Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Jamandi Aldori Statue / Prolog Puzzle

In PC games 26/09/2018

Creator of kings

Prosecution: Kingmaker has finally released Deep Silver and Developer Owlcat Games, a single-player isometric role-playing game in which players have to control many different characters.

In the game you will find a group of characters who go on an adventure to the stolen lands to create their own new kingdom. They will conquer many different regions and build new forts. You also have to make decisions that shape your own history.

Statue of Jamandi Aldori/Prology Puzzle in the guide: Creator King

In the course of the game you can unlock many secrets, complete missions and solve various puzzles.

One of the puzzles you can find is at the beginning of the game in the Jamandi Aldori Villa. Here you will find an extra puzzle with which you can open two secret pieces if you wish.

Since the puzzle is quite complicated to solve and even the game itself does not give good instructions, this guide will teach you how to solve the puzzle easily and how to open the two secret doors.

Image numbering

To simplify matters, we will first mention the images in numerical order.

The room to the left/top, which contains four statues. We’ll number the images on the left, which will look like this…

  • The first image is 1.
  • The second image is 2.
  • The third statue is 3.
  • The fourth statue is the fourth.

Now in the right/bottom room, which has two chambers. We renumber the images on the left.

  • The first statue is 5 years old.
  • The second image is number six.


To open a room in the left room/upstairs room, click on the figurine in the following order

  • Secret door left/above – 3 (sword up), 6 (both swords up), 4 (sword down), 3 (sword up), 5 (both swords up)

Once you have opened the upper room, you can open the lower/right room by clicking on the statue in the following order

  • Secret door right/bottom – 6 (both swords below), 1 (all swords in the upper chamber below)

Below are further instructions from the explorer: Creator King

  • The game does not start and does not download the patch.
  • How to restore GPU performance and high GPU utilization



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