Pokemon Sword and Shield Type Chart-Strengths and weaknesses

Everyone who knows the Pokemon series knows that every Pokemon has at least one type. Types are a way of classifying their unique features and capabilities. Since generation VI, there have been 18 different species in the Pokémon universe, as shown in the picture below.

Types determine the amount of damage a Pokemon in one panel can cause to another Pokemon. For example, grasses are low compared to fire types and fire types are low compared to water types. All movements made by the type Fire against the type Water are super effective, i.e. they cause twice as much damage. But the types of water that move against the type of fire will not be very effective and will cause only half the damage.

Since some Pokémon have two kinds, the damage can be four times greater. For example, a Pokemon Flying can cause up to 4 times more damage than a Pokemon Error / Grass! Enjoy it or be aware of it when you’re in a fight.

Pokémon types Table – Strengths and weaknesses

Many years ago, a Reddit user created an impressive Pokemon Gen VI card that is still valid today. Tap the image to enlarge it. If you are using a mobile phone, click here to view the mobile version.

And here’s a Pokémon-style diagram presented in plain text. Strong vs. means the man is causing twice the damage, weak vs. means he’s causing 0.5x the damage, stable vs. means he’s causing 0.5x the damage, and vulnerable vs. means he’s causing twice the damage.

In most cases, the strengths and weaknesses of this type are quite intuitive. It is certainly in your favor to learn these damage tables and multipliers, especially if you plan to fight other players in Sword and Shield.

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