Remnant From The Ashes Glowing Rod Location & How To Find It

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The axle remains

Remnant From The Ashes is the newest action shooter in which the world is full of chaos and torn apart by creatures of different dimensions, the so-called roots. You will be taken to an unknown island and rescued by a group of strangers from station 13 who will assist you on your journey. At the end of your in-game training you have the possibility to choose between three classes: Fighter (ranged combat), ex-cultists (mid-combat) and scrapper (close combat).

During your trip you will find many puzzles or a secret passage where you can get rare objects or equipment. In this article entitled Remains from the Axis we show the position of the three light bars. After retrieving these burning sticks, you can unlock Akira Set , which treats 50% more melee and critical damage in 10 seconds.

From its axis 1. Glow rod position

After defeating the Boss Raze, cross the desert to the Iron Rift, where you take the first level. There you have to fight against flying head skeletons and other roots. After they have won, they enter the room that was behind the bars on the right side to pick up the glow stick.

, ash residue, 2. Light rod, position.

The second glow rod is in the decontamination chamber. After entering the camera a red beam lights up, which scans you and infects you with the curse of the citadel. You have to make progress as soon as possible because of the curse, you will lose a few percent of your health every second.

As you go through the decontamination chamber, you’ll come across the first broken chamber, go forward and see a glowing rod between the first and second decontamination chamber.

Ash residue 3. Position of the glow rod

After taking the east wind from Rome, cross the destroyed city and turn left towards the vault of the messenger. In a dungeon called Herald’s Warehouse, all roots must be destroyed and all rooms must be searched for the last shining staff.

Read additional messages for ash residue.

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