Question on the new megastructure ‘Interstellar Assembly’

While I look forward to the discussion about ecumenism and new mega-structures in 2.2 (I intend to find out right away how much pop music I can fit on a planet), I have a question about the immediate use of diplomatic mega-structures, since my favorite way of playing seems to be the most important federation after all:

It is expected that the Interstellar Assembly, when completed, will have 100% immigration appeals and +50 foreign advice. While the first one fills my new ecumenical monopoly much faster, I don’t see how the second one really helps me: Charismatic/xenophilic species/empires have no problem becoming friends with almost everyone they want to be friends with.

In fact, the greatest penalty for international relations is not in the order of 50 points – that could only apply to really distant empires, and when such a mega-structure is built, there need be no place in the galaxy for you far away through the gates – and if you do something strange diplomatically, you usually hit hard -1.000 modifiers, like X would never do, or X would never want to be associated with Y, or cascading modifiers -100 +, like X claims that you are shit, your idiotic* ally claims that X is shit, or X is really in space – Jesus, and you are an unholy pagan beethrobate with sex robots.

In my experience, it’s only at the beginning of the game when you have so little history with another empire that you’re trying to figure out how to get a few points of neutrality to the heart so you can kick his ass and take advantage of the confidence changes you get, and that’s not an early game tool.

What’s his niche?


Message The new Megastructure Interstellar Assembly for Star Games.

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