PC Building Simulator Cheat Offers Infinite Money, Cash, Exp And More

In PC Games 02/04/2018

Developer Claudiu Kiss, The Irregular Corporation, and publisher The Irregular Corporation have released their new PC game Building Simulator. This is a stand-alone simulator where players build their own PC and perform various missions.

The game has several modes for players, such as B. the Free-Build mode, where you can experiment with any assembly of a wide range of parts fully licensed from real manufacturers. So you can learn how to build the PC of your dreams.

There is also a career path where players are responsible for their own buildings and computer workshops. Customers will demand various services from you, such as virus removal, installation of new components and more. You need to use your technical skills to perform various tasks

The first cheater is an instruction file that can be downloaded from Mr Antifun’s website. It has a file size of 4.4 MB and only offers a cheat option.

Below is a list of cheats he can activate.

  • Endless money

The second cheat is also a training folder, available on CheatHappens, which offers eight different cheating options, such as B. Quick work, picking up tasks and others. The file has been scanned and does not contain any malware or adware.

Below is a list of cheats he can activate.

  • Change in cash
  • EXP editing
  • Display the debugging menu
  • Quick operation
  • Full execution of mission tasks
  • reinstate employment
  • Replacement of spare parts for computers
  • Installing/removing software

The PC-based building simulator is currently available on the PC via Steam. More information about the game can be found on the Steam Shop page or on the official website.

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