Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get All Six Talismans

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the last third of the Read Dead franchise. The story is a prequel to RDR 1 2010 and follows the story of the release of Arthur Morgan.

In the game you see a huge open world of the Wild West where you can hunt, duel, fly and do all the other activities of the American Wild West. You will also be able to experience a very good adventure story.

How to get the six Red Dead Redemption 2 mascots

As you progress through the game, you can collect a variety of weapons, items and other useful items.

Mascots are one of the many things you can use to update Arthur’s statistics. There are a total of six different mascots, and each of them has different statistical robots.

Below is a list of all mascots and the location of the materials needed to produce them, which will help you to get them quickly and easily.

How to make a mascot in Red Dead Redemption 2

To make a mascot, you need to obtain the materials needed to make the mascot. As soon as you have received them, please contact your screen supplier. Below you will find all the locations of the fencing suppliers.

  • All storage bins from the fencing supplier

The best thing about talismans is that you don’t have to equip them because they are active, even if they are in your inventory, which means you can use them all at once.

List of all talismans required and location of materials

Buffalo horn mascot

Bonus effect – 10% Basic durability

List of required equipment

Fragment of Abalon’s bowl – You must find this material in a house in Rhodes. (the house is in the northeast of the city).

Legendary buffalo horn – Legendary buffalo must be skinned. You can follow these instructions to get the handset. – The location of the legendary buffalo.

Silver earring – May be found on bodies accidentally found in homes or looted by other NBCs.

Pig stylist from Lumbo’s

Impact of the premium: +10% health and +10% endurance of horses

List of required equipment

cobalt petrified wood – you have to go to the northwestern part of the map. here you go to lake isabella. as soon as you go to the northwestern part of the lake. there you’ll find petrified wood on a broken cart.

Gold earring – can be found on corpses accidentally found in houses or looted in other NHAs.

Legendary Defense – You must remove your skin from Legendary Defense. You can follow these instructions to obtain a defense. – Location of the legendary boar.

Raw claw mascots

Effect of the bonus: -20% carrying weapons

List of all necessary equipment

Vintage brass compass – You have to do the geological survey from the beginner’s point of view. In this special search you have to find the 10 petroglyphs. When you’ve found them all, send their contact details by email to Search for Beginners.

In a day or two you will receive an invitation from a detective who will ask you to visit the hut. Go to the cabin and you’ll get the old copper compass.

Crocodile tooth mascot

Bonus effect – +10% Dead eye core

List of required elements

Gold hinged bracelet – Can be found on any corpse in houses or stems of other NPCs

Legendary crocodile tooth – You must skin the legendary crocodile – you can follow these instructions to get a tooth – The location of the legendary crocodile.

Civil War Vintage handcuffs – you have to finish your hobbies by smoking and venturing into other hobbies. In this quest you have to collect 144 cigarette cards and send them via the post office to the quest giver. After a day or two you will receive the handcuffs from the Civil War era in your Red Dead Redemption 2 mailbox.

Bear claw Talisman

Impact of premium – 10% of nuclear health

List of required equipment

Legendary Bear Claw – You must skin the legendary bear. You can follow this guide to get the claw. – Location of the legendary bear.

Quartz piece – You must complete the Faith Quest Test. This search asks you to find 30 dinosaur bones. Fortunately, all you have to do is mail the coordinates of the dinosaur bones to the interrogator to get the piece of quartz. After one or two days you will receive the piece of quartz as a reward by post.

Silver Necklace Bracelet – can be found by randomly selected corpses in houses or stems from other NPCs.

Eagle Heel Talisman

Effect of bonus: +5 seconds Eagle Eye

Only available as compensation for owners of special/restricted editions.

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