Rainbow Six Siege Operator Tier List – April 2020.

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Rainbow Six headquarters shows an impressive list of operators. This makes it easy for players to feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities available. But this list of levels is a simple answer for those of you who have problems choosing an operator to play.

This list of levels indicates which operators are currently popular and effective in Meta and shows which operators currently disagree with the player base. So you can use this list of levels to determine which operators to look for and which operators to leave in the famous fabric.

For a detailed explanation of the different levels in this list, please refer to the information below.

List of levels Description

  • Level S –These operators are currently achieving impressive results for the players. You want your team to always have at least one of these battle-hardened characters.
  • Level A –These operators are strong. Even if these operators aren’t as impressive as their S-level counterparts, they’ll still give you a small combat advantage.
  • Level B –These operators are medium size. Consistent and reliable, you can’t go wrong when choosing one of these operators.
  • Level C –These operators are not bad. These characters require a little more skill and strategy to be able to use them fully. As a result, some operators at a higher level often receive more local attention.
  • Level D –These operators are not ideal. Despite their situational advantages, these operators are considered to be the least efficient of all listed operators.

Rainbow Six Siege – balanced game. So you can succeed and enjoy playing with operators from level S to D.

If your favourite character isn’t in one of the higher levels, don’t worry. Meta is constantly changing as players find new tactics for each operator. In addition, this game gets a large number of buffer-/surf updates, which often change the meta significantly.

That’s why you should concentrate on playing the game according to the players you like the most. However, this list of levels can be a good way to reduce the number of players you need to concentrate on if you don’t know where to start. Here is a brief overview of how the Meta Rainbow Six Siege has performed so far.


This layer list has been updated to reflect the changes in patch Y4S3.1.


  • Thermite
  • Gibana
  • Bandit
  • Mira


  • Valkyrie
  • Season
  • Document
  • Twitch
  • Cendres
  • Hunters
  • Exterior
  • Thatcher
  • Stupid
  • Kaid


  • Tour
  • Jackal
  • Buck
  • Sledges
  • Echo
  • Zofia
  • Caviera
  • Maestro
  • Smoke
  • watch out
  • Ela
  • Pulse
  • Dokkaebi
  • Nomad
  • Finca
  • Blackbeard
  • Albini
  • Mozzie
  • Traffic jam
  • Nokk


  • IQ
  • Freeze
  • Cape Canyon
  • Castle
  • Director
  • Igniter
  • Lightning
  • Yin
  • Monday
  • Leo
  • Capitao


  • Shopping cart
  • Collision
  • The eye


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