Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Guide to Craftsmen and Masterpieces Quest

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Creator of kings

Prosecution: Kingmaker is now available on your PC. It is an isometric CRPG game, rich in fantastic stories, based on Paizo’s Boy Scouts, but largely inspired by Arcanum, Baldur’s Gate and Fallout 1 and 2.

The story of the game takes place in Stolen Land, which is part of a large area of River Kingdoms and Golarion, which is set by default by the Boy Scouts. You and your group will create your own kingdom by conquering this land and building an empire like the Lord.

Guide to trade and masterpieces in search of the path: Creator King

In the course of the game you will meet many masters who have their own quests and rewards.

In this guide you will therefore find the contact details of all the craftsmen and masterpieces that will help you make better use of them.

Below you will find a list of all craftsmen and masterpieces and instructions for completing the corresponding quests.

Note only that many quests are wrong, which affects the result and location of some items. So, if you want to hurry, you’ll have to wait for the update.


Location: Post Oleg – Reception of drinks and monthly selection of alchemicals, oils, ointments.

Date – After you have put on your bathrobe, you will be asked to hire Bokken as court assistant. To set it up, go to the Olegcounter. – once you are installed, proceed to the next step.

  • Build a workshop in Bokken in your suburb.
  • Give Boccan the three pounds he wants.

The locations of all parties are listed below. Just give him three pieces.

  • Tools and body poison part 1 – in an abandoned hut weeds in the chest of the druid.
  • Of Transmutations & Body Poisons part 1 – in the swamp witch house, it is sold by Beldame.
  • Transfers and body poison – part 2 – sold to Bokken.
  • Of stuff and body poison part 2 – in the fortress of the lord of the deer herbs in the coffin of a crazy druid.
  • Transfers and body toxin part 2 – Craig-Linnorm Cave.
  • Transmissions and toxins Part 3 – in the body located in the Green Rooms, through a throat from the entrance
  • Transmissions and toxins in the body Part 3 – in Loni Barrow’s body, camera 1.

After you have given him three parts, proceed as follows.

  • Wait for a letter from Svetlana and go back to Boccan.
  • Test the potion on your dog or on Boccan’s Bluff.
  • Test the drink on werewolves – present it east of the Abandoned Lodge, where you can choose any dialogue option.


Capital & S. Narl – Legislator and monthly selection of a hand axe, hammer, crossbow, metal shield, plate armor or dwarf coloured object.

Encounters – The slip automatically calls the Baron after the trolley ride and performs the following actions in the scout : The creator of kings.

  • Build a workshop in your town in S. Narmarchy.
  • Talk to Dragna in the capital or in the southern city of Narmarcha.
  • You’ll be asked to buy back his grandfather’s broken armor.

Location of the broken armor

  • Lawyer Kürass – from Hassuf in the capital for 100gr.
  • Lawbringer Jambarts – from Oleg in the Oleg Trade Post for 500 gr.
  • Lawnmower gloves – from Dumra in a detached house for 100 gr.

Once you have received all the parts, proceed as follows.

  • Report all the details of Lawbrers to Dragn.
  • Talk to Dragna after he delivers your equipment.
  • Go to Thorn Ford and get the armor, then give it back to Dragna.
  • Talk to Dragna in your next monthly message and tell her to get to work.

Kimo Tavon

N.Narl. – Onion and monthly selection of neighborhood staff, kolchan, spear, wooden shield.

Appointment – Talk to Kimo Tavon in N Narl City and then proceed to the next steps.

  • Look for a beautiful flower in the swamp – the flower is located in the northeast corner of the swamp witches’ hut in a small area accessible for perception and athletics.
  • The flower is guarded by mighty owls, so be careful.
  • After he returned to Kimo.
  • Then fill in the Swamp Accident Event Card.


Camels – Bastard sword and monthly selection of dagger (invisible and deadly), sword (fast and hard), flexible and strong chain, fast steel, or ivory element.

Appointment – Talk to Nazriel in the land of the camels, then proceed as follows

  • One: Construction of a workshop for Nazriel.
  • Wait for Nazriel’s first gift and then go talk to her.
  • Find the stolen leaf – it’s on the bridge over the Goodrin River in the northwest corner,
  • Once you’ve got it, go back to Nazriel.
  • Then fill in the event form. Damn things.
  • Talk to Nazriel again and hunt Sartaine, which is in the capital east of Arsino.
  • From there you can choose whether you want to kill or support Sartane.
  • Her killing would have allowed Nazrielle’s journey to continue.
  • Wait for Nazrielle’s next gift.


P. Narl – Monastic objects and monastic coat of arms every month.

Dating – Speak to Share in your city N. Then do the next Narrow Walk in Pathfinder: The creator of kings.

  • Talk to Hassuf in the capital to get proof of Charityle’s innocence.
  • Go back to Charelle and drop the charges.
  • Set up a workshop for him in your town in Narlmarks.
  • Wait for the first present, then go back to Charel.
  • Find a place for the poaching camp in the heart of the junkyard.


Camelands – Digger and monthly selection of two-handed axes, two-handed clubs, two-handed swords, tanks, kellid or orc weapons.

Meet – Talk to Warras in camel country and do the next one in Pathfinder The Creator of Kings.

  • Buy your tools at a dealer in Camelanda.
  • Talk to Warras, then set up a workshop for him.
  • Wait till Warrask brings you your first present.
  • Then go back to Varraska and find some inubriks – he’s in the Technical League camp in the middle of Narmarchee.
  • Finally, return to Warrascus and deliver Inubrix.
  • Then go to the Lonely Wigwam to find the three evil witches.

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