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Welcome to our Red Dead Redemption 2 WIKI / Walk! We show you all puzzle solutions, trophies and achievements, secondary missions and collectibles.

Thanks to our tips and tutorials you can contribute 100% to Red Dead Red Dememption 2 (RDR2)!

Trophies and achievements:
There are many trophies and achievements that you can unlock in the game. Some are automatically unlocked during the game, while others need to be viewed and resolved separately. We have a 100% leader:

  • Trophy and performance manual (100% Platinum)

There are many collectibles in the game, we show you all kinds of collectibles and where to find them. All of the following locations and objects are required to make 100% progress in the game.

  • All hiding places of the Board of Directors Location
  • Places of interest Location
  • Stash Homestead Location
  • Masonry Location
  • Dreamcatcher Location
  • Tomatoes of fallen comrades Location
  • Cigarette card slots – all decks of cards
  • Dinosaur bones Location
  • Legendary animals Location
  • 5 Lodge Keepers – Error
  • Places for hunting requests
  • Places on the treasure map
    • Recorded and corrected treasure maps Location
    • Jack Hall Gang – Treasure cards
    • Poison trail – Treasure hunt
    • Issues – Treasure map
    • Strange images Puzzles – Location and solution
  • Legendary animals Location
  • Bonus sites


  • Sadie: Harmonics Location
  • Mary Beth: Fountain pen Location
  • Pearson: Sea Compass Location
  • Javier and Charles: Location Oleander
  • Osias: Location of the book Nebel
  • Lenny: Location of a pocket watch
  • Molly: Position of the pocket mirror


  • Scofield Tower Location
  • Semi-automatic shotgun Location

Fast Travel
There are many ways to travel in the game, you don’t always have to follow in your own footsteps. A quick trip will save you a lot of time.

  • Activate Fast traffic

There are many cheaters in the game that you have to enter via the menu. We’ll show you how it works and what the codes are.

  • Deception codes Manual

Video display – RDR2

In the next walk you will find the video of the whole game. Since RDR2 is very large and complex, there are many ways to complete the main story.

Meeting of the Dutch and Arthur Morgan with Mike Bell – Part 1

John Marston rescued by Arthur Morgan and Javier – Part 2

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