PSA A list of all mission failures

I know what you’re thinking, and no, this isn’t just a nagging post When I launched Far Cry 5, like most of you, I dug around to find out which missions had been missed. Although you can find several messages that may have been missed, I haven’t found a list that lists them all in one place.

Dutch Valley

First the final mission of the Fall must be completed before the first resistance bar is reached.

The Light em’ Up mission ended automatically after completing The Quality of Mercy (if I had to assume John Missile’s silo wasn’t properly marked in the game engine). The Hit the Gas job can also be done automatically, it’s not for me, but maybe you should keep an eye on it in case of an emergency. Blow up the grain bunker to start this search.

Henben river

Now the following tasks have to be performed for Henben before the last resistor rod is executed. The Clean Water Act. The sins of our fathers and perhaps the war on drugs All these searches are given by Virgil Minkler Virgil will give him an early death when in the bliss of faith you are brought to their final execution.

White-tailed mountains

The following missions of Eli and, like the search for Virgil, must be completed before the third bar of resistance is fulfilled. Missing in action, search and rescue, and released, like Virgil, Eli was shot during a robbery of the Whitehail bunker after winning third place in the Resistance.

​I hope it will help everyone who loves me and doesn’t want to comb through a bunch of wires to find out. It should also be noted that I use the PS4, I’m not sure it makes a difference, but I have decided to reject this disclaimer.

If you notice I haven’t reported it, add it.

​Accidentally, but for those who want 100%. Guy Marvel’s second quest, Bloody Dragon 3, seems to be bugged (PS4) You have to reset the area to start the quest. I remember him calling me on the radio during previous matches of.

​Edit One or more virgil quests may be accepted after requiring Henben territory on radio confirmation

Edit One or more Virgil quests must be received on the radio after the liberation of the Henban region, so don’t lose your faith (Ha!) if you missed it.

The source: Initial reference

PSA message list of all missed missions for the game Far Cry 5.

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