Persona 6 Release Date Is Sooner Than You Think — Here’s Why

Given the enormous success of the Japanese role-playing game Persona 5, fans of the series are wondering when the next sequel will be released.

Between person 4 and person 5 eight years have passed – do we have to wait as long as person 6?

Fortunately, the answer is probably no. The Persona 6 will probably be released early, that’s why:

1. Personnel 6 in production since 2018

In an interview with Japanese game magazine Dengeki PlayStation, Atlus developer Kazuhisa Wada said they’ve already started working on new character games. We are working on a medium- to long-term plan, including new numbered records, so that fans can continue to enjoy the Persona series after this year.

Recently, in March 2019, Atlus also released a survey asking players about various issues. One of them was the wish to have Persona 6 on a PC, mobile phone, switchboard or PS4. Although this does not guarantee specific intentions, it does indicate that they study and take into account consumer demand.

2. Person 6 will probably use the same game engine as Person 5.

Instead of relying on a third-party game engine, Atlus has developed its own engine especially for Persona 5. Building something like this from scratch is not an easy task and has contributed a lot to the long period of development. Given the strong user interface, responsiveness and graphics of Persona 5, it is likely that Altus will be able to reuse most of the same engine in the next game, which will significantly reduce production time.

3. Atlus is no longer bankrupt

In 2013 and 2014, the parent company Atlus Index Corporation was investigated for fraud and declared bankrupt because it owed 24.5 billion yen. Since then Atlus has become a separate organization and is in a much healthier financial situation. Now that they are free of these problems, their roadmap for development is likely to be much clearer and they will be able to allocate resources more effectively.

4. The success of Person 5 has generated more revenue and increased budgets

Person 5 was not only a success in itself, but also led to one anime, three TV specials and two spin-offs. All this contributes to the bottom line of Atlus and they will reinvest these resources to further increase their success.

Atlus Japan was already actively recruiting new positions in 2017. They stated their intention to increase the number of roles in order to reach the sales target of one million units per year.

5. Atlus now has a dedicated character team, called P-Studio, which is fully dedicated to the Personaseries.

In accordance with paragraph 4, Atlus has established a team that focuses exclusively on celebrities. Kazuhisa Wada said: Although the production of the last title,Persona 5, was significantly delayed, the fans were still waiting impatiently for the title. Those who worked withPersona 5 wanted to release a game that would meet those expectations. From now on I want to make more and more new tracks, and for that we’ll make a set.

Given all these factors, it is very likely that person 6 will be released sooner than we think. If we had to guess, we could see a new character by 2022.

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