order to obtain this property, you must perform the search to free the mother root. Then you automatically unlock mommy’s blessing.

Scavenger – Scrap volume increase in %.

The garbage man got it by giving Reggie the faded ring. It can also be obtained by collecting scrap, but the exact number is not known.

Cold freezing – % increase in rear wall damage

After you’ve met Braubus, he’ll offer you a deal to kill your friend within 50 seconds when you’re in the multiplayer lobby. You have to do this to get this line.

Keeper’s Blessing – % Increase in resistance of the elements

To unblock the guardian’s blessing, all you have to do is go into the labyrinth.

Worldwanderer – Reduction of endurance costs

When you enter Rome, open Walker’s line.

Recovery – Durability and delayed recovery % increase

To get the restoration line, you have to beat Kleiviger in Rome.

Transformation – Firearms distribution and % Decrease in turnover

Get ten different long-range weapons to unlock the processing chain.

Wolverine – Increase in consumption

Defeat the impure to obtain gluttony.

Catalyst – Chance of increase in %.

Defeat Thrall or Canker to unlock the catalyst function.

Operator – retrocession bonus % growth

Beat IXILLUS in the parade to unlock the artist.

Load – % Increased health regeneration efficiency

To get the triage, you have to experience a battle between two tribes on Yaesha. It was given to you by the NPC after the battle.

Killer – % increase in critical damage

Defeat the immortal king to reveal the genus of the Kingslayer.

Vivra – Health of the wounded Increase of

You need to be resurrected 10 times in multiplayer mode to unlock the Will to Live feature.

Curvature – % power gain in melee mode

Defeat Father Totem or Bandit to free the line of the striking Arcane.

Mind Eye – Bonus % increase for long combat damage.

The eye of the mind can be won by defeating the last boss of the dreamer/nightmare.

Brown leather – Raised armour

You can get Korina’s skin line by talking to the Living Tree on Earth with a twisted mask.

visitors – recovery rate % increase

Restore allies several times in multiplayer games to unlock the revival features.

Blessing of preservation – Reduction of damage to the scrum

The Keeper’s Blessing is unlocked in the dungeon you open with Curio. Give your boss 50% HP and he will run away to kill a merchant who sells shiny armor. Kill the root sample to open this line.

Fast Weapons – The reload speed of the weapons has been increased by %.

Exit the entry or press to activate the shortcut key function.

Happy Trigger – % increase in recording speed

You can get the Happy Trigger by upgrading each long-range weapon to +20.

Fast stage – % increase in scrubber speed

Level a melee weapon that is not a boss to +20 to clear the Quick Strike Line.

Suspicious – % Less damage by friendly fire

If you’re shot 10 times by your teammates, the suspicious line is unlocked. You can unlock it with a friend in room 13.

Fast – % increase in travel speed

The tempo can be opened by playing the Guardian song on any Yaesh bell, but the second line is missing.

Weapon throughput rate – % increase in throughput of weapons

To unlock Sleight of Hand, you get 100 kills with 10 different weapons for a total of 1000 kills. You have to do it all in one campaign.



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